Third Party Landscape: Party Registration Figures for California

from Ballot Access News
New California Registration Data

On February 5, the California Secretary of State released new registration data, as of January 5, 2010.

The new figures are: Democratic 44.623%, Republican 30.752%, American Independent 2.261%, Green .659%, Libertarian .499%, Peace & Freedom .326%, Reform .140%, independent and miscellaneous 20.740%.

The last figures released were from May 2009. At the time, those percentages were: Democratic 44.553%, Republican 31.047%, American Independent 2.194%, Green .664%, Libertarian .486%, Peace & Freedom .324%, Reform .146%, independent and miscellaneous 20.587%.

To see the numbers, see here. The Reform Party is not ballot-qualified but the state keeps track of its registrations. However, Sacramento County doesn’t report the number of registrants in the Reform Party, so the Reform Party actually has about 900 more registrants than the official figures show.

The number of registered voters declined since May 2009, due to election officials purging the rolls. The only two parties that actually have more registered voters than they did in May 2009 are the American Independent Party and the Libertarian Party.

4 thoughts on “Third Party Landscape: Party Registration Figures for California

  1. Jill Pyeatt

    It is absolutely crucial that we use this time well. The public is starting to notice us, and if we screw this up, there’s no guaranee that we’ll ever have an opportunity like this again.

  2. Bruce Cohen

    Does the LPCA have any vision or plan in place for raising Registration numbers?

    Over the last three years, has anyone on the LPCA Board, especially the Officers, done any work to reach out to existing Registered LP Voters? Have we crunched out the folks who dropped off and reached out to them?

    For folks who believe in ‘open and transparent’ one doesn’t hear much outside of official minutes on the website.

    Let’s hear some real plans from the folks who ran for office. And let’s hear the truth about the bad news for the last three years.

    No more pretending.

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