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Cindy Sheehan Says Stop Voting for Either Wing of the War Party, Calls for Impeaching Obama

Via On The Wilder Side:Requiem for the Antiwar Movement by Cindy Sheehan

During the campaign, many colleagues and friends of mine, assured me that Obama was just saying this hostile crap to “get elected” and once he was elected that he would “do the right thing.” Well, first of all, why support such a pandering Jackwagon, and secondly, how has that ever worked? Three days after Obama swore to uphold and defend the Constitution, he drone-bombed a “target” in Pakistan killing 3 dozen civilians—and since that day he has elevated the art of drone bombings to new heights, while the so-called antiwar movement looks on in silent complacency and while Democratic operatives disguised as antiwar groups are hoping against hope that Obama comes out strong with a new antiwar marketing campaign to assure his “re-election.” Even though not one progressive issue has been propagated during his term, these war supporters are looking forward to another four years of the dance of death. Right foot kill—left foot torture—spin around for environmental devastation—allemande left for health care fascism—and shimmy right for bankster bailouts. Wasn’t eight years of this crap during the Bush stain enough for y’all?

Many antiwar groups and people who claim they are for peace lose their minds during election season thinking that the razor-thin difference between the Democrat and Republican is enough to go ape-shit crazy in working for the Democrat. Just take the last two Democratic candidates, for example. Kerry and Obama both supported more war. An “antiwar” movement de-legitimizes itself when it works hard for a candidate who does not promise total and rapid withdrawal of troops from wherever they happen to be at the time AND does not promise to end war as an imperial tool of corporate conquest.

The majority of the so-called antiwar movement, in fact, voted for a candidate that PROMISED to contract one war only to be able to profoundly EXPAND another. Obama all along said that he is not against all war, just “dumb wars.” If there existed an antiwar movement that had integrity—it would have said that “all wars are dumb,” and we withhold our support for just another dyed-in-the-wool warmonger.

Cindy Sheehan at Dandelion Salad
(H/T On The Wilder Side):

Recently, I received an email from Veterans for Peace (VFP) Chapter 136 in Central Florida asking me for an endorsement of its resolution to impeach Barack Obama.

First of all, I would like to commend the Central Florida chapter for its integrity and vision for peace that this resolution exhibits. In my own experience, it’s not even popular to criticize the Dalai Bama, let alone call for his removal from office. Kudos!

Secondly, even though Chapter 136 uses the EXACT SAME references and charges that National VFP used for its resolution to impeach Bush and Cheney, I have little hope that National VFP will pass a similar resolution at its national convention. It’s unfortunate that standards are rarely applied equally across the board. I “hope” I am wrong.

In 2005, National VFP called for impeaching the Bush criminals even before it was en vogue to be against the regime. I remember being severely and thoroughly attacked by the left, right and in between for riding to Crawford in a bus driven by VFP members that had “IMPEACH BUSH” written across the sides in huge letters. On November 5th, 2004, I was myself in the avant-garde of calling for Bush’s impeachment just a day after his “re-election” to a second term.

In 2007, I announced my electoral challenge to Speaker of the House, Nancy “Impeachment off the Table” Pelosi because I felt so strongly in this Constitutional remedy to a criminal executive. Did I believe I would win? Just about as much as I believe that Nancy will impeach someone from her own party if she wouldn’t impeach a scoundrel like Bush.

But like VFP’s resolution says:

“We want to emphasize that our chapter’s call for the Impeachment of President Obama for war crimes is not based on whether or not Impeachment is likely to occur, but rather our call for Impeachment is based on what we as Veterans For Peace feel is our duty in the case where war crimes are being committed under the command and authority of any United States President.”

This is the text of the resolution:


Whereas Barack H. Obama is Commander In Chief of the U.S. Armed Forces and the head of the Executive Branch of the U.S. government; and,

Whereas the illegal U.S. invasion, bombing and occupation of Iraq initiated by the Bush administration continues under the Obama administration; and,

Whereas the U.S. government is currently engaged in illegal wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan and Obama has pledged to increase the number of military personnel and the amount of tax dollars spent on the wars in Afghanistan and Pakistan; and,

Whereas the U.S. military has used and continues to use depleted uranium munitions, cluster bombs and white phosphorous in densely populated areas in violation of U.S. and international laws and treaties prohibiting the indiscriminate killing of civilians; and,

Whereas the Geneva Conventions specifically prohibit the use of especially injurious weapons and materials that cause unnecessary harm by remaining active and deadly after a battle and over large areas of land; and,

Whereas a large number of babies born in Iraq and Afghanistan suffer from illness and deformity like Down’s syndrome, weak hearts, severe disfigurement and brain damage that doctors believe are caused by the U.S. military’s massive and widespread use of toxic and radioactive materials; and,

Whereas millions upon millions of Iraqi, Afghani and Pakistani civilians have been killed, maimed, poisoned and displaced from their homes as a direct result of the U.S.’s ongoing, illegal acts of war; and,

Whereas illegal, immoral and counterproductive detainee torture and brutalization at the hands of the U.S. military’s Immediate Reaction Force continue at Guantanamo under the Obama administration; and,

Whereas Obama is an accessory after the fact for obstructing justice by not initiating an investigation into numerous and blatant U.S. war crimes committed by the Bush administration for which it is manifestly accountable under the rule of law; and,

Whereas Veterans For Peace supported the impeachment of Bush/Cheney for the same war crimes that are now being committed by Obama in violation of the U.S. Constitution, U.S. federal laws, the United Nations Charter, the Hague Convention, the Geneva Conventions, The United Nations Convention Against Torture and the Nuremberg Tribunal Charter; and,

Whereas Veterans For Peace is committed to its stated mission to restrain our government from intervening, overtly or covertly, in the internal affairs of other nations, to seek justice for veterans and victims of war, to increase public awareness of the costs of war, and to abolish war as an instrument of national policy; and, therefore be it

Resolved that Veterans For Peace calls on the U.S. House of Representatives to immediately begin impeachment proceedings against Barack H. Obama for failure to uphold his sworn oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America from all enemies foreign and domestic, and for his commission of war crimes, crimes against humanity, obstruction of justice and the violation of numerous national and international laws, treaties and conventions.

Note: This resolution to call for the Impeachment of President Barack H. Obama for War Crimes was debated, voted on, and approved by the members of the Central Florida chapter of Veterans For Peace on 7 July 2009.

I endorsed this call, as did my organization, Peace of the Action.

If you would like to individually endorse, or as a group:

Endorsed by:


On this ______ day of ____________________, 2010

Please return mail or fax to:
Central Florida Veterans For Peace
P.O. Box 9012
Daytona Beach, FL 32120-9012

Phone/Fax: (386) 788-2918


Tony Blair: A Bright Shining Lie (Part 2) by Felicity Arbuthnot

Triangulation or Strangulation? Does Obama + Clintonistas = Bush III? by Robert S. Becker

President Obama’s Most Inexplicable Failure by Melvin A. Goodman

Government Persecutors Read my Blog! by Cindy Sheehan

The Casey Sheehan “End to War” Bill by Cindy Sheehan at Dandelion Salad, H/T On The Wilder Side:

My son, Casey, joined the military in 2000, shortly before his 21st birthday, to help pay for college. He had already completed everything he could take at the local JC and was eager to move on—but he had a fulltime job, and even though we (his dad and I) helped out as much as we could, Casey also had three younger siblings and our family was firmly ensconced in the working-class.

Well, 16 months after he enlisted was September 11, 2001—and no matter what really happened that day—I had a horrible sense of foreboding that it would lead to my son’s early death—and no matter how much I prayed, or cajoled him not to go, or worried—my worst fears were realized and Casey was killed just hours after arriving in Iraq on April 04, 2004.

There is no forced military conscription in the US today, but many will tell you that since forced conscription ended in 1973, there has been a “poverty draft.” The poverty draft has only become more successful as the economy is tanking and our young people are finding less and less opportunity for work, or, as in Casey’s case, to be able to afford college.

I have been finding it extremely difficult to find recruitment stats—I went to the DoD (Department of Defense) website and, although, the site claims the stats are published every month around the 10th, there are no such stats available for June or July. I did see many “The DoD identifies Army (Marine) Casualties—five just for today.

I found a story that was published in the Boston Globe from March of 2009 that states beginning in October of 2008, the military was exceeding their recruitment goals each month, mainly due to two factors: the economy and confidence in Obama’s lies about Iraq.

So the beat goes on just like it always has: Poor people dying in rich men’s wars—but now instead of being drafted, our kids are willingly joining to kill or be killed for a paycheck.

I am not going to elaborate on the mountains of evidence that the longest war (The Global War OF Terror) in US history is about profit, opening new markets for the globalists, controlling precious natural resources, etc—we have been over and over this. It was no coincidence that recently it was discovered that Afghanistan is chock-full of precious minerals—or that the only countries that are seriously threatened by the US War Machine are likewise endowed: Iran, Venezuela. Certain people and corporations are making a crap-load of money—as is the custom.

I am going to propose a piece of legislation that I would love to see introduced by a courageous member of Congress—not that I really believe it would happen, but this is my dream bill that I call: The Casey Sheehan “End to War” Bill:

Immediately upon the president signing this bill into law, forced military conscription will begin.

The bill will have NO EXEMPTIONS to those who are eligible to the draft and the age limit is 18 to no upper limit. This bill seeks to draft those eligible from both genders and all gender and sexual preferences.

There will be very limited health exemptions as most people can perform a skill that is valuable to the military. As University is now open to all ages and attended by old and young alike, there will be no education exemptions. The draftees can resume or attend college when their stint in the armed forces is up. There will be no GI education benefits extended to the draftees, as they will be members of the wealthy of the US.

Citizens will be drafted in this order in the event of a Constitutionally declared war, or un-constitutionally started war, or any of these euphemisms (but not limited to) for war: police action, entanglement, theater, hostilities, occupation, special operations, interventions, cluster-fu@k, pacifications, war on drugs, peace-keeping, fighting for “freedom and democracy,” etc:

The President and his/her Cabinet and their age appropriate dependents, including spouses. No exemptions as outlined above.

Senators and Congress Members and their age appropriate dependents, including spouses. No exemptions as outlined above.

CEO’s of the Federal Reserve and Banks and their age appropriate dependents, including spouses. No exemptions as outlined above.

CEO’s of any company (including the media) that profit directly or indirectly from war and their age appropriate dependents, including spouses. No exemptions as outlined above.

Anyone who by word or deed supports the entry into war, or any of the euphemisms associated with war, and their age appropriate dependents. This includes media pundits, male or female and their age appropriate dependents, including spouses. No exemptions as outlined above.

Any citizen of the United States of America who does not fall into one of the above categories is categorically ineligible for this forced conscription draft.

This bill will also provide college tuition grants to anyone who does not fall into one of the above categories and who wishes to go to college—without having to join the military.

You may wonder who will “run” the country during time of war, but I can guarantee you if this bill miraculously was signed into law, war would immediately cease to exist. In a legitimate case of self-defense, every citizen of this country who is age-appropriate should enlist—but when was the last time this nation was in a war that wasn’t about protecting its citizens, but protecting or stealing wealth?

Anyone know a legislator who will introduce the Casey Sheehan “End to War” Bill? Seriously, if a president feels so strongly about his wars of choice, then he and his closest allies and families should be fighting them. Also, if Congress feels strongly enough to fund these wars, then they and their closest allies and friends should also fight them.

No more of OUR blood for THEIR profit. Even in the “off” chance that this bill does not get signed into Federal law, we should do everything we can as parents, educators, community leaders and peace advocates to keep our young people from dying for the people who are mandatory draftees under The Casey Sheehan “End to War” Bill.


Impeach Obama? by Cindy Sheehan

Howard Zinn’s “Three Holy Wars”

A People’s History of American Empire by Howard Zinn

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  1. I hope INDEPENDENT Political Report gets a royalty off of the book length initial (‘instant case’ ) posting! I read the whole thing and I could not find much that I disagreed with.

    [and I am surely not a big fan of Ms Sheehan and her lack of ability to much right! Opeach Obama? I’m on Onboard!]

  2. Michael Cavlan RN Michael Cavlan RN July 21, 2010

    This is why I have proudly accepted Cindy Sheehan’s endorsement in my run for Congress

    Michael Cavlan RN
    Candidate for Congress
    Minnesota 5th District
    Independent Progressive

  3. Jill Pyeatt Jill Pyeatt July 21, 2010

    I know the Right really hates Cindy, but she does a lot of things correctly. She tried to replace Nancy Pelosi, and she’s absolutely right that we need to the wars. Heck, impeaching Obama sounds good to me. I keep her as a Facebook friend, and try to keep the idea of Liberty alive in her threads. I admit, though, that many of her readers are socialist and believe in that “Social Justice” crap.

  4. paulie paulie July 21, 2010

    Heck, impeaching Obama sounds good to me.

    Me too.

    I’d want the LP to call for that too, but with one caveat: I won’t support it unless we also call for war crimes trial for the Bush gang.

    Since we called for impeaching Clinton, but (to our everlasting shame) failed to call for impeaching Bush, that would be an integral part of any call for impeaching Obama – otherwise we come off as one-sided, in which case we don’t have a good case for why we are a separate party.

    I keep her as a Facebook friend

    Me too.

  5. Jill Pyeatt Jill Pyeatt July 21, 2010

    I will NEVER stop my quest to have the Bush administration punished, if not punished then EXPOSED for the war criminals they are.

  6. Michael Cavlan RN // Jul 21, 2010:
    “I have proudly accepted Cindy Sheehan’s endorsement in my run for Congress …..”

    Hopefully that includes the Citizens for A Better Veterans Home and Don Lake and Tish Firmiss ……….

    Jill, Jill, Jill: ya believe in competence? Some one may try with all their hearts and all their might to be a four minute miler or run a two minute 800 meters!

    Cindy does a few things right, but she a general incompetent! Room temperature IQ, Fear of Success, Lack of Imagination, Lack of Organization —— I do not know!

    What I do know, and what I have told you on a number of ocassions, is that Cindy Sheenan, and a number of other alternative politicians, including Henry Ross Perot and Ralph Nader, could mess up a two vehicle parade!

  7. Catholic Trotskyist Catholic Trotskyist July 21, 2010

    Wrong Kavlan, your nemesis Catholic Trotskyist has returned. Cindy Sheehan may pretend not to be loyal to the Catholic Trotskyist Obama revolution, but this is only a strategic effort in Obama’s grand plan to end the conspiracy of Ralph Criminal Nader and his three chief minnions; Michael Kavlan, Wayne Allyn Root and Mark Seidenberg, who have caused the oil spill, the financial crisis, the sports steroid scandal, and many other abominations. Thanks for all your great work Cindy.

  8. Erik G. Erik G. July 21, 2010


    You are neither the first, nor the last, to call for a ‘progressive-libertarian alliance.’

    Moreover, as many have stated before, few are opposed to such an idea generally… their objections remain with the specifics of your proposal.

    Please, stop pretending as if this is your unique idea.

  9. Green Party Conservative Green Party Conservative July 21, 2010


    Cindy needs to be on the ballot for congress, or local office as Green Party candidate to give voters someone to vote for…

  10. paulie paulie July 21, 2010

    Cindy needs to be on the ballot for congress, or local office as Green Party candidate to give voters someone to vote for…

    She’s well aware of the Green Party. Thus, I imagine she has thought about it and rejected the idea.

  11. clay clay July 21, 2010

    cindy sheehan ran for congress in 2008, as an independent.

  12. clay // Jul 21, 2010:
    “sheehan ran for congress in 2008, as an independent………”

    and made every mistake in the book and invented a couple of new ones ………..

  13. Robert Milnes Robert Milnes July 21, 2010

    Eric G @12, well, get on with it then! I don’t give a rat’s ass who thought of it first or whatever. Just let’s get on with it. We’re wasting time for 2010 which if successful could set up 2012. I’m sick of the reactionaries running everything. Let’s vote them out ALREADY!
    Let’s agree on fusion ticket & VOTE THEM IN!
    Gravel/Ruwart, Milnes/Ruwart, Cavlan/Ruwart, Johnson/Ruwart, McKinney/Ventura, Swift/Boat, Kick/Ass.

  14. Catholic Trotskyist Catholic Trotskyist July 21, 2010

    Milnes is right. But the Constitution Party should join Plas also.

  15. Oops ..... Lake Oops ..... Lake July 22, 2010

    Catholic Trotskyist // Jul 21, 2010:
    ” ……. the Constitution Party should join Plas also ……..”

    the eroding / imploding Constitution Party; the ‘We are Number Three’ CP; that Constitution Party?

  16. Thomas L. Knapp Thomas L. Knapp July 22, 2010

    Quoth Robert Milnes:


    Sheehan? Maybe.

    Knapp? Thanks, but no thanks. I have no intention of ever running for political office again.

    Best regards,
    Tom Knapp

  17. Nate Nate July 22, 2010


    while I completely understand your lack of enthusiasm for running for political office, I am somewhat disappointed. You are one of very few people I would vote for without any qualms.

  18. Thomas L. Knapp Thomas L. Knapp July 22, 2010


    Thanks! I appreciate that — more than you know — and note that I wrote “I have no intention of ever running …” not “I will never run …”

    That’s not because I harbor some secret plan, but just because I know better than to ever say never.

    Right now I consider myself both “burnt out on” and “past” electoral politics. The “burnt out” is certainly real. I won’t know if the “past” is real, or just a side effect of the “burnt out” until the “burn out” has had time to dissipate.

    Also, I’m not presidential material, and people who aren’t presidential material aren’t vice-presidential material either.


  19. Robert Milnes Robert Milnes July 22, 2010

    Tom knows he doesn’t have to bother to run for office because after the election I will appoint him…
    Ha! Ha!

  20. Robert Milnes Robert Milnes July 22, 2010

    I didn’t mention the above candidates cavalierly. Well…except maybe vp Boat & the Kick/Ass ticket.

  21. M Btok M Btok August 1, 2010

    The reasons why, we must vote out, Establishment Government Representatives, whether they are Left or Right – Incumbent or Candidate!

    Make sure they do not belong to any of the Global Elitist Organizations: Bilderberg Group, Trilateral Commission, Council on Foreign Relations, Club of Rome, Skull and Bones, Canadian Council of Chief Executives,
    Harvard Elite Players, Goldman Sachs, International Monetary Fund, The United Nations, World Health Organization, World Trade Organization.

    The reason we must vote out Establishment Government Representatives whether they are Left or Right, Incumbent or Candidate is explained on this 2 minute News Clip below:

    TWO Party Paradyne System News clip:

    Re: Americans’ who wish to stop the thieving and robbing, of your income and resources in your country, by the Globalist Banksters need to, “End the Fed”!

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