David Nolan at Libertarian Party blog: Tea Party Fave Sharron Angle Looks Increasingly Loopy

David Nolan at Libertarian Party blog:

When ultra-right Republican Sharron Angle won the GOP primary in Nevada on June 8, a number of Tea Party types were crowing about it, and heralding her victory as a harbinger of things to come. Even some libertarians, who should know better, were proclaiming Angle’s victory as “proof” that liberty lovers should work within the GOP to achieve Freedom in Our Time, or at least nudge us in that direction.

Now, seven weeks later, the smirks are turning into gasps. Angle has proved an incredibly inept campaigner – running away from reporters at her own press conferences, and taking stands that prove her to be far from a consistent friend of liberty.

Angle is good on most economic issues; I’ll give her that. She wants to cut Federal spending, permanently repeal the estate tax, and so on.  But she’s an ultra-hawk in the War on Drugs, saying that she’d like to outlaw alcohol along with the currently illegal drugs like marijuana.  She vehemently opposes a woman’s right to choose whether to continue her pregnancy – even saying that a 13-year-old raped by her father should be denied an abortion because maybe the pregnancy was “God’s plan.”  And predictably, she’s 100% behind our staying enmired in foreign wars until the end of time.

Sharron Angle’s candidacy is a perfect illustration of how the Tea Party movement has in many states devolved from a genuine grassroots liberty movement into a launching pad for right-wing loonies. 16 months ago, there appeared to be a real opportunity to unite everyone who opposes out-of-control government, by avoiding divisive social issues and focusing on taxes and spending. Now, that hope is all but gone. By abandoning a consistent, if limited, advocacy of liberty, the Tea Partiers, at least in Nevada, have blown it, big-time.

So much for the “work within the Republican party” strategy.

16 thoughts on “David Nolan at Libertarian Party blog: Tea Party Fave Sharron Angle Looks Increasingly Loopy

  1. Red Phillips

    Libertarians like Mr. Nolan, who belong to third parties and hold opinions that are in the single digits in popular support (I’m not saying they are wrong. Just making a point.), do themselves no favor when they call someone who belongs to a major party and hold opinions that generally have greater popular support “loony” or “loopy.” Doesn’t he realize that this is the sort of language mainstreamers use to marginalize him? Why play that game? Just make principled rational arguments and leave the childish name calling and attempts to marginalize to the centrists. Mr. Nolan should know better.

  2. paulie Post author

    Red, any interest in writing news articles for IPR? We no longer have a CP writer since Cody Quirk left.

  3. Correction on something

    I love how the liberal media says she running from the news. How about, she was late for an appointment. How about her being away from the liberal news who switches things around and these news people are working for Harry Reid to make Sharron look even worse. Why don’t you really try investigating further and find out what the real truth is. HUH. Of course a lot of lazy people will just run with whatever is put out there and believe it. Duh. If I knew the liberal media was not in my best interest and switch things around to benefit Harry Reid I would avoid them to.

    However on the stance of her being pro-life and a couple other things, I don’t agree with. But still HARRY REID HAS TO GOOOOOO. Sharron is not going to change everything she believe in anyways. She has most of it right and I for one have let someone know that as well. I mentioned she can push the lower taxes, minimal government, etc. But Sharron is going to have to let people decide in their own private life on the abortion issues, as far as the war. That is not something that is a simple thing. I think we need a stronger stance here in the USA and for the people fighting a war that a lot of our vets don’t agree with and the Obamanation sending out tax dollars to help a radical nation is crazy.

    In the meantime, Obamanation wants to enslave us big time with expired taxes at the end of the year. A new bill to force enslavement from what I understand from 18 thru 42 to enlist in the military or Homeland security. How true this is I don’t know, but knowing Obama I wouldn’t be surprised.

    I would have preferred Danny Tark to have been in front instead of Angle but, this is what we got. NOOOOO LIBERTARIANS. SOOOOOO. GET RID OF REID. HE IS A HORRIBLE FOR NEVADA.

  4. Good luck ----- You'll need it ........ Lake

    paulie // Jul 27, 2010:
    “…….. any interest in writing news articles for IPR? We no longer have a CP writer since Cody Quirk left …..”

    [a] Stir the pot on his way to Corcoran and or Leavenworth, Doctor Donald J. Grundmann?

    [b] Markham Robinson on ‘Right-wing minor parties’?

    [c] ‘Hitting all bases’ Phil Sawyer of Sacramento [California], CP/ California American Independent Party member in 2004?

    [d] Saint Richard Winger, and we are honored to type the dude, valiantly giving the bird to the Hawk of the Establishment Duopoly, each and every morning!

  5. paulie Post author


    Mr. Winger has been asked to write or cross-post at IPR, and has declined. However, he’s granted us permission to repost his articles.

    Mr. Sawyer is welcome to contact us if he has any interest. I don’t have his contact information. As he’s a self-described Communist, I wouldn’t expect he would add Constitution Party balance.

  6. Eric Dondero

    As usual Davie Nolan has his head up his ass.

    The exact opposite of what he says here is true. We Libertarian Republicans were at first skeptical of Sharron Angle. If Davie had been reading LibertarianRepublican.net or listening to “Libertarian Politics Live” he’d know that our initial reaction to her win was caution and skepticism.

    Most of that was based on her mis-statement a few years ago about Beer. It really did sound like she was leaning in favor of prohibition. Then out of the blue, John Gizzi’s interview with her appeared, in which she quickly and forcefully shot that down.

    After that, we Libertarian Republicans came on board her campaign. She appeared on our show “Libertarian Politics Live” a week later. And she aswered every question perfectly libertarian.

    The three of us, Jim Lagneses, Andre Traversa and myself, then endorsed her candidacy. We’ve been reporting favorable on her ever since.

    Now, I ask you how many nationally recognized media celebrities like Sharron Angle, a nominee for a major party for the United States Senate, would take 30 minutes out of their busy schedule to appear on a tiny blog talk radio show called “Libertarian Politics Live”?

    That says a lot for her.

    Nolan should get his facts straight before he starts mouthing off.

    Oh, and btw, it was on OUR SHOW, where Sharron first announced her intention to form a “Liberty Caucus,” in the US Senate if elected.

    Eric Dondero, Publisher

  7. Eric Dondero

    How ironic, the entire liberal media is bashing Sharron Angle as a “rightwing LIBERTARIAN looney tune,” yet Davie Nolan attacks her for being not “libertarian enough.”

    Shows how truly insignificant Nolan is, and how out of touch he is, with real world politics.

  8. Robert Capozzi

    ed, that doesn’t seem esp. ironic to me. The liberal media is hardly an authority on how to categorize Ls. There are extremist Ls, Rs and Ds, conservatives and liberals.

    If Nolan doesn’t support Angle because he doesn’t agree with her on enough issues, that’s his business, yes?

    I take it you don’t agree with Ron Paul on enough (important) issues for you to support him, either, to the point that you felt moved to attack him.

    What’s the problem?

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  10. Gabriel Givens

    FREE THE RICH!!!!!!!
    FREE THE RICH!!!!!!!
    FREE THE RICH!!!!!!!

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