David Duke for President?

David Duke is considering running for President according to this video. Near the end he says he plans to run in the Republican primary or “if necessary, a Third Party.” (Around 11:00 minutes.) What third party he does not say.

36 thoughts on “David Duke for President?

  1. tiradefaction

    I’d imagine the constitution party would be the party closest to his ideals. At least with any significant national ballot access.

  2. MN Indy

    Great, just what we need: a sideshow distraction that will let the left scream and cry about race some more.

  3. Brian

    Let’s be honest, David Duke would fit in pretty well with the Republican Party these days.

  4. Richard Winger

    This is very interesting. Thanks to IPR for finding it. Duke seems to apologize for having been a Klan member in the past. He tries to say that the public forgave Senator Robert C. Byrd for having been a Klan member in the past, so he should be forgiven also. But I don’t think Duke rejects the Klan explicitly (in this video) the way Senator Byrd did.

  5. Thomas L. Knapp

    Based on the Libertarian Party’s current mindset — all that matters is getting the most media, quality/content thereof irrelevant — the LP should jump at the chance to have Duke as its candidate.

  6. Green Party Conservative

    David Duke could apologize. Ask for forgiveness. Reform.

    The more important question in that context: what would he advocate.

    Could he advocate for the Green Party?

    Duke is a media side show – not a serious candidate..

  7. Green Party Fascist

    Could he advocate for the Green Party?

    Can he?! Can a bear shit in the woods??

    I’ll have you know that Hitler was a leading environmentalist and a big animal rights guy.

    There are actually many neo-nazis in the Green Parties all over the world and some of the Southern and Western States of the US.

    For example, recently convicted Bill White of Virginia, a prominent member of the Libertarian National Socialist Green Party (which is about as closely connected to the Green Party as another Virginia-based “green” party which supports fascist Bloomberg).

    David Duke, too, is a well known enthusiast of ecology, eugenics, and social darwinism…all the things of green nature.

    Duke would make a fantastic Green Party Tea Party candidate, along with all the other conservative racist Greens all over the country.

  8. RedPhillips Post author

    I don’t think the Constitution Party would have anything to do with him. Not only would they be squeamish about the racial and Jewish stuff, but like a lot of white nationalists he isn’t really a committed constitutionalist. Notice if you watch the whole video that he wants to wire every house for the internet and use the savings from ending our wars to pay for health care. White nats aren’t necessarily ideologically opposed to big government and many see constitutionalism as limiting.

  9. WTF

    He could do all of humanity a favor and become an hero.

    Piece of baloney on a bread roll, fed to an alligator?

  10. RedPhillips Post author

    Given Duke’s past of bilking his contributors for his own personal gain, it is hard to not be skeptical of this. He is asking for donations to support his website or mail to his David Duke Report. Shouldn’t he set up an exploratory committee if this is about gauging support for a run?

  11. Mike Theodore

    Is anyone else amused by a noted racist supporting the Conservative position that Illegal Immigrants are the biggest threat to America. Also, he wants to stop third world immigration.
    “low wage immigrants! America first!”
    Sounds like the McCain campaign…
    Just got to his social issue positions…oh God.

    Equal rights for all? I laugh.

  12. Timothy Yung

    I support his presidency for a weird reason. If he wins for president it is the best chance for constitutional government because both Democrats and Republicans will oppose his agenda. If he becomes president Congress might re-discover that they are a separate branch of government made for checks and balances instead of just rubber stamping the president. Something that Republicans and Democrats do all the time.

  13. Robert Capozzi

    tk: …all that matters [in our candidates] is getting the most media, quality/content thereof irrelevant …

    me: Irrelevant? Really? To say that after our last prez nominee was the highest quality we’ve had by far, I find it hard to believe you believe this. Barr was actually qualified to be president; was as articulate as the R and D candidates; was up on the issues of the day.

    Or do you mean that you didn’t agree with some/many of his views? I didn’t either, perhaps fewer than you did.

    But the man was quite relevant by L standards.

    Here’s an idea: Maybe the LP could give a standardized test to all its members on our attitudes. Whoever scores the mean L attitude wins the nomination, regardless of his/her resume, communications skills, etc.

  14. Thomas L. Knapp


    So far as I know, every past LP nominee has been “actually qualified to be president” (35 years of age, natural-born American citizen, 14 years a resident within the US).

    I’m not sure what you mean by “highest quality.” The voters considered him the 4th-highest in quality of the LP’s presidential nominee. I think they were somewhat generous in that assessment.

    So far as I can tell, he didn’t excel Ed Clark in quantity of media as measured by total viewers or face time per view, nor IMNSHO did he get within a country mile of Clark in quality.

    As to his views, it’s not a matter of whether or not I agreed with them. It’s a matter of whether or not, as expressed, they honestly and credibly represented the Libertarian Party rather than, say, the States Rights Democratic Party.

    All that said, it wasn’t Barr I had in mind when referring to the LP’s current mindset, it was Root and Co.

  15. Thomas L. Knapp


    Here’s where you tell me that when you referred to “actually qualified,” you meant that Barr was a former US Representative.

    Sorry, no dice — the US hasn’t elected a former member of the US House of Representatives, who has not subsequently held higher office, to the presidency since the late 1800s. It elected a president who had never previously held ANY elected office, on the other hand, as recently as 1952.

  16. Steven wilson

    The 2012 presidential race should be interesting. If Duke runs, and then Nader runs again, we will run Rot, I mean root, after that, all we will need is a circus midget.

    What about ARNOLD? Get the terminator, Sarah palin you betcha leather chaps, and Jesse the body, BINGO.

    Now that is a dollar menu!!!

  17. Robert Capozzi

    tk, yes, there is the literal qualification, which to my knowledge all L candidates have satisfied. Native-born, 35+ and with a pulse is a fairly low bar.

    Then there is the subjective qualification…which involves some evaluation and assessment. Having held high office would be one. Having a 360-degree knowledge base another. Having played on the national stage another. Being articulate is another. A case could have been made that Barr was in the big leagues for a fair amount of time, longer than Obama. McCain was there too long.

    (I consider Ike an exception.) Having been only a Rep was Barr’s weakest qualification vs. Obama and McCain.

    Root is not qualified to be president vs. likely R and D candidates in the future, based on my subjective evaluation and likely evaluations of most voters. He may or may not be our best choice in future cycles, but I still prefer him as a pundit.

    He’s still fairly young, so were he to become, say, the first L congressman and he smooths out some of his rough edges, I’ll reconsider. Of late, I’d say he’s going in a contra-indicated direction.

    Businessman/party leader/pundit/author doesn’t cut it, IMO.

  18. DL

    This is good news! Dr. Duke is the onlyreal conservative (conserving White Americans) in a postion to run for the Republican nomination.

    Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white

  19. JK

    David Duke should be suing the Czech Republic for a grotesque violation of International Law as well as abuse of human rights.

    Nations are free to exclude before entry or to banish from within objectionable foreign persons; but they are not free to let a person in for the sole purpose of making a false arrest so as to throw that person out.

    Duke should be suing and it is ridiculous for him to not sue to set the record straight and to run for President instead… unless he runs as a global anarchist.

  20. OriginalKnightRider

    Well he’d have my vote! Im sure he wouldnt have any problem showing his birth certificate either…hmmm something our current (uggg i hate calling him president) president cant seem to do..

  21. Porn Again Christian

    And therein lies the problem with birther bullshit, in a nutshell. Duke’s birth certificate may be pristine, but he embodies a neo-nazi ideology which is foreign to America. Which is more important: a birth certificate, or what someone stands for?

  22. Jake Witmer

    Tim O’Brien, an anarcho-libertarian radio commentator with the Michigan LP made an absolutely wonderful radio piece on David Duke’s last failed run for office, noting that “Louisiana just dodged a bullet”. O’Brien noted that Louisiana was right to vote against Duke for his nazi Klan baggage, and went into detail analyzing his “finger to the wind” opportunism that (scarily) included a lot of Reagan-style (Rohrabacher) generalities. If you get the chance to hear this piece (or any other O’Brien radio pieces) it’s really worth a listen.

    Duke is a scumbag, emphasizing his support for the worst elements of the Ron Paul campaign, the anti-immigrant stuff. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YXztjhg-O_Q He explicitly insinuates that Ron Paul isn’t more openly racist and anti-immigrant because he’s “too nice of a guy to say what needs to be said”, and then purports to be a guy who “tackles the tough issues” with his brainless hatemongering. LOL! For an interesting libertarian debate on immigration at ronpaul.com, check out:

    In closing: David Duke is lower than slime mold, and anyone who supports him is lower than David Duke.

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