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By Arkady Kamenetsky at RightCondition:

There has been a wave of videos modeled after the now notorious America Rising theme and their popularity is growing.  It must be the music in combination with rapid image rotation, because you could literally make any video popular. If you use this formula and stick pictures of zebras, unicorns and Teletubbies while threatening a revolution – people will cheer and run to the nearest gun store.

This video however is just embarrassing and indicative that a mental plague has afflicted Massachusetts.  Most of us were mortified one year ago at the rumbling Obama train.  We were scared to see so many people move lockstep like sheep and support a man for reasons they could not explain.  We kept hearing the muffled chant of “yes we can” and “change and hope”, but could not extract any information out of the unfortunate zombies awestruck by the Deity known as Obama.

We have on our hands a similar phenomena, but it is happening to the ideologically opposing demographic.  It is now the “conservatives” assuming troop formation and steadily marching to the beat of Scott Brown.  In this video we see parallels between the American revolution and a Brown victory.  Really?  Equating a minority movement fighting for people’s rights, individualism, liberty and freedom to one of the authors of RomneyCare?   Someone pinch me, I am in a never ending nightmare where my fellow Americans move from one Kool-aid station to the next.   Yet apparently a great victory is coming tomorrow, a victory so great that it’s greatness will only be eclipsed by the victory itself.  Have you actually asked yourself:  What does a Scott Brown victory do for you? This is not a Massachusetts miracle this is mass insanity.

(For the video see the original post)

From Arkady’s pre-election predictions at RightCondition:

When people ignore the issues and support a candidate because of an attractive personal element or as symbolic opposition this translates into votes. Obama sailed in on his oratory, intelligence, charm, skin color and as a symbol of opposition to Bush. Brown will sail in on his charm, oratory, intelligence and as a symbol of opposition to Obama(Care). Brown represents the 41st vote to filibuster ObamaCare something he repeatedly promised to do. Of course the irony is that ObamaCare will move to it’s destined location regardless of Brown! It may very well die without a vote at all or they may push it through as is (assuming Pelosi concedes), but either way Brown’s role will not be significant. All these factors coalescing together have formed an incredible surge in momentum and are now on the cusp of handing the Democrats a most bitter upset. By tomorrow evening the torch of the Kennedy dynasty that has kept the liberal fire going for over 60 years will finally go dark.

Majority of Americans will be celebrating a great victory tomorrow and many will believe that a new era is upon us. Of course many believed the same just over a year ago when Obama assumed the White House. I wrote to you then that no good change would come and so far this has been the case and I write to you now that Brown’s election is meaningless. Brown represents the same old tired big spending, smooth talking liberal Republicans that have dominated Washington DC for decades and if you expect an old dog to learn new tricks, then you are gullible and misguided.

Aftermath: Brown wins, now what?

Not too bad on the prediction, eh folks?  I am a bit bummed out that my candidate of choice failed to get my predicted 3%, but Joe Kennedy ran to the best of his abilities and passionately argued for small government.  I applaud him for that and hopefully the 22,000 people who cast their votes will have their voices heard at some point in the future.  So now what?

Let’s go over the good.  First of all, as discussed previously some liberals are probably on the verge of a mental breakdown.  Always good.  It looks like their prediction for the collapse of the GOP has proven to be a bit premature, as this piece from Time aptly suggests:  Republicans in Distress: Is the Party Over?

So are the Republicans going extinct? And can the death march be stopped? The Washington critiques of the Republican Party as powerless, leaderless and rudderless — the new Donner party — are not very illuminating.

Nothing would make Time happier than one party rule.   Alas, the GOP with the help of Rasmussen has shocked the nation and more importantly shocked the liberal base of Massachusetts bringing us to the next point.  Kennedy dynasty.  Demolished.  While many people have strong sentimental attachment to the Kennedy family, sentimental attachment to any political figure is creepy and belongs in Fascist Italy or Soviet Russia.  It is time this monarchical dynasty end it’s control over this Senate seat and give someone else a try.  Thirdly, Obama just received another slap in the face.  I guess the New Jersey/Virginia incidents did not leave a mark, but as they say, third time is the charm.  Perhaps next time Obama decides to stump for someone, they will think twice. 

Lastly, the Democrats will have to play real dirty now and if you thought the Nelson bribe was bad, wait until you see what is coming next.  With their hand forced Reid/Pelosi will stop at nothing to accomplish their agenda.  Reid is politically dead anyway, so he has nothing to lose and Pelosi will simply not squander 6 months of hard work because of this unfortunate incident.  It will be exciting to see just how creative they will get and I fear that reconciliation may be back on the table – especially if Democrats have come to terms with their political fate coming this November!

On to the bad.  Fundamentally speaking, despite some rather creative analogies to Concord and Lexington, nothing was accomplished.  Yes, one seat flipped from blue to red for the next two years, but in reality nothing changed.  Brown is still a liberal Republican and just because he talks a good game or calls himself fiscally conservative does not make him so.  No, the author of RomneyCare and opposer of all tax cuts is a big spending Republican and that is a fact.  So while his presence takes away the Democrat majority, it only does so as long as the Democrats continue to push a radical agenda.  This is crucial to understand.  If Reid or Pelosi decide to play ball and are wiling to compromise then Brown and his ilk will concede immediately.   It won’t happen right away, but it will happen eventually and that is a guarantee.  Politicians like Brown have a very nice record, a record most people chose to ignore and it suggests that he views Government as a useful tool in domestic and fiscal capacities – you have been warned

Ultimately the difference between the two parties narrows and despite the preposterous claims of “revolution” and “we are the champions” there is only victor today; Government.  It’s growth did not suffer a blow today and it’s agenda will continue; it will bob and weave and even pretend to be your friend, but it’s growth is as certain as the rising sun and effects as powerful as the sun’s heat.  Many continue bouncing between the Left and the Right desperately seeking change, failing to realize the distance between the Left and the Right is rapidly shrinking and will eventually reduce the once dramatic bounce to a stationary spin.  This is our legacy and we are doomed to repeat it.

America is asleep and a great awakening is required to dramatically alter our course.  Tea parties, marches and protests are a good start, but I am afraid more is needed.  Despite the mounting economic hardship, rising unemployment and declining purchasing power of our currency, America sleeps.   If bouncing between the comforts of our two political parties is sufficient to dull the senses, then we have much to learn.  Only further economic hardship, more unemployment and further damaging inflation can awaken the sleeping giant and we are rapidly running out of time. 

If time runs out, we will be at a crossroads in the future and the direction of this country will heavily depend on the collective desire of the American people.  We will either fight for our Constitution, our traditions and our laws or we will plunge into chaos.  My only hope is that we are not faced with such a dilemma, because if history is any indication the outcome of all such previous situations results in totalitarian control.  Make November, 2010 the month of real change.

On that lovely note, congratulations Scott Brown.

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  1. Gene Berkman Gene Berkman January 20, 2010

    One less vote for Obamacare in DC, one less vote for RomneyCare in Boston.

    Joe Kennedy publicized the libertarian option, and deserves our thanks for that. He received at least 22,000 votes, much higher than any Libertarian candidate received in 2009 – 5.5 times the vote cast for the LP candidate for Governor of New Jersey.

    In voting for Scott Brown, Massachusetts may have stopped the federal takeover of medical care that the Democrats were pushing, and Libertarians should be thankful for that.

    Yes, Scott Brown is a liberal. He is pro-choice, supports Roe v Wade, backs civil unions and declines to oppose Massachusetts non-discriminatory marriage law.

    How he will vote on fiscal issues remains to be seen. But members of the minority often vote against bad laws that they would back if they ran things. So as part of the opposition, he can oppose big government while the Democrats run Washington.

  2. larry larry January 20, 2010

    Seriously? Uno mas Gin. The only reason the president was elected. Everyone I know thats important, its easy to notice that the American people are not at the top of my Democrats agenda. The reason that Mass is lost is because we as the people are. We do not agree with this agenda…no clue what you people are thinking. Consider what we all want. No IRS, 35 percent sales tax. Think please

  3. larry larry January 20, 2010

    I am assuming you understand that your actions are seen by Democrats as well? I do not agree with the Bill you tried to throw in. I do not like your perspective because it doesnt make business. Simply put youd be fired. I would as well cause im slap shotting this but, GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER!!!! Last time I looked at the numbers China is making everything and we make nothing. Onve the morons stop thinking of themselves we can all evolve. I also have a plan. The plan involves me. Simple people with “big minds” is what made everyone USA or life.

  4. larry larry January 20, 2010

    bad site…I proof read and still bad…wonder if its because im from GA hehe?

  5. libertarianblue libertarianblue January 20, 2010

    Yes, Scott Brown is a liberal. He is pro-choice, supports Roe v Wade, backs civil unions and declines to oppose Massachusetts non-discriminatory marriage law.

    With the exception of RvW I dont see any of this as a bad thing. What makes Brown an asshole is he has no opposition to the Patriot Act.

  6. larry larry January 20, 2010

    so basically independant is new or old. Noone wants to be taxed on what we produce. If you want to tax us, then tax us on what we consume. I am assuming our economy will rebound instantly.

  7. larry larry January 20, 2010

    I think I know 300 + people…3 of them including me pays taxes…freaking rediculous

  8. larry larry January 20, 2010

    Youll get your votes from me if I see IRS gone…ill even go to Republican if need be. I will be sending many votes…this is serious. The IRS is the main issue now. Bush went through this and raised the minimum wage. It was a good thing. Its time to get rid of the IRS. Period.

  9. larry larry January 20, 2010

    Please do not say anything about the economy as a retort. Government created the banking issue as well. We as the people are tired of your shit! WE ARE THE PEOPLE!!!

  10. larry larry January 20, 2010

    We as Democrats voted for Brown. I am just a lowly voter i guess. Our issues no longer involve your agenda. It involves “US”.

  11. Solomon Drek Solomon Drek January 20, 2010

    “He received at least 22,000 votes, much higher than any Libertarian candidate received in 2009 – 5.5 times the vote cast for the LP candidate for Governor of New Jersey.”

    That’s nothing to brag about. Ken Kaplan was not in any of the debates and received zero publicity from the major media.

  12. larry larry January 20, 2010

    You will solve 60 percent of the issntues by getting a fair tax bill instituded. No income tax and 35 percent purchase tax. The numbers that will be shown are HUGE. With the unemployment numbers it doesnt matter if people from the IRS lose thier job. I have paid soooo much money to make sure everything was legit. Imagine…Imagine as a business owner all you had to worry about was you consume? Oh wait…there would be more jobs

  13. larry larry January 20, 2010

    When is the last time you guys looked at less fortunate? Its a shame that the reason they cant get ahead is because of a “THEM” issue? Its time for a tax reform…that will solve everything…then trade resovles. When we reform taxes revenue will far exceed what we have now. After that we as Americans will “produce”. Produce is nothing Americans know about. Talk to an 18 year old, all he can see is 48 percent of his check gone. Imagine if you talked to him when he had a full check and he had to pay 35 percent sales tax. No holds bared 35 percent. He would think differenty on what he spent. PLUS those that do not pay taxes now, which is alot, will have to.

  14. larry larry January 20, 2010

    Im sorry ill stop. I just thought the whole idea between both parties was the people. Apparently its all about sides. When am I gonna see Husain on CSPAN?

  15. larry larry January 20, 2010

    sorry I have to throw this in… 4th grade education “not proud” YOU SUCK!!!! I am so sick of the government. If you arent going to listen to us the WTF is the point?

  16. NewFederalist NewFederalist January 20, 2010

    larry meet Robert Milnes. I think you two have a lot in common!

  17. larry larry January 20, 2010

    I swear if there is not “Brown” in then i defect. There should be no such thing as absolute in the house or the crappidge.

  18. larry larry January 20, 2010

    Hi , less government. More individuals and capital per person. If we are to be a consuming “environment” then we need to make money off it.

  19. larry larry January 20, 2010

    noticed I said “WE” not “YOU”.

  20. larry larry January 20, 2010

    1. First task. Conference call with everyone else in the UN and let them know we dont have an issue. – Resolve the issue.

    Afgan is bad and still going. That chick said that there is no Talaband in Afgan. WTF

    Last time I checked she is an idiot

    the reason Brown won is cause there was noone else. Its time for independants like me to surface. People that are in tune with the people. Not only that, I wouldn’t spend a penny. REVOLUTION!!! NO INCOME TAXES!!!! I’ll debate anyone in person

  21. larry larry January 20, 2010

    2. The dollar is now worth the amount in gold? Assume we finally get to sit on our asses and we own them?

  22. LibertarianGirl LibertarianGirl January 20, 2010

    The turd sandwich beat the douche …hooray!……oh wait

  23. larry larry January 20, 2010

    3. This is my favorite and the reason I dont like the government. I own two homes, one half I actually live in and payed cash for them. So, I still have to pay YOU for them? WTF??? Why do I hear about people getting thousands of bucks every year from tax refunds and i pay the same?

  24. larry larry January 20, 2010

    I pay 2300 dollars a year for something i paid for…im thinking tax without rep man

  25. larry larry January 20, 2010

    4. OK the main reason we need me. I KNOW THE PEOPLE. Rich or poor. I am more about the middle class because they control everything.

  26. larry larry January 20, 2010

    HAHA you think you need money now to run lol? nooooo noooo

  27. larry larry January 20, 2010

    Americans are tired of your buy outs. Republican and Democrat. Its time and you better get your shit together or Ill be your next prsideny. “I assume it will be better for us”.

  28. larry larry January 20, 2010

    lol like i said that was proof read by my dog

  29. larry larry January 20, 2010

    America 4 teh win

  30. Austin Battenberg Austin Battenberg January 21, 2010

    larry, there is nothing wrong with being passionate about your beliefs, but please, refrain from posting so many times in a row. Wait for someone to respond, perhaps then you could respond to that person’s comments. It’s just annoying to see 10 different messages from the same person when it would have been easier to put it all into one message.

  31. Third Party Revolution Third Party Revolution January 24, 2010

    More like Mass insanity and Conservative hypocrisy. Even Alan Keyes wouldn’t endorse Brown.

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