An Open Letter from Heather Redlich to Roger Stone

Posted on the campaign website of Warren Redlich, Libertarian for Governor of New York:

You have told terrible lies about my husband. You have hurt me and my family. I have suffered anxiety and heartache. You have made me fear for the safety of my children in our own home. I am the type of person that avoids the limelight. I don’t like when people talk about me but I feel I can be silent no more. So, I will dry my tears and write my own message to New Yorkers:

I have known Warren Redlich for 19 years and have been married to him for 15 years. We have two school-age children. We met in law school, got married shortly after graduation and built a home together. Warren supported me when I decided to pursue a career as a librarian. When I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer during my first pregnancy, he took care of me and our newborn child.

In the years since, we have started a law practice together. We have joined a local Congregation. Warren has volunteered with our Congregation’s Brotherhood. He has given his time to talk to high school students about politics and the law. He has welcomed interns into our law practice and enjoyed being a mentor. He has counseled our clients with mental health problems and assisted those with physical disabilities. I am a member of the Junior League of Albany and have volunteered with our Congregation’s Sisterhood.

Our daily lives involve running a business, driving our kids to after-school activities, going on family outings and eating dinner together. We teach our children to be kind to others. We try to make the world a better place by volunteering and getting involved with our community.

Our friends and neighbors have received these lies in the mail. They know the truth. But for those who do not, I will tell you. Warren has never committed a crime. We do not have a deviant lifestyle. Warren is not perfect but he is a good person, a loyal friend, and a loving husband and father. You do not need to fear Warren.

You should fear those that tell such lies and sling mud. Be leery of those that are afraid of open political debate. Fear those that have trounced the Golden Rule: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” As for Mr. Stone and the others behind this horrific smear who speak these evil words, I hope the people of New York will reject your lies and will vote for principled men and women in the election.


Heather J. Redlich

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6 thoughts on “An Open Letter from Heather Redlich to Roger Stone

  1. Dr. Tom Stevens

    Warren Redlich’s wife Heather is the same person who Warren Redlich said “wouldn’t allow him to spend a dime of his own money on his campaign”. In addition, after saying he would not respond to the mailer, he ends up having his wife respond.

    My analysis. The obvious appeal to emotion, namely mentioning how Redlich stood behind her when she had thyroid cancer and how he supported her career, merely means he may be a supportive spouse. It doesn’t constitute an argument for why she believes he is not a sexual predator in his spare time.

    In fact, her revelation that he likes to address “high school students” and enjoys being a “mentor” to “interns” may actually undermine her entire argument.

    That being said, just because Warren Redlich has made statements that could be construed as being supportive of adults having sex with teens doesn’t mean he engages in the practice himself but it also doesn’t mean he doesn’t engage in the practice either.

  2. Dr. Tom Stevens

    Unfortunately, Redlich has not only run a poor campaign, focusing on the theme of “Stop Wasting Money” instead of more libertarian issues but he has also alienated half the Libertarian Party in New York State. As I have stated, I believe the best he can lead the LP to is 7th place (possibly worse) and I am pretty certain he will not come close to getting the 50,000 votes required to obtain minor party status.

    The true “libertarian” in the race for Governor in New York State is Kristin Davis, who has focused her campaign on the Anti-Prohibition Party line toward arguing for the legalization of casino gambling, prostitution and marijuana.

    As someone who is not a member of the New York State Libertarian Party, I can speak the truth and Ms. Davis is the true libertarian in the race.

  3. paulie Post author

    A true libertarian does not oppose property rights for Muslims, as Ms. Davis does. Other than that, I like her too.

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