How Well is John Monds Polling?

How well is John Monds, Libertarian candidate for Governor of Georgia, polling? While I think it is an unjustified leap to assume he is polling at 15% -20% as this article speculates, the author makes a good point. Why are the polling percentages of all the candidates in a Republican or Democrat primary generally reported even if some are polling in the low single digits, but third party results in a general election poll are often not reported at all?

I noticed something quite disturbing when studying recent polling for elections around the country. Rasmussen Reports will include upwards of 6 or 7 candidates in the Democrat and Republican Primaries, sometimes with candidates that only receive 1% of the vote, yet when it comes to the General Election they will only include the two Democrat-Republican candidates despite there being sometime upwards of 3 or 4 other candidates from Third Party Nominations or Independent Nominations.

Via Jeff Sexton.

4 thoughts on “How Well is John Monds Polling?

  1. Doug Craig

    He will should be in the TV debates.The Libertarians has done well in Georgia in the past we polled has high as 9% in the last race for gov.

  2. Matt Cholko

    That will be great – if he can get into the televised debates.

    I hate to bring up the race issue, but I’ll do it anyway. Monds is black, and so are a huge percentage of GA voters. That could bode well for him on election day if people are exposed to him. Of course, his libertarism may help some too 😉

  3. atlmom

    why won’t he be included in the debates? It’s such a crying shame. If he can get some publicity, he could blow away the competition. I LOVE how barnes is talking about how deal is just a politician and we need some ‘new’ blood in there. It looks like a Monds commercial…given that um, he IS the ONLY ‘new’ person running. Really? Barnes is going to bring ‘new ideas’?

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