Independent Mark Quick Calls For Focusing On Issues That Affect Our Daily Lives

The following is a statement by Mark Quick, an Independent candidate for Congress, in New Jersey’s 5th congressional district emailed to

“The endless debates on the subject of the proposed Islamic cultural center by public officials and candidates are taking place all over the media. While the economy is in tatters, some public officials and candidates, instead of dealing with problems that Americans face on a daily basis, want to play fiddle, while Rome burns.

Why is it, that every election cycle, candidates and public officials have no better way to spend their time, then to raise issues that have no effect on our daily lives?

What possible motive could they have in pushing these issues? Is it to divert the American public’s attention from the real issues that we are facing? When millions of Americans are losing their jobs, public officials and candidates want the American people to believe that the proposed Islamic cultural center is the biggest problem that the American people are facing today.

However, the controversy would not feed a single American family, build a single home, or give an American a job.

Instead of arguing about the controversy, we could actually be having a discussion, and doing something about the economic pain that millions of Americans are feeling today.

I have challenged Congressman Garrett to a debate in Warren County, or anywhere else in the 5th congressional district, and while Congressman Garrett said that he will be attending debates in general, I am still waiting to hear a response to the challenge.”

2 thoughts on “Independent Mark Quick Calls For Focusing On Issues That Affect Our Daily Lives

  1. Dennis

    The Reform Party of NJ endorsed Quick, and the only reason he isn’t on the ballot as the “Reform” candidate is because he had already petitioned, and placed himself, on the ballot as an independent, and in NJ it is too late to change that.

  2. '..... just look at the activists ' [Lake]


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