Lynne Williams: ‘Equality Maine should understand marginalization’

Lynne Williams was running for governor of Maine this year, but dropped out due to new laws that made the race harder on Green candidates.  She is now running for state senate.  The following was a message sent to supporters:

It has recently come to my attention, through phone calls from friends and supporters, that Equality Maine is phoning voters in State Senate District 28 (coastal Hancock County) asking for them to vote for Jim Schatz, who Equality Maine has endorsed. I have no problem with that – they have endorsed Jim and should be campaigning for him. However, the calls – which seem to be placed by out of towners – include a statement that there are only two candidates in the race, Jim Schatz and Brian Langley, which is simply untrue. When the voter notes that there are actually three candidates, the third being me, Lynne Williams, Green Independent candidate, they are told that I am not a “real candidate.”

I find this extremely objectionable and insulting, particularly since I have supported Equality Maine for years and worked to defeat the repeal of marriage equality.  In fact, last November, when I was still a candidate for governor, I was the only gubernatorial candidate to produce an ad urging a no vote on Question 1. (

The Green Independent Party is a legitimate  political party in Maine, entitled to the same ballot access as Republicans or Democrats. Green Party candidates earn ballot access in exactly the same way as do their opponents.  In this current race for State Senate I have been included in every debate and forum, have received every invitation that my opponents received and was profiled by all of the news papers, just like the Democrat and Republcan.

Ironically, Equality Maine endorsed me six years ago when I was a House candidate for the Rockland district.

When an organization turns on its friends, I think is time for a good soul searching. What Equality Maine is doing is trying to marginalize me as a candidate. If any community should understand marginalization, it is the GLBT community.


You can vote NOW. Absentee voting is now open. You can go to your town office or city hall and vote now. You don’t have to wait until November 2.

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