Green Party of PA holding convention this weekend

From the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:

The Green Party of Pennsylvania will hold its convention in Monroeville this weekend to nominate candidates for local, state and federal offices.

The convention keynote speaker at a dinner Saturday evening is Mel Packer, a well-known peace activist and union organizer who participated in organizing resistance to the G20 Summit held in Pittsburgh last fall. Mr. Packer is a former board member of the Thomas Merton Center and is seeking the party’s nomination for the U.S. Senate seat held by Arlen Specter.

Green Party Chairperson Hillary Kane said the party’s candidates in this year’s elections will focus on the issues of single-payer health care, economic growth through “green” jobs, corruption among state officials in Harrisburg, and the need to regulate the environmental effects of booming natural gas drilling in the state.

Select Saturday workshops at the convention are open to the public, and the party’s business and nominating meeting will be Sunday. Information about the convention at the Holiday Inn Monroeville and the Green Party is available on the party website at

4 thoughts on “Green Party of PA holding convention this weekend

  1. Darcy G Richardson

    I hope that Titus North, a financial analyst and University of Pittsburgh adjunct professor of political science, runs for Congress again. A superb economist, he wrote an excellent piece last year on why Keynesian deficit-spending policies can’t possibly pull the United States out of the current economic crisis. In my view, he would be one of the most outstanding third-party candidates in the country this fall.

  2. Green Party fan

    Thank you for this superb Green Party story!

    Second the wise comments above of Darcy Richardson re: Professor Titus North.

    Had the honor to meet the Green Party’s Titus North at the Green Party convention.

    Kind, thoughtful, fun fellow Titus North.

    Professor North please to get on the ballot as a Green Party candidate this year in Pittsburg.

    The country needs you on the ballot, Sir.

  3. Brent McMillan

    They nominated:

    Mel Packer, US Senate
    Ed Bortz, 14th Congressional District
    Rex D’Agostino, 183rd State Rep
    Jay Sweeney, 111th State Rep
    Hugh Giordano, 194th State Rep
    Roy Farrington, 76th State Rep

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