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Independent faces off with Dems and Reps at Maine gubernatorial forum

Independent Eliot Cutler recently sat down with some of his Democratic and Republican opponents (there are also many other independents running) at a forum on natural resources in Maine, sponsored by businesses in that area. reported the following on his responses:

Cutler sees natural gas as an important ingredient in lowering costs and supports an LNG plant in Maine. He would shift home heating from oil to electricity. His most innovative idea – and it’s really an old one – is to create a public power authority…

Cutler called for changes in the way we do easements, citing landowners’ concerns about liability and value. He said resolving these concerns is “centrally important to continuing uses in the north woods…”

If there has been a more contentious issue between sportsmen and landowners than Sunday hunting, I missed it. As a primary advocate for Sunday hunting, I have plenty of bruises to show how tough this issue has been in the past.

So the amazing thing here for me was that some of the candidates favor Sunday hunting and others are open to the possibility…

Cutler said he “is not opposed to it…”

Cutler elaborated on his opposition to consolidation, saying, “I’ve done government reorganizations at the federal level — some worked, some didn’t. Moving boxes around is not smart business. When you have agencies that relate directly to what centrally defines our state and manage our resources, mergers don’t make sense. What does make sense is changing the way we do business to reduce costs and tear down the wall of no.”

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