Neo-nazi Jeff Hall running for Riverside Municipal Water Board in California

Open letter from National Socialist Movement Candidate: Jeff Hall
Oct 25, 2010
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My name is Jeff Hall and I`m running for Riverside Municipal Water Board, Division 2, in Riverside California. I`m running on a conservative platform of conservation and solutions.

Living with constant drought in our region we find water conservation a constant reality. Conservation leads to restrictions and penalties. Families and businesses face hefty water bills that hurt their budgets. We need to focus on solutions to meet our water needs while being sensible with restrictions and consumer rates in our conservation efforts. We also need to face the reality of our poor water quality which affects us all. According to a report released last year by the Environmental Working Group (EWG), Riverside has the second worst tap water in the nation. This is nothing to be proud of and the result is additional costs to residents for bottled water for pregnant women, the elderly, and young children. The members of the water board need to remember that they serve the public and they need to meet the water needs of our community.

I plan to focus on recycled water and non potable water to meet the water needs of our landscaping and parks. I believe in looking for new sources of our most precious natural resource. I`m against desalination plants due to the high cost of constructing the facilities and the tremendous amount of electricity used in the process. I believe in less restrictions and incentive or rebate programs to reward families and businesses that are conservative in their water consumption. We need to change our tactics on conservation that better serve the public to produce better results.

What we see

We have seen local governing bodies policing day time watering which is an additional financial burden on the tax payers. The policing is also a further intrusion on our lives and is senseless. At the end of the day it is the total gallons consumed per household, and not how or when the water was used. Consumers face restrictions and hefty water bills that have a lasting effect on the landscape of their yards. To add insult to injury, we see day time watering at our parks and city landscaping which is in direct violation of the restrictions forced on the residents of our community.

We all remember when strict restrictions in Los Angeles led to water mains breaking. An enormous amount of water was lost and the repairs were costly. We need to consider the age and condition of our water mains and start dialog on responsible preventative measures to keep water flowing to consumers and businesses. An investment in our infrastructure now is an investment in our future.

What we hear

We hear the same old promises from people running for office. The politicians promise to serve the public however we see very little improvement in our daily lives while our wallets take a hit for any actions our representatives take. Too many times we have heard of public offices such as a seat on the Water Board being used as a stepping stone to other public offices or elected positions. My plan is to serve our community and take actions that will serve Riverside today and into the future. As a member of the National Socialist Movement`s third party solution to the two party politics you can rest assured that I will better serve my community than career politicians.

In conclusion, I feel the negative remarks and unfounded statements that appear in news stories about myself and my candidacy should be addressed. The media have suggested that I`ve avoided interviews and dodged questions about my membership in the National Socialist Movement and my involvement in rallies. Nothing could be further from the truth. I was on an observe and report mission on Arizona`s southern border at the time the reporter from the Press Enterprise newspaper attempted to make contact with me. We were on a 4 day/3 night patrol and we were hosts to a French film crew. At the border there is little to no cell phone reception in most areas. In fact, the film crew could not make contact with me by phone and had to call the California State Leader for directions to our main camp. These facts can be corroborated by the film crew and comrades from both Arizona and California that were on patrol with me. I`ve made every attempt to return missed calls from members of the media and I`ve also replied to Emails. Since my return I`ve granted numerous interviews to members of the press that have an interest in my run for the Water Board seat in Riverside.

Some stories from the media have suggested that I tried to sneak in under the radar to quietly take the seat while other stories suggest that I`m using my run for office to promote the NSM. These accusations are in direct contradiction to each other. While they take shots in the dark trying to guess my intentions the media does not bother presenting a third option. The media should stop their attacks long enough to question my platform or consider my true intentions to honestly serve my community. Is it possible that the NSM which has served communities through Adopt-A-Highway programs could possibly run a candidate that cares about his community? Is it possible that a political third party that addresses the issues of violence towards Whites and the impact of illegal immigration across the nation could run a candidate that cares about local issues that impact their community? I say the answers to these questions is yes, and that candidate is me.

It became evident that some formal announcement would be required to address the interest in my candidacy. I want to make it clear that I did not try to sneak in under the radar to grasp a seat. As many of the media`s reports state, I`m well known in Riverside and I expected some response. It would be naive to think the local media and the public would not notice my name on the ballot. I have also actively campaigned on the streets in my community. The most amusing accusation is that I`m running for public office to promote the NSM. The National Socialist Movement is a legitimate third party and runs candidates including Brian Holland in the last election for President of these United States. It is not uncommon for a political party to run candidates. Then there also remains the fact that the NSM is the largest White Civil Rights group in America. The attention I`m receiving from some media outlets are drops in a bucket compared to the attention we receive for our constant Political and grassroots activism.

The media will continue with their accusations against me and my party while ignoring my stance on the issues. It is difficult for any third party candidate to gain support from the media or the public. It is rare that a third party candidate will see victory on Election Day, especially against an incumbent, however, these facts should not serve as a deterrence from taking a stand against the status quo. These facts should not be seen as a roadblock to an individuals path to serving their community.

The additional attacks against me for my defense of White Civil Rights has only hardened my position within my party. If I was in a hate group that advocates violence and had a history of committing hideous crimes, such as the Black Panthers, I would be praised for having the courage to run for public office. I would be invited to make speeches at colleges for students and staff or at banquet halls for special interest groups. If I was a member of a hate group that sought to infiltrate America`s public offices with the sole purpose of claiming the Southwest states for Mexico, such as La Raza, the media would not question my intentions or my ability to serve the public.

To set the record straight, I am running my campaign with the blessing and support of Commander Schoep. I have turned down campaign contributions offered by my party because I believe the parties money would be better spent on other campaigns such as Brian Holland`s next run for the presidency and the many rallies the National Socialist Movement hosts across our nation. I turned down an opportunity to debate at a form sponsored by the Women League of Voters and the Hispanic Voters League because they are special interest groups that desire politicians to cater to their whims. For the record, I did not reply to any special interest group. As a member of the NSM I am required to serve my community and I would serve all the residents of my community.

I would like to remind everyone in my district that I`m not a career politician. My desire is to address the water issues and needs of our community and not use the seat as a stepping stone to establish a possible career in politics. A vote for me would be a vote for sensible water conservation and solutions. I would also like to remind the residents in my district that you have anonymity in the voting booth. If you are worried about being labeled as I have, you simply do not need to share the name of the candidate you voted for. You have the unique opportunity to cast a vote for someone who believes in White Civil Rights and serving his community. You will not be singled out or labelled as I have. Your vote is confidential. Thank you for your time. I look forward to serving our community.

24 thoughts on “Neo-nazi Jeff Hall running for Riverside Municipal Water Board in California

  1. NewFederalist

    BTW, why is this guy called a neo-Nazi? As a member of the National Socialist Movement isn’t he just a plain old garden variety Nazi?

  2. Vaughn

    “The National Socialist Movement is a legitimate third party and runs candidates ”

    Isn’t he the only one? And their president candidate had what, 300 write-in votes?

  3. paulie Post author

    I don’t know whether he’s the kind of nazi who says the holocaust never happened or the kind that says it was a good thing. Maybe both?

  4. Gene Berkman

    The National Socialist Movement is the largest of the openly neo-Nazi groups in the USA, and has included people who were part of George Lincoln Rockwell’s American Nazi Party.

    NSM takes the “socialism” in National Socialism seriously. NSM backs socialized medicine, and has defended Obama’s push for more government control of healthcare.

    NSM is favorable to Ahmadinejad in Iran because he is so anti-Israel.

    NSM is not really a third party in the sense of running candidates or having ballot status. Local offices in California – including Water District Boards – are elected on a non-partisan basis.

    Extremist candidates running for local office in California can often get impressive vote totals because few people pay attention to lower offices on the ballot. So whatever votes Jeff Hall gets will be pretty meaningless.

  5. Ross

    Gene, if they were “real socialists,” I don’t think they’d be defending Obama’s health insurance reform.

    And hopefully enough people recognize the name “National Socialist Movement” that he’ll get a low vote total.

  6. paulie Post author

    Gene, if they were “real socialists,” I don’t think they’d be defending Obama’s health insurance reform.

    Unless they see it as a small step towards government health care.

    And hopefully enough people recognize the name “National Socialist Movement” that he’ll get a low vote total.

    He’s not on the ballot with a party label.

  7. Ross

    Oh, I see.

    It would surprise me if a socialist saw this as a positive step toward universal healthcare. IMHO, it’s more of a “detour,” as Dennis Kucinich said.

  8. Gene Berkman

    Ross – in fact, NSM does not favor Obamacare because they are for completely socialized medicine. But on the NSM website they attack people who oppose Obama over healthcare as being dupes of the corporate elite.

  9. realpolitik anarchist

    Will he be fluoridating the water as the oldo-Nazis did in the concentration camps?

  10. Madman

    Jeff Hall does not believe the Holocaust really happened as it did. He claims he doesn’t hate and stands only for white civil rights, but he says he hates blacks and mexicans and any one of non-European countries.

  11. Catholic Trotskyist

    Does anyone know enough about water issues to say whether or not his stances on the actual water problems are intelligent?
    Either way, I would not vote for this candidate.

  12. Jeff Sucks

    Jeff Hall is a racist coward. He openly supports violence. He uses his Riverside home (5416 Lauder Court, Riverside, CA 92507 ) as a meeting center for violent Neo-Nazi skinheads.

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