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Dear Friend of Liberty,

I hope you’ll show your support for Libertarian Party member Joe Kennedy by voting in our website poll. Joe Kennedy is running for U.S. Senator in the special election on Tuesday, January 19, in Massachusetts.

By running for office, Joe Kennedy has caused the press and his opponents to cover important Libertarian issues, and voters are hearing how Democrats and Republicans have failed to deliver Libertarian policies.

How many times have you heard Libertarians claim that the mainstream media won’t cover our candidates? Well, here are some examples of recent coverage of Joe Kennedy:

San Francisco Chronicle
Washington Post

New York Times

And here are links to two of the broadcast debates that Joe Kennedy appeared in:

Boston Talks 96.9

I hope you’ll take a look at this press release, which I sent earlier today.

Wes Benedict
Executive Director

Libertarian National Committee

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  1. George F. Kennan George F. Kennan January 15, 2010

    In Dallas judge Ron Chapman routinely won because he shares his name with the best-known disc jockey in the city; I myself won precinct chairman just because I found a way to get my name at the head of the ballot. Have you wadded up your hymn to democracy yet? Getting elected by democratic principles is a game, and Libertarians need to find ways to game the system.

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