Nevada Libertarians Choose NOTA For Senate

A source forwards this unconfirmed reporting about today’s convention of the Libertarian Party of Nevada:

Reported by participants on site

Libertarian Party of Nevada held its annual convention today at the Nugget Hotel in Sparks, Nevada.

The state party will not field a candidate for US Senate against Harry Reid.  Wayne Root argued for NOTA.  The Convention agreed, rejecting Jim Burns for the US Senate nomination in favor of NOTA by a vote of 22 to 10.  The Nevada Convention attempted to nominate Wayne Root for US Senate, but Root declined because he stated he was interested only in focusing on his race for National Chair.

Arthur Lampitt Jr wins the nomination for Governor.

A series of bylaw proposals were presented by party radicals, including one to abolish dues.  All the bylaw proposals failed.  No resolution to condemn the registration fee was presented.  Sources state that it would have lost badly.

Candidates Ernie Hancock and Wayne Root gave speeches on their race for LNC Chair.  Candidates Mark Hinkle and George Phillies did not appear.

No straw poll was held.  Attendees flocked to Root afterward, giving many the impression he won the affection of those delegates in attendance.

All 13 delegate slots for the 2010 National Convention were filled.

[On a related note: at last weekend’s California LP Executive Committee meeting following the LPCA convention, a resolution to condemn the NatCon registration fee was tabled for later consideration.]

49 thoughts on “Nevada Libertarians Choose NOTA For Senate

  1. David F. Nolan

    It’s too bad that Wayne Root did not choose to run for U.S. Senate. By doing so, he could demonstrate his claimed “salesmanship” abilities in an actual political contest. I have no idea how well he would do, but at least he’d have something to point to if and when he seeks the 2012 Presidential nomination. I do not support Mr. Root for National Chair, as I don’t think that’s the best use for his talents. A Senate race would have made far more sense.

  2. Aaron Starr

    If I was in Wayne Root’s shoes, I would have also avoided the U.S. Senate race.

    The millions of dollars that will be spent to decide who will occupy the seat currently held by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid will make any third party candidate practically invisible.

  3. LibertarianGirl

    But the GOP candidate will likely be Sue Lowden . She was Chair of the GOP in 2008 when they shut down the convention prematurely when Ron Paul was winning in the nomination votes. The RP faction is huge with the GOP here , if Lowden gets the US Senate nomination there is no way they will vote for her , theyll vote 3rd party , coulda been us. 🙁

  4. Thomas L. Knapp

    Let me see if I have this right:

    As part of his campaign for national chair, Root is trying to convince state affiliates not to run candidates for public office.

    Is that true?

    If so, well, I have to say it’s a novel approach.

  5. Aaron Starr


    I just learned there was a resolution passed by the state convention urging the Libertarian Party to consider Las Vegas as a convention site for 2012.

    Both the Democrats and the Republicans are getting bids to have their conventions in Las Vegas in 2012 — Republicans to take advantage of Obama’s missteps concerning Vegas and Democrats to make up for them.

    When the Platform Committee held their meeting at the Stratosphere Hotel in Vegas back in December, they were able to get the rooms for around $50 per night. I wonder how well we could do negotiating a good rate for a hotel that could accomodate a convention.

  6. LibertarianGirl

    that would be so awesome ! I bet we could get a great rate . Hotels are hungry for business .

    I did not attend this convention , I had family issues to deal with.

  7. Cody Quirk

    Of course it will.

    Eventually we need to work to get that “choice” kicked off the ballot; NOTA is destructive to third-party candidates.

  8. Thomas L. Knapp


    You write:

    “This is not the first time Jim Burns has been NOTa’d running for an important office by the LPNevada .”

    And how often has Wayne Allyn Root shown up to argue in favor of the LPNevada staining its honor in that way?

  9. LibertarianGirl

    Jim Burns lost not because Wayne said a single word , he lost because he openly said he was only running as a lefty to steal votes away from Reid and ensure a GOP victory. Plus Wayne wasnt the only person who spoke against him , the the only one mentioned.

  10. Andy

    “Aaron Starr // Feb 21, 2010 at 1:43 am


    I just learned there was a resolution passed by the state convention urging the Libertarian Party to consider Las Vegas as a convention site for 2012.”

    Vegas would be a kick ass place for a Libertarian Party National Convention. Viva Las Vegas!

  11. Cody Quirk

    No he doesn’t yet, and this “Tea Party” is bad news; their officers are all business associates of Jon Scott Ashjian and they have NEVER been active in the TP movement at all…. I smell a rat.

  12. LibertarianGirl

    TK _ there isnt enuf time to go into all the history , most of it negative ,he’s had with the NevadaLP. We are not against him entirely , we just affiliated Nye County where he is an officer . Had he wanted to run for assembly or something not so high profile , assuredly he would have been nominated.

    but this is the most high profile race in Nv and many dont feel like e has the temperament to represent us well . But thats not why he lost. He was openly campaigning on ensuring a GOP victory . He said , he would campaign solely to the left and take cotes away from Reid , so the GOP could win . Thats a terrible strategy and if he just wanted the GOP to win , Im pretty certain theyd rather just not have him in the race then attempt to steal votes from Reid.

    Jim Burns has a terrible habit of showing up and then throwing temper tantrums and storming out when things dont go his way .I myself have witnessed it many times and last year all the new folks from the newly affiliated capitol region saw it first hand. He was argumentative , loud , intimidating and then stormed out when his proposals were shot down .

    I have since made my peace with the man and I cant say I would not have voted for him had I attended. He worked very hard campaigning for the nomination , including a website , several direct mailings , attendance at events etc. In my eyes he did a great job , but even if i had voted for him , he would have lost .

    the factors include:
    his sometimes poor attitude
    his insistance to only run for the top spot
    his history with the Party
    and from what my sources report the biggest factor was : his running only to ensure a GOP victory.
    he got to address the convention after the first NOTA and he got way less votes the 2nd time around.thats gotta count for something , and trust me , noone in the LPNevada did so because Wayne said anything. I like Wayne , but he doesnt come to all the little things and booths and events we do . But Burns does and the other activists -delegates do , and they based their decision on firsthand knowledge , not because Wayne Root spoke against him .

    I take issue with your statement this is a stain on the LPNevada’s honor. It is not. we had more new people than oldtimers that know Jim and they decided for themselves . are you saying they are all dishonorable? Id like a retraction please

  13. LibertarianGirl

    Susan , yes . I completely wish Root would run locally for anything . I was absolutely disappointed that he isnt.

    . In Nv we have VERY GOOD activist candidates , but we havent had a campaign we could actually win since James Dan , who incidentally lost his bid for state assemble by less than 200 votes . closest ever for a Libertarian but …Root has chosen not to but his demeanor is not the same as Burns .

    If Burns wasnt so darned antagonstic he’d have gotten the nod , so you see his attitude / vs running for a smaller position are tied together.

    he couldnt do the damage he may have done as a US Senate candidate as a Nye County assemblyman for example.

    Root is far more media savvy and IMO would do a goodjob no matter the race he’s in

  14. wolfefan

    Hi LG –

    FWIW, Mr. Root’s website is still soliciting volunteers for his 2012 Presidential run, so who knows. I’m not sure how carefully the site is being updated – if you click on “Press Releases” you get the annoucement that he is the 2008 VP nominee – I think he’s done a little since then! 🙂

  15. Wayne knows what he is doing

    Wayne took time out in his busy schedule to go to the Nevada Convention, Wayne has an extremely busy schedule in case some of the people are not aware. Like his own radio show, TV shows invites. Getting the LP word out, He is on the right track on what he wants to do with regards to the Libertarian party. People can cut him down, but yet NO ONE has done what Wayne has been doing. He WILL take this LP party farther than it has ever done before.

  16. Aaron Starr

    “Aaron @ #3:

    In what way(s) does this differ from the situation with the presidential nomination and race?”

    It differs by around 300 million people. If you’re going to run to get the party media attention, there are more opportunities to get coverage in a national race.

  17. libertariangirl

    I agree with Aaron , to run a competent campaign against Reid , someones gonna need millions and millions . We are not equipped as a party or as activists to pull a campaign like that off …. YET!
    theres a part of me that still wishes he’d change his mind at the last minute and run though:)

    as it stands , Ill be voting NOTA for US Senate , if I wasnt an LP officer Id change my registration to GOP so I could vote at their convention with the RP folks who Im certain will have a good candidate but wont win the nomination .

    I also like Floyd Fitsgibbons so maybe Ill end up voting for him,who knows:)

  18. LibertarianGirl

    in addition , since linked back to this from another thread , i should have caught this before but

    “A series of bylaw proposals were presented by party radicals, including one to abolish dues. ”

    not true , it was burns proposing these , not Party radicals , just Burns

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