Eliot Cutler Holds Steady in ME Gubernatorial Race

Despite recent celebrity appearances, Eliot Cutler has not seen a significant bump in polling. A poll from Rasmussen released earlier today had Cutler trailing at 16%, behind Republican Paul LePage at 38% and Democrat Libby Mitchell at 30%. This is essentially unchanged from Rasmussen’s last poll of the race, which had Cutler at 15% support. However, Cutler also appears to have the most space to grow among the three candidates, as voters seem to have less of an opinion of him than the Democrat or Republican.

There are also two other independent candidates: business owner Shawn Moody and Andover Water District board of trustees chairman Kevin Scott. Moody particularly has potential to become a factor in the race, as he has already self-funded $500,000 in his bid to become Maine’s next governor.

All three independent candidates and the Democrat recently took part in a forum.

One thought on “Eliot Cutler Holds Steady in ME Gubernatorial Race

  1. Catholic Trotskyist

    Elliott Cutler should either move far to the right in order to attract more Republican votes, or withdraw from the race; this fascist/stalinist Naderite pig pig criminal is likely to ruin the chances of the great Catholic Trotskyist goddess Libby Mitchell, to bring Maine into the great Catholic Trotskyist new world order in 2016.

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