Connecticut Green Party announces candidate for state house

Dave Schwab at Green Party Watch:

The Green Party of Connecticut announced today that Don Alexander is running for State Representative, House District 64 (Torrington, Sharon, Cornwall, Goshen, and Salisbury) this fall.

A resident of Torrington, Alexander is a quality assurance engineer at a state company. He is married, with three children. He is veteran of the Navy. This is his first time to ever run for office.

Alexander said he is running a positive, issue based campaign with no mudslinging. His campaign will address many issues but focus on:

1. Creating new “Green” jobs with tax incentives for new employees and start up costs for local companies

2. Building a world class state single payer care health care system to model for the nation

3. Restoring education funding and education jobs with free college tuition for all state students at local community colleges.

State Green Party officials welcomed the announcement of Alexander’s campaign. Tim McKee, a spokesperson for the Green Party said “Don Alexander is well thought out, a family man and someone we think will bring energy and fresh ideas to the race. This is the first time we have had a Green Party candidate for the State House in that part of the state and we look forward to expanding Green Party views and votes there.”

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  1. Green Party Conservative

    Tom Clements Green Party U.S. Senate platform…

    His platform is to push for Congress to do more to provide universal health care coverage, to reduce a “bloated” military budget, and to have the federal government act in a more fiscally conservative manner.

    As a Green Party candidate, environmental concerns also are at the root of his campaign. He said sustainability and environmental protection should be the foundation of all government policies and spending.

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