Libertarian Andrew Gray for Governor: ‘Treating Kansans Like Adults’

Press release from Libertarian Andrew Gray for KS Governor 2010 sent to

One of the core principles of the Gray for Governor Team is to treat Kansans as adults capable of deciding what is best for themselves, their families, and their communities. One aspect of treating someone like an adult is telling them the truth, even when it is hard to say and hard to hear.

A perfect example of this principle in action is the team’s promotion of the idea that they can win by gaining 5% or more of the vote in the general election for Kansas Governor. Andrew and Stacey do not like saying they will probably not win this race, and they know that their supporters don’t like hearing it either. Andrew Gray and Stacey Davis know it is the truth, and they believe it must be said.

They point out that they have one opponent who is on track to spend $2.9 Million to gain a job that pays about $110,000 per year. They have another opponent who will spend $650,000 for the same job, and they say that opponent has no more chance of winning this race than they do. That amount of special interest money is hard to beat. Yet Gray and Davis say that they can still win…it will just take a few years.

Gray and Davis say that by receiving 5% of the votes for governor on November 2nd, the Libertarian Party of Kansas (LPKS) will become the third major party in Kansas. With that advantage, in 2011 the LPKS membership will grow rapidly, and the party will redefine acceptable political practices in the primary elections of Kansas. In 2012 the first Libertarians will be elected as State Representatives. In 2014 the first Libertarians will be elected to federal office, and Kansas will elect the first of many Libertarian Governors.

As hard as it must be to hear the truth about this election, the Gray and Davis team’s vision of the future must ease the sting for supporters who would rather hear that the team can beat their major party opponents this year. Gray says he’d much rather tell them that…but it’s just not the truth.

9 thoughts on “Libertarian Andrew Gray for Governor: ‘Treating Kansans Like Adults’

  1. Single Winner Districts = Cro Mag-non Attractor

    Hey that’s cool, a gender balanced team for Gov/Lt. Gov of Kansas, I like that! (Although I prefer opposite gender #1)

    Here’s an open note to Ballot Access News owner, MP Richard Winger [Libertarian];
    (MP=elected member of parliament)

    To: MP Winger [Libertarian]
    From: MP Ogle [Free Parliamentary]
    Subject: censorship

    Richard, you’re reinforcing the pluralists…didn’t
    you see Chip write that he’s for a single winner
    assembly (+ a proportional one)? I’m not for that, I’m for unicameral assemblies myself.

    Single winner district assemblies and more
    censorship, are not conducive to democracy.

    Single winner districts, IRV and censorship
    are the things perpetuating the two-party system.

    You think it’s easy fighting with my hands tied behind my back? Now you’re censoring me, and I can’t reply to Chip’s unprovoked attacks, where he claims I’m off topic?

    Pure proportional representation (PR), free speech and ballot access are all related. Apparently you disagree, as you continue to censor my posts.

    At least some Libertarians see the value of multi-member districts, like Gray/Davis [Libertarian/Libertarian(?)] for Gov/Lt Gov.

    I’ve taken BAN off my public referral list for interactive free speech sources, as your rag appears rather unfair and intentionally censorious.

    I do hope you’ll let me post in BAN again, it’s for the good of the all. By continually promoting single winner districts, you produce such rich soil in which to plant my posts in opposition.

  2. Hmmm ...

    Actually, cro-mag man, it appears to many of us that you are a troll, constantly spamming useful sites with repititious replays of your ranting nonsense.

    Every third party listed here will elect a president, even Robert Milnes will be elected president, before your crazy program will gain 1000 actual supporters.

  3. Single Winner Districts = Cro Mag-non Attractor

    I do favor the 1000 plan, glad we’re on the same page. You must be a friend, Ms. Hmmm …

    In the Sainte-Lague parliament seat distribution system with #s 1 to 1000, the top vote getter is #1, and they will be the only president.

    Number two will be vice president and numbers three through 1000 will be consecutively ranked free and equal units, with plenty of cosecutively ranked free and equal as back-ups.

    Why do you THINK they called it Google?”

    Join the Frees,
    opposite gender #1!

  4. Best We Can Do? [Lake]

    Kanasa, adults, history: There are two types of political operatives in the Sunflower State, GOP and ‘other’. The ‘other’ is a code name for the occasional Democrat! Congrats to Andy Gray.

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