Top Two Primary, Proposition 14, Passes in California

Every party, including every third party, in California opposed Proposition 14, but that did not stop it from passing tonight. With 54.7% of the votes reporting statewide, the measure has 56.5% voting for it. The final 44.5% of votes that are as of yet unreported is unlikely to change the wide lead that Proposition 14 has in the reported votes. The election results can be viewed here.

29 thoughts on “Top Two Primary, Proposition 14, Passes in California

  1. Ayn R. Key

    If it’s not overturned by the next primary election here’s what I plan to do.

    I’m going to contact all the parties in my area except the dominant party. That means all other third parties, all minor parties, and the Democrats since in my area they are the 2nd party and just as likely to win as the third party.

    I’m going to see if we can organize a write in campaign. Everyone from all parties except the 1st party back the same write in. And then when our votes aren’t counted, file suit to have them counted.

    The Democrats will be the hardest sell, but if the general election comes out Rep v. Rep, they’ll go for it.

  2. Prop 14 Supporter

    Great job to all of my fellow true pro-democracy advocates, who saw through the partisan lies and passed the great and God-giving political reform that is Prop 14. The major political parties and their moronic allies in the minor parties, like Michael Kavlan and Michael Seabeck, were defeated, but they will do whatever they can to obstruct the revolution. Especially by wining about write-in campaigns which never would have won anyway.

    Next step is to listen to the one positive person in the third party movement, Robert Milnes, and educate the voters about PLAS; at the same time educate voters that the primary election is the first round of the general election, the general election is the second round/runoff. Get over it.
    Thanks Abel Maldenado, may you live long and prosper.

  3. Lois Dogey

    Once again, democrats have managed to blur the lines…with open primaries, it is possible to get one party candidates, tampering and manipulation. Why didn’t voters see that? Hopefully something can be done to reverse this and get back to each party selecting their own candidates.

  4. mdh

    Like it or not, this effectively spells the end of third-party and independent candidacies in California. Which, effectively, also spells an end for third party committee organizations in California.

  5. AroundtheblockAFT

    No, mdh, it is now about creating such a circus that enough of the people who voted for this decide it was a mistake. It is all about having each district’s minor major party and third parties raise all sort of havoc with the major major party candidates, now that they, too, can participate in the major major party primary. If you follow me.

  6. PROP 14 wins

    If the third party candidates can convince enough people to vote for them…thats the sticking point…the mind set of most people is pretty moderate….so run a moderate campaign….why do people feel they have to be some rebel…to win…(or do they really not want to win and just like to bellyache) how misunderstood they are?

  7. Just one person's opinion ......... Don Lake

    Lois Dogey // Jun 9, 2010:
    “……. with open primaries, it is possible to get one party candidates, tampering and manipulation. Why didn’t voters see that? ”

    [a] Ms Tobin, a Richard Rider wanna be in the sand paper for personality department

    [b] no early alarm or sense of urgency

    [c] lots of late alarm or sense of urgency

    [d] poor coordination

    [e] main line media as agents provocateur

    [f] lack of hard line reasoning and rationale

    [g] drowned out by Whitman, Brown, other bigs

    [h] repulsed by Whitman, Brown, other bigs

  8. Spence

    While I’m saddened that this passed, if it will kill the state LP, then that’s one silver lining.

  9. Michael Seebeck

    Prop 14 Suppository @3 apparently can’t even spell names right, let alone have much of a clue about how a REPUBLICAN FORM OF GOVERNMENT works. Get this straight, we are not and never have been nor intended to be democracy, unless you are a fool or an idiot or both.

    He kinda sounds like Catholic Trotskyite, in that both have readily overdosed on the statist Kool-Aid.

    The people of California, as tends to be in all elections, have not spoken. Only some of them have. Out of the 38 million people here, 17 million of which are voters, 3.8 million voted on Prop 14–only10% of the people and only 22% of the voters. Hardly a majority of the people, which is the case in most elections when a minority elect bad politicians and pass bad propositions instead of having a true majority of the people. Most people don’t read past the title, and in this case the title LIED.

    The true measure of a candidate or issue is taken by mutliplying the percentage of their result by the percentage of the turnout, then multiplying that number by either of the voting population or overall population. The resulting percentage is the real support.

    The people get what they vote for, and they voted for crap. Unfortunately the state legislature is in the process of banning plastic grocery bags, removing the most effective means of cleaning up and disposing of that crap. And the beat goes on…and fools like Mr. Suppository seem to like it, oblivious to our warnings of the $600 Billion bill they’ll be getting in the mail soon from Sacramento. Since Mr. Suppository is so enamored of the crap pile that gave us that debt and Prop 14, he can go pay my portion as well witha smile on his face.


  10. Michael Seebeck

    Spence, it’s not gonna kill the state LP on MY watch, no way, no how, not if I have any say in the matter.

  11. Just one person's opinion ......... Don Lake

    Michael Seebeck // Jun 9, 2010:
    “……….. not gonna kill the state LP on MY watch, no way, no how, not if I have any say in the matter ………”

    then ya might just wanna focus on ethics, ethics, ethics ……..

    With the Sandy Ego County Gang, Bruce Cohen in the South and Brian Holtz in the North, the LPCa has a well deserved (bad) reputation amongst non Democans and non Republicrats.

    May be this smell / ordor *personal experience AND multiple references* oozes from the alternative activists to the general public …..

  12. Brian Holtz

    For the record, the reason Mr. Lake trolls about me having “a well-deserved (bad) reputation” is that he thinks my name sounds Jewish and I ignore his questions about Israel’s 1967 attack on the USS Liberty when I was two years old.

  13. LPC's public reputation

    To #18: You also forgot Gary Copeland [A Druid running for governor who spit on a talk radio host] and Matthew Scott Barnes [a convicted pedophile].

  14. Vaughn

    Do they allow propositions in special elections? If you got all the minor parties to organize an overturn prop. and get out to vote for it they could undo this!

  15. Just one person's opinion ......... Don Lake

    and do you think American residents and or citizens, especially alternative political activists, whom refuse to not put Judia first in their conduct, should (continue to) turn a blind eye to Israeli misbehavior ???????

    Besides your age, do you have any other comments on this open seas murder ????? Do you approve of $3B per annual budget from the US Congress for the nation that kills our active duty service people ???????

    You act like Bruce Cohen, John Dennis Coffey, John Blare, (Christain Jewish Fascist Zionist) John Bembey (‘ Hey, Frank MacKay, thanks for the $500, you are now the national CEO of the Reform Party USA) and Valle Sharpe Geisler!

    Why, along with W. A. R. ——— shouldn’t you be treated like them ?????????

  16. Brian Holtz

    Anyone who doesn’t understand the Libertarian position on foreign aid should read plank 3.3 of our Platform.

    Anyone who wants to know my long-standing position on Israel should web search on “brian holtz” Israel “moral high ground”.

    Anyone who thinks my surname sounds Jewish, well, feel free to consider me part of any ethnic group against which you are prejudiced. You’d probably come for my kind at some point anyway, so I’ll stand with those you come after first.

  17. Don Lake: come on folks

    I first visited Israel at 14, and then at 17 and at 23!

    (as I have explained to selective memory Brian Holtz twice b4:)

    Israel and it’s own interests, yes, yes, yes!

    American citizens putting Israel b4 the USA, no, no, no!

    Coming for you, are you a spin doctor liar, as many libs say you are ?????????

    We have got to be better, not just as bad as the &#%$&$%@# Democans and Republicrats!

    Spin, spin, spin, selective memory, selective memory, no wonder so many libs hate your guts!

  18. Michael Seebeck

    Lake, your perpetual complaining about Cohen and SDLP is about as productive as Holtz’s perpetual arguing and Milnes’ perpetual PLAS ramblings while trying to find a date–all are a waste of our time.

  19. Michael H. Wilson

    I think one simple thing to do would be to get a dozen or so candidates to run in a specific district as representing the major party in that district. Example if the district is heavily Democrats then run ten people as Democrats and one as a Libertarian or Green. Even if they are just paper candidates that will cause some problems for the bad guys.

  20. paulie

    How, excatly, has this harmed small parties elsewhere and what steps are they taking?

    It is going to spread to other states. Steps: we’ll be mobilizing more and sooner everywhere that it is introduced in the legislature or put on the ballot to oppose it, and there will be lawsuits aplenty.

  21. Don Lake: California / Texas and Maine

    Brian Holtz // Jun 9, 2010:
    “Anyone who doesn’t understand the Libertarian position on foreign aid should read plank 3.3 of our Platform ………”

    may be such as Bruce Cohen, and W. A. R.

    Mister Seebeck, if I can take time to leave a ‘paper trail’ of complaints with the Democans and the Republicrats, should not I do the same for non Dems and non GOP!

    And what is YOUR take on the USS Liberty murders, on Dem kiddie porn king Wade Sanders, on GOP Viet Nam air ace ‘Puke’ Cunningham ??????????

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