Shawn Moody Opening Field Offices Throughout Maine

Shawn Moody, a self-funding Independent candidate for Governor of Maine, has an interesting strategy to expand his campaign’s visibility among the public. Local station WABI reports:

One of the three Independent candidates for Maine Governor announced Wednesday that he’s opening up 20 new field offices all over the state. Shawn Moody says he’ll open the offices at various small businesses that are supporting his campaign.

Wednesday’s announcement came at Greenpoint Auto in Brewer which will serve as one of Moody’s offices. The businesses owners have agreed to hand out lawn signs, pamphlets, and bumper stickers for Moody. The Independent candidate says the move shows his commitment to small business. “I’m a small business owner myself,” says Moody. “I’m proud to have the small business community support us and that’s exactly what Maine needs right now, the support for their small business community to grow our way out of this economy. Grow our way out of this recession.”

Polls have Moody at 4%-5% support in the race. Also in the race are Republican Paul LePage, Democrat Libby Mitchell, and Independents Eliot Cutler and Kevin Scott.

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  1. '..... just look at the activists ' [Lake]


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  2. Cathy

    I agree with Mr. Moody’s comment about how helpful it would be to be more vigilent about fraud and abuse in our health care benefits system. I wonder what he would pose to do about the fraud and abuse that is rampant amongst the pharmaceutical companies, the insurance companies, and the medical community. Until the infractions from those sources can be dealt with, it will be very difficult to convince the little guy that he doesn’t have to jump on the fraud bandwagon in order to defend himself from being abused by these larger entities.

  3. '..... just look at the activists ' [Lake]

    In April 1998 I complained that my health care account was being billed for moneys on medical procedures that I was never administered. About $1,000.

    Was the doctor happy for the correction? Was the Clinic director happy? The care campus executives? The department? The Governor (GOP Pete Wilson)?

    Did the social worker help me out (well, yeah, kinda)? Did the appeals board help me out (well, yeah, kinda)?

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