Brian Holtz: ‘A Humorous Review of What We’ve Learned About Hancock’

Posted by Brian Holtz at Libertarian Intelligence. Reproduced here for the purpose of discussion. Although Brian also writes for IPR, IPR as a blog/website takes no position on LNC races, 9/11 truth, etc. And while I (Paulie) do take positions on all of the above, they often differ from Brian’s.

For the last five weeks, I’ve been shining some light into the darker corners of Ernest Hancock’s record.  Now that all this illumination has been supplied, it’s time for a humorous review of all the facts we’ve learned.

This first video is a riff on the Verizon “iDon’t” commercial that highlighted certain facts about the iPhone.

This next video is an example of a Downfall parody. I recently reported on IPR that Downfall parodies are getting taken down from video-sharing sites, so watch this one quick before it gets memory-holed.

Phoenix Freikorps from Brian Holtz on Vimeo.

18 thoughts on “Brian Holtz: ‘A Humorous Review of What We’ve Learned About Hancock’

  1. Don Wills

    It’s called satire spinspin. The first video was weak but I thought the second video was a quite amusing way of making the case against Ernie.

  2. Brian Holtz

    The first video probably leans too much on the assumption that you remember/like the original Verizon commercial as much as I do. People who’ve never seen the original won’t get my remake.

    The deluded troll “Lake” thinks I’m pro-Israel, apparently because he thinks my surname is Jewish. In fact, I’m of German Catholic heritage, and I’ve argued pro-Israel Libertarians like Cohen for many years. Just visit and search on “Israel”.

  3. David F. Nolan

    And how do you feel about Root trundling off to New York to appear as a “witness” in the Obama “trial” being staged by “birthers”?

  4. Brian Holtz

    The minute Root says the LP is “not relevant” if it does not pursue Obama nativity Truth, he’ll win my opposition to his Chair candidacy.

  5. Robert Capozzi

    Has Root actually embraced Birther theory, or has he only said he didn’t see Obama at Columbia? Does he go farther and say Obama is some sort of CIA Manchurean candidate?

    If Hancock spoke at a 9/11 Truth gathering and said, Gee, this story doesn’t add up, I’d not bat an eyelash. But promoting 9/11 Truth and other very fringey stuff is another story.

  6. Rebecca Sink-Burris

    One of the things I value about libertarians is their wit. Both of these videos are great fun and don’t come off as mean spirited, at least not to me. For more fun, google “humorous political quizzes,” they tend to make good fun of everyone.

  7. Michael H. Wilson

    Damn Brian. Dondero said you were Irish and an Anabaptist to boot. And he took an oath on it.

  8. Brian Holtz

    It seems Root has canceled his appearance at the Obama “trial”. He must not be a very good libertarian, because he knows how to recognize/admit/correct a mistake. 🙂

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