James Oaksun: Libertarian Party Vision 2016

by James R. Oaksun
Candidate for LNC Treasurer

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What I’m driving at, is that it’s not enough for me to want to replace the incumbent or his clique. I would like to see us set a big goal to shoot for – what is known in the trade as a B-HAG: a Big Hairy Audacious Goal.

Here are some examples of B-HAGs from large companies:
Google: Organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.
Boeing: Bet the pot on the B-17, 707 and 747.
IBM: Commit to a $5 billion gamble on the 360; meet the emerging needs of our customers.
Ford: “Democratize the automobile.”
Microsoft: “A computer on every desk and in every home, running our software.”
Motorola: Invent a way to sell 100,000 TVs at $179.95; Attain six-sigma quality; win the Baldridge Award; launch Iridiums.
Philip Morris: Slay Goliath and become the front-runner in the tobacco industry, despite the social forces against smoking.
Sony: Change the worldwide image of Japanese products as poor quality; create a pocketable transistor radio.
Disney: Build Disneyland – and build it to our image, not industry standards. To be the best company in the world for all fields of family entertainment.
Nokia Siemens Networks: Connecting 5 billion people by 2015.
Symbian: To become the most widely used operating system in the world.
Amazon: Every book, ever printed, in any language, all available in less than 60 seconds.
Amazon: Earth’s most customer centric company.
Twitter: To become “the pulse of the planet.”

I suggest one for us in this presentation: One Million Members by 2016.

And before you say “Ridiculous!” or “Impossible!” consider the following:

1. Read the whole presentation.

2. This would require doubling our membership and revenue every year for the next 6.

3. If you extrapolate out the trend we were on from 1993-2000, that’s what it would have produced by 2016. Of course, instead we started going backwards and frittered away 100% of the gains we made between 1993 and 2000. I say elsewhere, it’s like the last 16 years never even happened for us. We’re right back to where we were in 1993. (Which is of course a worse position, as society has evolved some since then.) Setting 1 million out there, just gets us back on the path we were actually once on!

4. Recall Ron Paul achieved this in 1 year with his campaign. So we just have to be 1/6 as effective as Ron was.

5. Also consider how Obama went from a financing run rate of $100 million/yr to over $1.1 Billion, within the space of 9 months.

6. Consider that Wayne talks about a lot of “activity”… directed toward the advancement of… well… Wayne. The activity we propose is directed to the advancement of the LP and liberty.

7. 234 million people in the US age 18+. One million is 0.4% of the voting age population.

8. Even if we only get to 3-400k it would still be the greatest thing that ever happened to the LP.

9. *None* of the other candidates has thus far set any benchmark. As I said earlier, part of what I want to do, is differentiate myself from Aaron in every positive and creative way I can.

Is it the right B-HAG? Maybe yes maybe no. But in my opinion, we need to set an objective for us all to shoot for. As far as I can tell, much of the activity the last 5 years at least, maybe longer, has been akin to – as I say in the presentation – rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.

I don’t want any part of that…

The point is not to engage in activities that accrue to one particular person’s benefit. The point is to build an institution of liberty of which we can all be proud.

14 thoughts on “James Oaksun: Libertarian Party Vision 2016

  1. AroundtheblockAFT

    Mr. Starr is cfo of a mega-million revenue company. Obviously, he knows something about financial statements and meaningful presentation to boards of directors. What is Mr. Oaksun’s skills in these responsibilities?
    All the rest is nice – the Treasurer does get to opine on mission, goals, strategy and tactics, too. But first he or she has to carry out his fiduciary responsibilities. So the question is “Is Mr. Oaksun qualified to be the Treasurer?”

  2. Mik Robertson

    It is not like the LP is a mega-million revenue company. The other thing to keep in mind is that Ron Paul and Barack Obama both had well developed local organizations that they could draw some support from. Ron Paul did not have the backing of the R leadership, and the “smart” money in the D’s early was behind Hillary.

    The LP won’t get anywhere without strong local organizations regardless of who is in at the national level.

  3. AroundtheblockAFT

    The point is Mr. Starr, and many previous treasurers, obviously had the accounting and financial skills to be Treasurer (irrespective of any other skills needed as LNC members.)
    What qualifications does Mr. Oaksun have to be Treasurer of a million dollar organization that must report financial results to outsiders?

  4. George Phillies

    We are electing someone for Treasurer, not book-keeper.

    A search of the FEC filings as far back as you can readily go (1993) will show that much of the time the ‘report to outsiders’ is being done by an Assistant Treasurer (term of art in the FEC regulations), not by the Treasurer himself.

    There are vast numbers of corporate financial issues that simply are not related to the way a political party works, or what its financial issues are.

    Mind you, I am the Treasurer of my state party, have been filing with the FEC and the OCPF (our state FEC-equivalent) for years (for two PACs, many years), the books and filings and bank account all agree with each other, and we are talking about filings that are much much much simpler than my income tax.

    In terms of showing financial leadership, a comparison of our financial outcomes for most of the past decade with LNC minutes in which the Treasurer reported on our financial situation will suggest to some people that, for example, matters could be better than they are financially–and what did the Treasurer report?

    Perhaps looking at our finances for the last decade and how we spent our money, we should be asking ourselves if we have been asking the right questions about which criteria matter for choosing a treasurer.

    Mr. Oaksun’s academic etc credentials are also readily available.

  5. More Wayne Root Steer Manure

    “Mr. Oaksun’s academic etc credentials are also readily available.”

    …… and I, as a [supposed] PhD claim that the LP is the ONLY anti war party! Duh! (or words to that effect —– Don ‘I hate liars’ Lake)

  6. More Wayne Root Steer Manure

    “Mr. Oaksun’s academic etc credentials are also readily available.”

    ….. and I claim that the $10 + T some thing national debt is a non existent $100T! Duh! (or words to that effect ——- Don ‘I hate Liars’ Lake)

  7. James Oaksun

    Well, let me just say as follows:

    – BA (cum laude), Dartmouth College
    – MBA, concentration in finance and accounting, Cornell University
    – 20 years senior financial and actuarial experience with NYSE-listed companies
    – Chartered Life Underwriter
    – Chartered Financial Consultant
    – business owner

    I find it curious that there are those who, unable to defend the record of the current claque, which is indefensible, choose to make my personal qualifications an issue.

    I am eminently qualified to do this job through education and experience.

  8. AroundtheblockAFT

    Thanks for posting your qualifications. I find you exceedingly. I had no interest in “defending the record of the current claque,” but I am sorry your “personal qualifications” were an issue.

  9. James Oaksun

    Here’s how I look at it.

    1. Things are not and have not been going well for us, by any measure or metric you can pick.
    2. It is abundantly clear who has been in the leadership during this decline, as well as who has been in the dominant coalition on the committee.
    3. Those in the dominant coalition, should be thanked for their service and wished well in their future endeavors.
    4. New leadership is needed.
    5. Establishment of a B-HAG will inject some energy into an arguably moribund organization.
    6. We cannot achieve the B-HAG without fundamentally changing who we are. The vision emerges from that realization.

    I look forward to reading Terry’s essay when time permits, thank you for the pointer.

  10. Straight .......... from Lake

    “What I’m driving at, is that it’s not enough for me to want to replace the incumbent or his clique. I would like to see us set a big goal to shoot for – what is known in the trade as a B-HAG: a Big Hairy Audacious Goal.”

    Bruce Wayne, the pro war Neo Con and spending his life in the phat cave????

    George Phillies, and the LP as the only peace party [in a Greek Chorus of anti war partisans!], oh pleeeeeeeeeease!

    and you DON’T want to bump these idiot out of goverance ??????

    B-HAG: a Big Hairy Audacious Goal ??????????
    What about a million little tiny S-HAGs, small hairy audacious goal[s] concentrating on ethics and honesty. Really, James Oaksun, should the non Democans and non Republicrats be NO BETTER than the Establishment Duopoly.

    If the Libs, whom promise one thing and CONSTANTLY do another, do not serve society, then they, like Natural Law Party [April 2004] and Reform Party USA [June 2000] do not deserve to survived!

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