KTHV-TV in Arkansas covers Green US Senate candidate John Gray

Mayor John Gray of Greenland, Arkansas is running as a Green Party candidate for US Senate in Arkansas.  He was recently featured on the television station KTHV-TV’s news show.

U.S. Senate hopeful, John Gray, and mayor of Greenland hopes to bring his views to Washington, D.C.


Mayor John Gray, of Greenland, says his main campaign focus is jobs.

“We need more jobs in this country. We do not need to be trying to lift the standard of living for the rest of the world,” says Gray.

Along with jobs, Gray says the war and health care are the most important issues at hand.

“Out of 37 industrialized countries we have the worst health care at the highest expense than any nation in the world. That needs to be changed. We need good health care for our people,” Gray says.

Another passionate topic is illegal immigration. Gray believes neither amnesty nor deportation is the answer.

He says most illegals don’t want to be here, but in Mexico stand no chance of providing for their families.

“If we had any honor about us, we would say to the Mexican government , if you want to sell your stuff in our country you need to pay your people fair wages, so they can afford to live in their own homes where they want to and if you don’t pay your people fair wages you can’t sell your stuff in our country,” says Gray.

Sticking with constitutional principles, Gray sees no need for the church and the state to meet on any levels, including schools.

“I think the church and the state should be totally separate,” says Gray. “I don’t even approve of prayers before city council meetings. The church is for that sort of thing, so let it be done there,” he adds.

His beliefs on gun control differ for some. Gray says no restrictions should be placed guns.

“Every person should have a rifle and be trained how to use it and be able to form an army at a moment’s notice,” says Gray

However, as it pertains to assault weapons, he believes an average citizen has no use for such a thing.

“The average citizen doesn’t need to be prepared to overthrow the government because you’re not going to be able to do it. They’ve got too many blackwaters, too many tanks, too many things and you’re not going to be able to overthrow the government,” says Gray.

9 thoughts on “KTHV-TV in Arkansas covers Green US Senate candidate John Gray

  1. Third Party Revolution

    Personally I don’t care much about gun rights, I just thought that Greens, like most progressives, would support gun control. Then I took a look at the Green Party’s platform and they didn’t mention anything about firearms. So I guess the GP decided to let their members have their own views on that issue.

  2. Green Party fan

    Thanks for the Green Party video.

    Mayor John Gray is an excellent Green Party candidate.

    HTV station is applauded for giving fair coverage to Green Party.

    John Gray appears to be another in the long list of conservative, and superb Arkansas Green Party candidates.

  3. jason

    Man! He had me hooked until he said that we don’t need guns to overthrow the govt. As a hardcore socialist, I know that our 2nd amendment rights are there to protect all our other rights, and, if need be, to help us overthrow the govt if it becomes too much of a dictatorship.

    However, I’m glad to see a Green sticking up for the 2nd amendment. I wish all progressives and socialists would, and quit letting conservatives hold onto that talking point.

  4. Danny S

    mayor of Greenland…

    I thought you had to live in America to run for Senate here?!?!?!


    Good candidate for the Arkansas Greens. Let’s hope the left votes for him and the right votes for the independent.

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