RightCondition: ‘Scott Brown can make history!’

By Arkady Kamenetsky

Scott Brown, Republican extraordinaire can make political history and shake 200 years of politics to their core. He can overnight transform his name and become truly the man of the people immortalized as the most selfless, thoughtful and generous man in political history. He can do all this literally in one day, by dropping out and supporting independent candidate Joe Kennedy!

Like Scott Brown said, this is the people’s seat and with the most selfless gesture he can change everything by handing the race to a tea party activist Joe Kennedy. With Joe’s 3-5% support coming from Massachusetts anti-war progressives and small government aficionados Brown’s voters and money will give Kennedy enough votes to beat Coakley. Brown will be able to drive a stake through the two party system as the independent and free thinking man he claims to be and dismantle the Democratic establishment in one swoop. Overnight the media programmed to only cover and perpetuate the two party system will be stunned and scrambling for cover while the name Scott Brown will resonate through America at breakneck speed.

People out of state have become involved in this race due to the 41st vote to stop ObamaCare. Kennedy will deliver on that promise and promised to lead the fight to repeal every aspect of ObamaCare in the chance it passes. Imagine the impact a repeal can have on the demoralized liberal base and only a non-partisan fighter like Kennedy can lead it further inspiring small government candidates around the nation! Our safety will be guaranteed as Kennedy plans to use all money saved in stopping the 8 year war in Afghanistan to strengthen and built up our borders, a true national defense policy. Our critical debt situation stands to be improved as Kennedy and like-minded Senators turn their attention on spending.

Brown’s gesture will be transformed into a powerful testament to America’s social and cultural fiber. An ability to put personal ambitions aside and help out the little guy, strengthen and bolster the free spirit and empower the outsider. Politics as we know it will change forever and possibly usher in a renaissance within the Republican party. A movement bolstered by traditional conservative ideals built on our Constitution and strengthened by the American spirit. Brown’s resignation will catapult the Tea Party movement into the premiere movement in America and will guarantee our voice in the seat of power.

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15 thoughts on “RightCondition: ‘Scott Brown can make history!’

  1. Dennis Buran

    If Joe Kennedy, whomever he is, has the slightest regard for the good of the country, he will drop out immediately, stop this foolishness, and let Scott Brown have a first class shot of taking the seat.

  2. BrownChickenBrownCow

    Kennedy has come under pressure — he said he’s received five death threats — to withdraw because of his potential spoiler role. But he said those threats haven’t come from Coakley supporters, as he expected. Instead, he said, they’ve come from Brown backers.

    He said Brown supporters have gotten emotional and are “blaming me for a Brown loss — and the advancement of Obamacare.”

    Kennedy said he’s the only candidate against government-run health care, because Brown supports former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney’s version of public health care.

    “The funny thing about the Brown supporters, they’re so unbelievably clueless,” he said. “If I withdrew from the race today, my vote would be split 60-40 going to Coakley.”

  3. lou

    Kennedy should drop out. He is a reincarnation of the idiot from Texas named Perot who stole the election from Bush. Brown will prevail and real change is on the way.

  4. BrownChickenBrownCow

    Supporting Brown to stop Coakley is like supporting Hitler to stop Stalin.

    All BrownBaggers, Brown-nosers, BrownShirts and other Brown-backers please stop hating and go do something useful, like asking Martha Coakley to endorse Joe Kennedy. That would be great.

  5. BrownChickenBrownCow

    lou is worse than clueless about Perot and other Alt-Party and independent candidates.

    The only one who “stole” a recent presidential election is W (two of them actually).

    Perot EARNED his votes. He helped move his agenda forward in the 90s, from balanced budgets which we had for most of that decade, to the ’94 “revolution” which unfortunately fizzled by making the support of trusting the Republi-con party.

    Brown does not represent any real change, he is an establishment Republican through and through.

  6. A.M.

    Go Scott go!! Leave the socialists in the dust! All good luck and thoughts are with you in your election.

  7. Epperson

    I’m a Libertarian in Boston and I’m voting for Scott Brown. It’s not an endorsement for the GOP but a strategic, dissenting vote against the progressive super majority.

    Joe Kennedy is a neophyte with no appeal, experience, credentials or traction.

    As I wrote in a different thread, I’m surprised that he is the “representative” for the Libertarian Party given his gaffes–FDR, endorsement for Brown.

  8. George Phillies

    Joe Kennedy is a fine Libertarian.

    Scott Brown is a Republican. That’s the opposite of libertarian, as witness Republican positions:
    torture of war prisoners
    violation of the Geneva conventions
    unlimited illegal wiretaps
    mass expansion fop the secutiry state
    doubling the Federal deficit. Twice. Bush and Reagan
    unprovoked wars of aggression
    the war on drugs
    Destroying a woman’s right to choose via attacks on abortion
    global warming denial
    ozone hole denial
    opposition to separation of church and state
    opposition to the Constitution under the racist ‘States Rights’ doctrine
    opposition to equality under the law for all on marriage
    opposition to the uniform validity of contracts under DOMA
    homophobic bigotry…Don’t Ask-Don’t Tell
    support for compulsory Christian prayers in public schools
    the biggest welfare program since the depression—Medicare D
    Mass bombing of unprotected civilian populations in Iraq and Afghanistan

    Vote for Scott Brown. Perhaps some of those torturers can come home and do the same in your community.

  9. Epperson

    “Scott Brown is a Republican. That’s the opposite of libertarian,”

    I’m sure Ron Paul supporters would disagree with you.

    A vote for Scott Brown isn’t an endorsement for him or the GOP. It’s a vote against the progressives from claiming a super majority. The consequences of Coakley winning is unimaginable.

    Joe Kennedy has not shot. Period. Why bother making a statement with a measly 3% when we could make a bigger statement to the one-party hegemony?

  10. George Phillies

    You might be right, though I doubt it. If Coakley wins, progressive Democrats might work up the gonadal fortitude to start trying Bush cabinet officers for their war crimes, crimes against the Constitution, and crimes against other laws of our Republic.

  11. Epperson

    “If Coakley wins, progressive Democrats might work up the gonadal fortitude to start trying Bush cabinet officers for their war crimes, crimes against the Constitution, and crimes against other laws of our Republic.”

    Trying the former administration for various crimes will only expose shadowy figures and organizations which most people I assume are unfamiliar with so this is highly unlikely.

  12. Stewart Flood

    If Mr Kennedy were a “perfect” candidate I’d be worried. The slicker candidates, usually the ones with perfect delivery, are almost always entrenched in the corrupt political system that we are fighting against.

    To those that say that Joe Kennedy should drop out, I have only this to say: he has a right to run for office. He is supporting ideals that the other two candidates have proven (by their voting records) that they oppose.

    If I lived in his state I would vote for Joe Kennedy. I don’t, and can’t, but I can still support his right to run for office and the right of voters in his state to choose to cast their vote for someone who does not have D or R stamped on his name.

  13. 91%

    “I’m sure Ron Paul supporters would disagree with you. ”

    Scott Brown is no Ron Paul. Compare their records.

    “A vote for Scott Brown isn’t an endorsement for him or the GOP.”

    By definition, it is.

    “The consequences of Coakley winning is unimaginable. ”

    Scott Brown voted with the Democrats 91% of the time in the legislature, and with the teachers union 94% of the time. The consequence of an establishment Republican beating an establishment Democrat are inconsequential. The only thing that makes voting worthwhile at all is voting against both of them.

    “Why bother making a statement”

    Why bother saying anything unpopular?

    “we could make a bigger statement to the one-party hegemony?”

    Only when you see that at the top the two become one can that question be placed in proper context.

    “Scott Brown – Just another neocon”


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