VDARE.COM on the Tancredo vs. Hickenlooper Race

VDARE.com posted the following article by their anonymous Washington Watcher columnist:

The surprise decision of Tom Tancredo to run as a third party candidate in Colorado’s gubernatorial election and his surprising (at least to the political establishment) surge in the polls has brought immigration to the forefront of the race.

VDARE.com readers are no doubt well aware of Tancredo’s record on immigration. But few people outside of Colorado have heard of his Democratic opponent, Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper.

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3 thoughts on “VDARE.COM on the Tancredo vs. Hickenlooper Race

  1. paulie

    Despite this, I’m still not supporting Hickenlooper.

    Luckily, there’s a Libertarian running as well,


    Not perfect, but better than Tancredo and Hickenlooper.

    I think there’s some other minor candidate technically still in the race, last name starts with an M, party with an R, but I don’t think he’s really even worth paying too much attention to at this point.

  2. Matt

    This governor’s election is for the future of Colorado
    People who vote to make a point or for party rather than putting the best person in office is just wasting their vote

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