Reform Party USA Prepared to Sue Kristin Davis Over Party Name

Dr. Tom Stevens, a libertarian activist in New York, reports that the Reform Party USA chairman, David Collison, is threatening to sue Kristen Davis over her planned use of the Reform Party ballot line in New York.

Liberty Lion has obtained a copy of a private letter dated June 29, 2010 sent to Kristin Davis from David Collison in which he demands she change the name of her proposed party or face a lawsuit in federal court. The text of that letter is as follows:

I was forwarded a press release stating that you were seeking to run for Governor in New York as a Reform Party candidate.

Please be advised that, like the Libertarians, the Reform Party is a National Party Organization with a presence across the country. While we do not have a ballot line in New York at this time, we do have an existing organization there, with existing leadership, and a formal process for both joining that organization and seeking to use the Reform Party name for seeking elected office.

Likewise, we have several court rulings, including a recent summary judgment in NY Federal Court, clearly showing that we have the rights to use and control the use of the Reform Party name nationally. We have National Party Committee status. We have a functioning Reform Party organization in New York.

The purpose of this communication is to ask you to immediately change the name under which you are seeking to run for Governor. We have an established process for joining a Reform Party organization, and for seeking to run for office under the Reform Party service mark, and you have not followed that process. I understand that there is still sufficient time to change your ballot line title before you begin the petitioning process. I believe that doing so will save both the Reform Party and your campaign significant legal issues.

Thank you for your consideration

David Collison
Chairman, Reform Party National Committee 2008-2012

Kristen Davis is a gubernatorial candidate in New York who briefly sought the nomination of the Libertarian Party of New York. She is also the former madame who contributed to the downfall of former Governor Elliot Spitzer.

35 thoughts on “Reform Party USA Prepared to Sue Kristin Davis Over Party Name

  1. Dr. Tom Stevens

    Not too late. She starts circulating petitions July 6th. She can change the name to any other name she desires to avoid a potential lawsuit.

  2. Open Comment from California ..... Lake

    Jimmy Clifton: and then there is the ‘American Reform Party” *

    I know that the California Reform Party uses direct physical violence, (and against the elderly and the disabled); threats of violence, intimatiation, threats of law suits,, and out and out subtrefuge to corral their dwindling member ship!

    *personal experience* my co-founder of an anti establish veterans organizations has done tons of unethical things behind my back and on my PC in the last two years. Straight unethical bull shit!

    * a truly independent political group which predates the Rfm USA but not Perot 1992, this Jesse Ventura / Ralph Nader organization is de evolved into nothing more than a GOP rubber stamp!

  3. Jake

    Hey guys,

    Not really exciting news. Davis will petition under a different label. This is coming from one of her campaign staffers.

  4. Richard Cooper

    The Reform Party would have some difficulty in NY as they never qualified a candidate statewide under that name. As the Reform Party neither qualified a candidate statewide nor attained “official party” status, there would be no presumption that their organization has a right to the name.

    Based on my discussions years ago with the NY Board of Elections legal counsel and public informaton officer: I could form a Libertarian Club of __ County, but I cannot form a Libertarian Party of ___ County.

    Whether there is an infringement of copyright or trademark by use of the Reform Party name are interesting questions, but not ones that NY courts would decide.

  5. Richard Winger

    Kristin Davis has already agreed not to use the Reform Party name. I hadn’t blogged this yet because I was waiting to hear what label she will use.

    She is just being courteous. The proposed lawsuit would have lost. Richard Cooper is right. The Reform Party never used its own name in New York state. Perot was on in 1996 as the Independence Party nominee.

  6. Robert Milnes

    I was going to write that all you losers are just wasting time while the November air battle election is going to have all your candidates-third party & Independents-get shot down & crash & burn.
    But I thought that in order to portray the analogy more accurately it is a little more complicated than that.
    Most third party airplanes never even get off the ground. Most of the rest only 1 or a few (ballots/states). & have very poor design & maintenance, fuel, etc.
    But a few-enough to take off & beat the dem & rep squadrons, are getting ready. THe BEST-by far, is the LP presidential. But it is being prepared for an inept pilot & copilot.
    Oh well. What a mess.

  7. Robert Milnes

    9 & 10, your best assets. Ballot access & strategy.
    Without ballot access, you have very few if any planes in the air.
    Without a winning strategy, those planes are doomed.
    I admit I am not very good at ballot access.
    But I am very good at strategy.
    Too bad you losers don’t get it.

  8. Green Party Conservative

    Thanks for this interesting post.

    Appreciate Richard Winger’s expert addition, as always.

    If you haven’t dropped by Kristen Davis web site, it’s worth the surf.

    The Fox News Red Eye video is…ahem…filled with Penthouse pets. Kristen Davis held a fundraiser. The winners’ would get a date with a Penthouse Pet. Her goal: to raise $2 million bucks. The young women are what you’d expect – ….

    This would be quite a Green Party alliance, Kristen Davis and the Green Party…if it were put together…

    Enjoyed the read. Great work IPR.

  9. Thomas Renfro

    Well, Looks like the same thing happening with the AIP and their governor candiate Chelene Nightigale. AIP just informed her she cannot use the AIP label on the November ballot. What was the problem they had with Nightingale? Was it her bankruptcy thing I see posted all over? Is it illegal to run for an office if you file for bankruptcy?

  10. Trent

    Thomas Renfro shares an IP with another poster who has posted under 14-15 other aliases. Just keep that in mind.

  11. Donald of San Diego County, [Lake]

    Tom Renfro: Nightmare Nightingale was CONVICTED of FRAUD involving that bank ruptcy! The official AIP is duty bound, honor bound to run convicted criminals for office under their banner ????????? Not!

    Illegal, illl – schegal, that would be a project for the civil authorities —- would it not ?????????

    As was her violating official filing rules on her early campaign ——- where she was ‘red flagged’ OUT SIDE of the partisan mechanism!

    Where she and her staff had to start all over again —- and again a hint at lack of ethics and presence of ‘problems’!

    Gone now (I guess), being endorsed by alternative political celebrities! Whom have been dead for years!

    Fired (Davi now allows me to use this word in general commentary) from ‘Save Our State’ —– not that you would know it from the original posting at INDEPENDENT Political Report!

    I personally, as the comments topped the 400 mark, BEGGED the powers that be (“paulie” or the artist formerly known as……..; Israel First American Zionist Bruce Cohen, a LPCa type whom does not believe in open borders; and Trend Hill, of LA not LA / Lost Angeles)

    to merely update, truthfully, professionally, non partisanly, the status on her employment (and lack of there of) with SOS! This is instead of potential voters being MISLEAD by IPR!

    I merely UNSUCCESSFULLY, asked for inserting the word or comment FORMER in the opening hit ——– rather than have serious voters wade through almost 500 comments on the comment!

    [Personal note, since the bad ole corrupt sleazy duplicitous Third Party Watch daze, I have begged and begged that bible beaters, udder conservative (slightly right of attilia the hun), and LDS intruders be watched and not allowed to post under no bi line, thus indicating that the opinion, like the one and only California Proposition 14 editorial, is an IPR official voice!

    Check for your self, are the current bits bi lined, or does the bovine escrecia go on and on ???????? [Hey the truth is the truth!]

    Chelene Ward Nightingale, number of children —- she gives different answers at different times! SAG card ?????????? Where’s her credits ?????????? [More ‘lack of ethics’ and ‘presence of problems’!]

    On and on, and just the tip of the ice berg!

    I can either bore the folks whom have read it B4 or you can call [any time] or email me directly.

    [and remember, honcho Trent Hill claims to be a journalist and or a graduate of a Journalism program!]

  12. Donald of San Diego County, [Lake]

    Trent // Jul 3, 2010:
    “Renfro shares an IP with another poster who has posted under 14-15 other aliases……”

    Thank you, he / she / it sounded kinda like the #*$&%# Democrats who (politely, but insistently) called asking questions about a non Dem candidate during P2004! They were polite tho, to a caller!

    Trent, I see no bi line on this post. This is not ‘rocket surgery’ —– Lake, former rocket scientist, whose career was ended when he proposed to point the ICBMs down ward for a shorter flight path *humor, or an attempt there of *

  13. Donald of San Diego County, [Lake]

    Thomas L. Knapp // Jul 2, 2010:
    “…….. [Nightmare Nightingale] she’ll make them take her to court and then beat their asses …..”

    [a] surf report, terminally embarrassed, sneaking out the back door with sun glasses and under a coat or jacket

    [b] thx for your ‘speak up’ on IPR’s neglegence in this sordid affair, *oops, your cowardly silence has just been spotted!*

    [c] Like Gruntman, I predict (like incarcerated felons Puke Cunningham and Kiddie Porn King Wade Sanders of John Gerdenie’s office) official law enforcement intervention!

    [d] watch word of the day: “countersuit”

    [e] you have occasional brilliance

    [f] this is not it!

  14. Robert Milnes

    In November remember the words of Farfel:
    Nestles makes the VERRY best.
    Greens & Libertarians make the VERRY best,

  15. Dr. Tom Stevens

    I do agree that the proposed lawsuit by the Reform Party against Kristin Davis would have lost but I believe that not because the Reform Party never qualified a candidate for statewide office but because I believe that if an Independent Nominating Petition is filed and a party name is mentioned on it, I believe that candidate has a right to it so long as that party name is not a minor or major party in New York State. I do not believe that a lawsuit based on common-law trademark would succeed – but who knows, it might.

  16. Trent Hill

    “Trent, I see no bi line on this post. ”

    As I’ve pointed out to you almost 20 times now, bylines only appear on the frontpage. Once one clicks on the article, the byline disappears. Every single post has a byline, without exception.

  17. _

    Well, I don’t need to post on this blog there are 1000’s of other sites that agree with me and the failings of the hate mongers with the AIP so I will be posting on friendly and non censuring blogs adios assholes!

  18. Dr. Tom Stevens

    Kristin Davis has chosen her new name and it is a good one!

    Anti-Prohibition Party

  19. Dr. Tom Stevens

    Carl Paladino has chosen the name of his independent line and it is not the best –


  20. Hey, 'No, not true', [Lake]

    [Lake: “Trent, I see no bi line on this post. ”]

    Trent Hill // Jul 5, 2010 at 5:16 pm
    “As I’ve pointed out to you almost 20 times now, bylines only appear on the front page. Once one clicks on the article, the byline disappears. Every single post has a byline, without exception.”

    [Lake: No, not true, as you have to occasionally called Cody on it ………..]

  21. Mik Robertson

    @18 Looser than what?

    @ I suppose the Prohibition Party really can’t complain about that name.

  22. Mik Robertson

    How many people are likely to end up on the ballot for NY Governor?

  23. Hey, 'Thank you CP Mole Gary Odom', [Lake]


    Per Thomas L. Knapp // Jun 10, 2010:

    Is this a quotation of an editorial from somewhere, or is it an IPR editorial?

    Per …….. Don Lake // Jun 10, 2010 at 3:24 am

    Watch out, I get jumped upon when I voice similar concerns!

    Per Trent Hill // Jun 10, 2010:

    NOT an IPR editorial. Cody, please “block quote” the article and LINK to Californiality. Before the article, please provide some background on Nightingale.

  24. Robert Capozzi


    Davis is starting to come across like the Britney Spears or Lindsey Lohan of politics, without the success…floating names to rebrand herself on a near-weekly basis.

    Negative names tend to not resonate with large numbers. Of course, the Davis campaign has been perplexing as to its motive from the outset.

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