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Des Moines Register: ‘Libertarian dieter wants trim government’

From the Des Moines Register, by Kathie Obradovich:

Libertarian candidate for governor Eric Cooper pulled off a rare feat at a recent forum: He upstaged the major-party contenders. And not just because he announced he’s lost 144 pounds in eight months.

Cooper, of Ames, owned the audience at the Iowans for Tax Relief gubernatorial forum last Saturday. He left me wanting to know more about him. That’s another uncommon accomplishment for a third-party candidate.

One of the refreshing things about Cooper is that he doesn’t bother pretending he’s going to be Iowa’s next governor. There’s no need to decide whether to politely indulge the fantasy.

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  1. Steve Steve April 23, 2010

    Dr. Cooper seems to be doing a great job getting himself in the news. This weight loss angle might be good for a few more stories before its over as it presents a big contrast with the current Iowa governor. Chet Culver looks like he’s gained about a hundred pounds in office and is widely know as “The Big Lug.”

    2% is not out of the question this year, especially with an unpopular D incumbent and a divisive R primary.

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