Iowa’s lone Green candidate for state office hopes he won’t be alone for much longer

In Iowa, there is only one Green candidate for state or federal office, and he is David Arthur Smithers, a disappointed Democrat and “socialist-libertarian” running for the State House.  From the Quad-City Times:

Smithers isn’t preparing a victory speech, but it’s possible he could influence the outcome of the race in House 89, which includes Washington County and parts of Johnson and Jefferson counties. That’s because Marek also is being challenged by Republican Jarad Klein, who came within 158 votes of winning two years ago. He’s not worried about being a spoiler — siphoning away enough Democrat votes that the conservative Klein wins. He’d wear that label proudly.

“That’s what they called (Ralph) Nader,” he says.

He sees his role as an agitator this year and hopes that in two years the Green Party has at least 100 candidates in Iowa.

4 thoughts on “Iowa’s lone Green candidate for state office hopes he won’t be alone for much longer

  1. '..... just look at the activists ' [Lake]


    …….. dueling arguments will dominate the airwaves between now and Nov. 2 in an election that will turn on which message is believed.

    Because Democrats hold the White House and both the House and Senate, they’re more likely to bear the brunt of an anti-establishment furor fueled by the ailing economy.

    Each party suggests it holds the key to future prosperity. [Lake: Right, Sure, Yeah]

  2. Green Party Conservative

    Green Party candidate David Arthur Smithers, a trailblazer, a leader with courage.

    Great Green Party news tonight from Brazil.

    The Green Party Presidential candidate receives a surprising… even amazing …20 per cent and makes it into the second round of voting…

    First Columbia, now Brazil…

    The Green Party is on the rapid rise…

  3. Ross Levin

    That’s not true. She didn’t make it into the second round, according to the story you posted.

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