Cindy Sheehan: Tom Hayden, CODEPINK and Michael Moore upset me the most

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An Interview with Cindy Sheehan

Obama, Progressives and the Press


You know a lot of people across the country. What’s the mood among Obama supporters? Have they thrown in the towel already or do they still think he’ll turn out to be the leader they hoped he would be?

Cindy Sheehan: I lost a lot of friends when B.O. became president and it was a lonely 6 months after he was elected. I wrote a new book called Myth America (short title) and I started to travel around the country in April doing book events. For the first time since my activism started, people walked out on my presentations because I was telling them that it was the system — not the person who infests the White House. However, by the end of my book tour in August, the crowds were growing and more enthusiastic and less gaga-eyed over Obama. Then I started touring again in September and the discontent is growing. I am happy about that. The ones that upset me the most are the so-called leaders of the “progressive” movement like Tom Hayden, CODEPINK and Michael Moore who very enthusiastically endorsed, worked for, voted for, and raised money for Obama, and NOW are beginning to speak out against his carnage, when in fact, Obama has always been very pro-war. Once the horse is out of the barn, it’s hard to get him back in. The movement should never have given him a “chance.” Things are so much worse in foreign policy almost a year into his regime.

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24 thoughts on “Cindy Sheehan: Tom Hayden, CODEPINK and Michael Moore upset me the most

  1. Catholic Trotskyist

    Sheehan does not really mean this. She is a strong supporter of Obama. this is just a part of the divine plan of Catholic Trotskyism; Sheehan will pretend to support Nader in order to brutally betray him at the last minute and show him for the stalinist satanic criminal that he is. Meanwhile, I believe that Eric Dondero may secretly be working for Nader.

    Please pray for the Pope and please pray for Barack Obama, amen.

  2. cindy sheehan

    You guys are sooo funny—I read your site every once in awhile and I think you are about as “Independent” from the political establishment as Sarah Palin is—

    very funny–yes, that is my plan to pretend that I do not support Obama so I can support Ralph Nader, then stab him in the back! LOLOLOL


  3. paulie Post author

    I’m guessing it’s not, but just on the off chance it is; how are we not independent from the political establishment?

  4. libertariangirl

    Well Cindy Sheehan your not smart enuf to know Catholic Trotskyist is performance art along the lines of Colbert , but since you took it serious and all BwahhahaaaaLOL

  5. Don Lake .......... More Libs Lacking a Lib Perspective

    Catholic Trotskyist // Dec 28, 2009:
    “Can anyone tell if that’s really Cindy Sheehan?”

    What’s Amatter You ?????? You no recogoniza ….. “One Day at a Time is an American situation comedy on the CBS network that aired from December 16, 1975 to May 28, 1984.

    It portrayed Ann Romano, a divorced mother, played by BONNIE FRANKLIN, her two teenage daughters Julie and Barbara Cooper (Mackenzie Phillips, Valerie Bertinelli) and Schneider, their building superintendent (Pat Harrington).

  6. Travlyr

    Eric Dondero is not a libertarian, but a warmonger.

    If you are Anti-War, you are by definition Anti-American, like it or not. – Eric Dondero

  7. Jill Pyeatt

    I believe Cindy is quite sincere in what she writes about Obama. In my opinion, she’s a straight shooter and is often right on target in
    her criticisms of this country. I respect her quite a bit and wish I had her courage.

  8. Jill Pyeatt

    Omigod, I just read what Eric Dondero wrote. I’m Anti-American because I’m Anti-war? This asinine statement speaks for itself, and I’ll continue to regard everything Eric says as unimportant and ridiculous.

  9. Jill Pyeatt

    For all you Cindy-bashers: She tried to replace the traitorous Nancy Pelosi. She deserves credit for that.

  10. Catholic Trotskyist

    Don, I’m not sure what “One Day at a Time” has to do with this thread. I’ve never seen it before, being it was before my time. However, from the Wikipedia article, it is clear that it is part of the plot by Ralph Nader to destroy the American family, by portraying divorce positively. Under the Catholic Trotskyist regime, divorce, abortion and gay marriage will be banned.

  11. Eric Dondero

    And if you are AntiWar you are by definition NOT! a Libertarian.

    And yes, you can quote me on that.

    For confirmaton that it’s really me, you may call me on my cell 979-583-6875.

  12. Mik Robertson

    @11 So did Libertarian Philip Berg and Republican Dana Walsh. Between the three of them they didn’t get 30%, but we may as well give credit for running against Nancy Pelosi all the way around.

  13. Jill Pyeatt

    Oh no Eric, only you would make such a ridiculous comment about Libertarians. How would you know, anyway, since you’re not one?You can bet I’m not gonna call you.

  14. cindy sheehan

    Libertariangirl wrote: “Well Cindy Sheehan your not smart enuf …”
    I am smart “enuf” to know that it’s “you’re” and not “your,” LOL!

    Yep, thanks Greenpartyfan and Jill–but the rest of these people are war supporting-establishment lovers.

    Have a nice life, y’all.


  15. paulie Post author

    LOL, no. The vast majority of us are antiwar, except Dondero. That includes everyone else who’s posted on this thread so far, and many others here.

    BTW Cindy Sheehan is “friends” with me (Paulie Cannoli) on facebook. If you are actually Cindy Sheehan, message me on facebook or call me at 415-690-6352. Otherwise, please stop using her name.

  16. Born Again Non-Voter

    Eric Dondero hates the military.

    If you support wars of choice, you are by definition Anti-Military, because you support murdering American soldiers. Not to mention murdering innocent foreign civilians.

    Dondero celebrates the murder of American soldiers and sailors. I’m not sure why.

    Maybe it’s because he developed a murderous hatred of American sailors while he was in the Navy. Maybe they made fun of him. I dunno.

  17. Don Lake .......... More Libs Lacking a Lib Perspective

    cindy sheehan // Dec 28, 2009:

    Libertariangirl wrote: “Well Cindy Sheehan your not smart enuf …” [Lake: as proven in her slip shod mess of a campaign ……..]

    I am smart “enuf” to know that it’s “you’re” and not “your,” [Lake: and as our language evolves in the most exiting time ever in human history …….!]

    Yep, thanks Greenpartyfan and Jill [Lake: as mind less twits] —-– but the rest of these people are war supporting-establishment lovers.

    Have a nice life, y’all. [Lake: perfect example of evolution of lexicon with diction!]

    Cindy [Lake: or whom ever ‘Cindy’ really am /is ………. ]

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