BAN: South Carolina Greens Run Their First Gubernatorial Nominee

From Ballot Access News:

On May 1, the South Carolina Green Party state convention nominated candidates for office, including the party’s first gubernatorial nominee in this state. He is Morgan Bruce Reeves, whose web page,, is at this link. The web page shows a 3-minute clip from a past Spartans-Trojans football game in which Reeves, who played in that game, received prominent attention.

Reeves will be a fusion nominee, because he is also the gubernatorial nominee of the United Citizens Party, the nation’s oldest state ballot-qualified political party that was founded specifically to represent African-Americans. The United Citizens Party has worked with the Green Party before. In 2000, when Ralph Nader was the Green Party nominee for president and before the Green Party was ballot-qualified in South Carolina, the United Citizens Party placed Nader on the ballot as its presidential nominee.

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  1. Green Party Conservative

    Green Party could elect it’s first President in Columbia…

    Bloomberg reporting

    Colombia’s Green Party candidate Antanas Mockus may become president in a second round of voting against former Defense Minister Juan Manuel Santos, according to poll results published by weekly magazine Semana.

    Mockus may get 48 percent support in a runoff vote June 20 versus 41 percent for Santos, a poll by Ipsos-Napoleon Franco showed. The poll found Santos tied with Mockus at 35 percent and 34 percent, respectively, in the first round of voting on May 30, when nine candidates are on the initial ballot. A candidate needs to win more than 50 percent to avoid a runoff.

  2. Green Party Conservative

    Green Party candidate elected Mayor…

    Green Party candidate receives 71 per cent of vote in Telgte Germany..

    Wahl in Telgte
    Grüner wird mit 71,5 Prozent Bürgermeister
    Von Astrid Beckmann am 9.05.2010 23:33 Uhr
    TELGTE Mit spektakulären 71,5 Prozent der Stimmen hat ein Grünen-Politiker die nachgezogene Bürgermeisterwahl in Telgte gewonnen. Wolfgang Pieper (48) ist nun neues Oberhaupt der münsterländischen Stadt.;art1757,902623

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