Christopher Ketcham on Huff. Post: ‘Vermont Revolutionaries and the Rise of a Green Tea Party’

Independent journalist Christopher Ketcham, who says that he is writing a book about the Vermont secessionist movement, recently posted an article on the Huffington Post about Vermont’s secessionists (there are several running for office on their own ticket).  It is an interesting news, analysis, and opinion piece, and the full thing can be read here.  Below is an excerpt.  H/T to Gene Berkman.

The liberal progressive machine that runs the state — its chief beneficiaries Senators Bernie Sanders and Patrick Leahy — tends to have a lighter view of empire. When Vermont National Guardsmen are called to arms to be killed or maimed in the wars, Sens. Sanders and Leahy are there for the send-off, the photo-ops, the patriotic gibberish and the bowing of heads. When it is proposed that squadrons of killer drones and the newest F-35 fighter jets, costing taxpayers $115 million each, are to be deployed out of the military airfields at Burlington International Airport, they’re for it. When nuclear weapons developer Sandia Corp. expresses interest in setting up operations in the state, bringing to Vermont good jobs in service of the imperial arsenal, Sanders lobbies in favor.

Unsurprising that Steele, who views Sanders and Leahy as “collaborationist,” is shut out from the debates about the political future of Vermont. Still, he’s not so lone a voice as might be expected. His running mate, for the position of lieutenant governor, is an ex-Subaru salesman named Peter Garritano, who keeps it short and simple in his campaign statement: “I do not want my tax dollars,” says Garritano, “being used for war and killing.” Seven other secessionist candidates are contending for seats in the state legislature (these include a consultant to Oracle, a former U.S. Army lieutenant, and an executive from one of the largest solar energy companies in the Northeast). A professor emeritus of economics from Duke University, Thomas Naylor, 74, a Southerner by birth and a bombthrowing contrarian by nature, is the white-haired intellectual voice of the movement, founder of the thinktank Second Vermont Republic (the name is homage to the fact that there was a first Vermont republic, founded in 1777 as an independent nation and enduring for 14 years, until 1791). The secessionists have partnered with a successful publishing base, the Chelsea Green Publishing Company — the company’s founder, Ian Baldwin, is a raging secessionist – and they have a bi-monthly newspaper, Vermont Commons: Voices of Independence, with a circulation of 11,000, the latest issue of which features on its cover a pig attempting to fornicate with a sheep (the caption reading “Wall Street Hog Jumping Main Street Sheep”). They even have their own silver “independence coin.” And they have a surprising degree of support from the street: when last polled on the matter of secession, in 2007, 13 percent of Vermont voters were for it.

5 thoughts on “Christopher Ketcham on Huff. Post: ‘Vermont Revolutionaries and the Rise of a Green Tea Party’

  1. Robert Wagner

    Greetings to Cascadia from Vermont! Here’s to a future of friendly relations and free trade between our countries!!

    There are now ten openly secessionist candidates on the ballot, including me. Several other candidates are friendly to the idea of Vermont Independence… they are knowledgeable about Peak Oil and know that the US Empire has no future.

    We have the moral high ground.

  2. '..... just look at the activists ' [Lake]

    OUT WEST : Matt Volz, Associated Press Writer – 40 mins ago

    HELENA, Mont. – The president of a Montana tea party group has been kicked out of the organization for an exchange on his Facebook page that appeared to condone violence against homosexuals.

    The Big Sky Tea Party Association’s board of directors voted Sunday to remove Tim Ravndal from the group after members learned of the online conversation in July that began with a comment about an American Civil Liberties Union lawsuit over rights for same-sex couples.

    Ravndal, who was elected to the position in August, apologized over the weekend …………..

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