Arkansas Green Party Submits 14,300 Signatures

The Green Party of Arkansas today submitted 14,300 signatures today in an attempt to get their party on the ballot. 10,000 valid signatures are required in order to qualify a party for the ballot in Arkansas.

If the petition is approved, that will be the third election year in a row in which the Green Party has completed this petition. The only other party that has ever qualified by petition in Arkansas is the Reform Party, which completed the petition once, in 1996.Before 1971, Arkansas allowed any party to be on the ballot with no petition.

Arkansas allows parties to be on the ballot for President only with a petition of 1,000 signatures, and many parties have completed that petition. Arkansas is the only state in which no Libertarian Party member has ever been on the ballot for partisan office other than President.

Arkansas is a state where the Green Party has made significant inroads recently. In 2008 the party elected its first member to the state legislature, Richard Carroll. The party has also been the sole opposition of many Democratic incumbents in recent years.

2 thoughts on “Arkansas Green Party Submits 14,300 Signatures

  1. Nate

    The Arkansas Green Party rocks. Their trial against the secretary of state starts on the 28th and hopefully the law will be interpreted to allow parties to retain ballot access with a certain amount of votes for any office rather than only governor or president. Sadly methinks the state legislature will respond by making it harder once more.

    Also annoying is that all 5 seats for US Senate and US House have both a Democrat and a Republican running for them. In 2008 the Green Party candidates were in two-way races for Senator and, I believe, 3 of the 4 House seats.

  2. Derek

    Yes, the Greens did run in 3 of the 4 House seats and they got over 10% of the U.S. House statewide vote. Considering that and the 20% they got for the U.S. Senate race, that should prove that they’re viable in AR. Maybe, just maybe PLAS could work here if we wanted.

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