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Ian Gilyeat: Independent Candidate for Senate in Arizona

I received the following e-mail from Ian Gilyeat, Independent Senate Candidate in Arizona:

I’d like to invite you to cover my campaign and report on the traction and support occurring all across the state of Arizona.   There is enough momentum in the campaign that media coverage interviews have occurred on the following shows and stations – all within the last several weeks:

 KFYI       Mike Broomhead

KFYI       Terry Gilberg

KFYI       Jim Sharpe

KYCA     Dr. Terry Lovell

KYCA     Jennifer Campbell

KTNR     Paul Lavoy

KBLU     Cody Beason

KFNX     Political Funhouse

KXXT      Van the Radio Man

KRIM     Rick Raven

KQTH     Jon Justice

Channel 13 TV   Yuma


Blogtalkradio Tea Party Talk with Van the Radio Man with Marcus Kelley

White Mountain Independent newspaper

InMaricopa magazine (interviewed not yet published)

AZ Capitol Times (interviewed not yet published)

Please take a look.  Information can be found on each of the links shown below.



602-692-3818 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              602-692-3818      end_of_the_skype_highlighting begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              602-692-3818      end_of_the_skype_highlighting


  1. Best We Can Do? [Lake] Best We Can Do? [Lake] October 31, 2010

    at least suspicious, and for those whom are disappointed in knowable folks responding poorly to anti top two efforts, look into the mirror.

    [a] yer complain and complain ’bout traditional voting.

    [b] Then alternative systems are put to a vote

    [c] the ‘anti’ rhetoric is weak or non existent

    [d] Christina Tobin does not get along with lots of west coast folks ——– and is only the first Chicagoan in history to have that trait *Buggie Moran’s bullet riddled body, 1947*

    [e] Free and Equal is notified *AGAIN* of the on going trend of early voting

    [f] no response

    [g] the anti top two, the anti gay marriage ban, other issues are FINALLY brought to the fore. Then loudly, and with a sense of lots of desperation!

    [h] lots of last minute Christina Tobin events, such as TOMORROW’s debate. Over HALF of the California votes have decided, as in *lodged*

    [i] Personal props to my sweet ums for numerous trips to physically deliver such to local elections officials.

    [j] Yes, Citizens For A Better Veterans Home [1998] is not quite the organization it was in the days of officially being the Reform / Deform Party of California Abused veterans committee. BUT, lots voting, lots of mail outs, lots of damage and damage control.

    [k] Citizens is not a one man band. It no longer is what it was, but it is what it is!

    [l] Older, infirmed, out raged, bewildered, but we do vote ——– even if it is for write ins like Governor wanna be Mister Christian!

    [m] and Fair and Equal keeps doing the same thing with the same results and remains confused to the process …….

  2. paulie paulie October 30, 2010

    As you know, IndependentVoice.Org endorsed Abel Maldonado for Lt. Governor.


  3. Best We Can Do? [Lake] Best We Can Do? [Lake] October 30, 2010



    “Greetings! I just found out that Lt. Governor Abel Maldonado’s [REPUBLICAN] campaign bus will be stopping in San Francisco (at Civic Center Plaza) on Monday (Nov 1) at 10 AM.

    I’ve been asked to be the “host” for the stop (as with all his stops on the bus tour, he’ll be here for about 30-45 minutes). I’d love for you to be there with me. (According to the weather report, it’s going to be 70 degrees and sunny!)

    As you know, IndependentVoice.Org endorsed Abel Maldonado for Lt. Governor.

    Maldonado has shown that he’s someone who isn’t afraid to take on both parties – including his own – to push critical political reform. (see more at He’s proven to be an ally to independent voters and the independent movement working to change politics.

    And in this election, Maldonado needs our help.

    Even on such short notice, I’d love to have a nice turnout of independents there to greet him with me.

    [Lake: I have met Maldonado. If you shake hands (claws) with him ——– count your fingers after wards. Then wash, twice!]

  4. David F. Nolan David F. Nolan October 29, 2010

    I’ve met Ian, and he’s a nice guy – but as a WRITE-IN candidate he will be lucky to get 5,000 votes out of more than 2 million. I asked him if he’d consider dropping his quixotic quest, and throw his support to me, as we agree on about 90% of the issues and my name will appear on the AZ ballot while his will not. Unless he’s truly delusional (and I don’t think he is) he can’t seriously expect to garner more than a small fraction of 1% of the vote.

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