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Results from Tuesday’s Green Party primary in Illinois

This past Tuesday, there were statewide and local primaries across Illinois.  Since the Green Party is an established party in Illinois, they had primaries for various seats.  On a statewide level all of their primaries were uncontested, with only one person running, but various congressional races and other races had two or more people running.  The party provided the following list of people who will appear on their general election ballot line:

Statewide Candidates

U.S. Senator – LeAlan M. Jones
Governor – Rich Whitney
Lieutenant Governor – Don W. Crawford
Attorney General – David F. Black
Comptroller – R. Erika Schafer
Treasurer – Scott K. Summers
Secretary of State – Adrian Frost

Congressional Candidates

1st Congress – Jeff Adams
2nd Congress – Michael E. Mayden
3rd Congress – Laurel Lambert Schmidt
4th Congress – Robert J. Burns
5th Congress – Matt Reichel
7th Congress – Kip Robbins
8th Congress – Bill Scheurer
9th Congress – Simon Ribeiro
12th Congress – Rodger Jennings
14th Congress – Daniel J. Kairis
16th Congress – Terry G. Campbell
17th Congress – Roger K. Davis
18th Congress – Sheldon Schafer

Legislative Candidates

39th State Rep – Jeremy Karpen
47th State Rep – Bob Mueller
68th State Rep – Gerry Woods
69th State Rep – Dan Lindsey
79th State Rep – George Ochsenfeld
105th State Rep – Vince LaMie
115th State Rep – Charlie Howe

County Candidates

Cook County Assessor – Robert C. Grota
Cook County Board President – Thomas Tresser
Cook County Commissioner, District 01 – Ronald Lawless
Cook County Commissioner, District 02 – Michael Smith
Cook County Commissioner, District 04 – Joseph A. Barton
Cook County Commissioner, District 07 – Paloma Andrade
Cook County Commissioner, District 09 – Brock Merck
Cook County Commissioner, District 13 – George E. Milkowski
Cook County Commissioner, District 17 – Richard Dalka
Cook County, Metropolitan Water Rec District – Diana Horton
Cook County, Metropolitan Water Rec District – Nadine Bopp
Cook County, Metropolitan Water Rec District – Jack Ailey
Cook County Sheriff – Marshall Lewis
Lake County Board, District 08 – Kevin Gartley
McHenry County Board, District 05 – Frank Wedig
McHenry County Sheriff – Gus Philpott

Congressional candidate Matt Reichel sent out the following message to his supporters in light of his victory:

We have come out of the contested Green primary on Tuesday victorious.

I thank all of you that helped out by voting, canvassing, donating or phone banking. Every last ounce of effort was instrumental in building this winning campaign, and setting us up for success in November.

The final count was 46% for me, 33% for Andy Williams and 21% for Terry Golhooley. Results are available here.

We greatly expanded the number of Green ballots pulled in the district over 2008: an impressive feat, given that voters had to give up the right to vote in all other races in order to support us.

I thank all of you again and look forward to working with you as we push into the general election.

Our next organizing meeting will be Monday, March 1st.

More info to come between now and then.


Matt Reichel


  1. Zeleni Zeleni February 5, 2010

    Mayden was recognized by the Illinois Green Party, but lost the open primary. Williams has a congregation and got more people to the polls, even though many of his positions are antithetical to the Green Party.

  2. Dave Schwab Dave Schwab February 5, 2010

    I tried to check, but it looks like they got to it first.

    I also thought Williams beat Mayden in the 2nd CD; how does that square up with this list?

  3. Nate Nate February 5, 2010

    5000 statewide, not just in Reichel’s district.

  4. Colin Colin February 5, 2010

    And is Milnes dead?

  5. Colin Colin February 5, 2010

    5,000 green ballots pulled, but Reichel got only 193 votes? How does that add up?

  6. Richard Winger Richard Winger February 5, 2010

    But I don’t think Illinois voters perceive Quinn to be corrupt, and I don’t think they perceive the winner of the Republican gubernatorial primary (whether it’s Brady or Dillard) to be corrupt.

  7. Vaughn Vaughn February 4, 2010


    Blagojevich beat George Ryan (who is in prison now) in 2006. Whitney got over 10% in that race.

    Blagojevich proved to be just as corrupt as Ryan after being elected.

    So in a state filled with corrupt Democrats and corrupt Republicans, I think a lot of people are fed up.

  8. Ross Levin Ross Levin February 4, 2010

    TPR, I think that Mayden ran in multiple primaries, although I may very well be wrong about that.

    Maine will also be an interesting governor’s race. Eliot Cutler is an independent to watch – so far he’s raised almost $300,000, and he used to work in Washington, DC, for the Carter Administration at one point, iirc.

  9. WalterGPW WalterGPW February 4, 2010


    Preliminary reports are showing that more than 5,000 people pulled Green Party ballots.

    That’s quite an amazing feat considering the IL Greens pulled around 3,000 in 2008 and that was a primary with a MUCH higher turnout than this one.

  10. Third Party Revolution Third Party Revolution February 4, 2010

    I see that Mayden’s name is still on the list, even though Anthony Williams won the primary. But I have to agree that I would rather have Mayden as the winner over that GINO (Green In Name Only, with the exception of the Independent Green Party).

  11. Trent Hill Trent Hill February 4, 2010

    Richard is quite right. Both Massachusetts and Rhode Island look likely, while Whitney is still an extremely long shot to even be competitive.

  12. Thane Eichenauer Thane Eichenauer February 4, 2010

    I am impressed with the number of Green Party candidates in Illinois. I hope they manage to match or exceed this performance in Arizona.

  13. Richard Winger Richard Winger February 4, 2010

    I’d say the states most likely to elect non-major party governors in 2010 are Massachusetts and Rhode Island, not Illinois.

  14. Vaughn Vaughn February 4, 2010

    That’s almost a full slate for Congress! If there is going to be one third/indy elected as governor next year, it’ll be Whitney!

  15. Ross Levin Ross Levin Post author | February 4, 2010

    Reichel linked to a results page that listed Green voters for individual races. His race had three candidates and got the most out of any of the Green ones listed, although I’m not sure if the results were for the whole congressional district or just Cook County. It was 193 for him, then 137 and 87 for his competitors. This is compared to about 60,000 vs. 15,000 in the Dem primary and about 5600 vs. 4700 vs. 4000 in the Republican primary in that district.

  16. Richard Winger Richard Winger February 4, 2010

    So, how many Illinois voters chose a Green Party primary ballot?

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