Alden Link Resigns MLP Membership In Protest

According to the blog of Dr. Tom Stevens:

On November 23, 2010, Alden Link, the Libertarian Party’s Candidate for Lt. Governor of New York State in 2010, resigned his membership in the Manhattan Libertarian Party in protest to the way it and the New York Libertarian Party has treated Libertarian Party of Queens County members Sam Sloan and Dr. Tom Stevens.

In an e-mail to Mark Axinn, New York Libertarian Party Chair and Manhattan Libertarian Party Secretary/Treasurer, Alden Link wrote the following:

I am saddened by the dispute between the LPQC and the MLP, with Tom Stevens and Sam Sloan in particular being victimized by the NYLP and MLP.

I feel my continued membership in the MLP is not in my best interests or that of the LPQC. Therefore, I hereby tender my resignation from the Manhattan Libertarian Party.

Should the two groups reconcile their differences with apologies to Tom and Sam, I would certainly reconsider this decision.

Dr. Tom Stevens, LPQC Political Director, responded as follows:

I appreciate Alden Link ending his association with the Manhattan Libertarian Party. The MLP’s County Committee declared war on the Queens LP by asking its Political Director to resign his membership and by suspending the membership of Sam Sloan, a prominent LPQC member, who was unanimously elected by the MLP membership to be its State Representative. In addition to that, Mark Axinn, as NYLP Chair, spoke in favor of forming a Special Committee to investigate charges against John Procida, the former LPQC Chair, as a prelude to taking action to suspend Procida’s State Party membership, as was just done to former LPQC State Representative Dr. Tom Stevens, and LPQC member Sam Sloan, who the LPQC endorsed as its candidate for governor.

Mark Axinn believes the insults and injuries to the LPQC can just be swept under the rug and that by taking no further aggressive actions against the Queens LP leadership, that all will simply be forgiven. This will not happen!

I can confidently say the Libertarian Party of Queens County seeks peaceful, friendly relations with the Manhattan Libertarian Party. All that is required to restore good relations is an apology to Sam Sloan and myself with an invitation extended to us to rejoin the Manhattan Libertarian Party.

Mark Axinn and the County Committee of the Manhattan Libertarian Party created this situation and it is within their power to resolve it. However, without justice, there can and will be no peace!

19 thoughts on “Alden Link Resigns MLP Membership In Protest

  1. Alaska Constitution Party

    We need a grand realignment and alliance between Independents, Constitutionalists, Libertarians and like minded Greens. This is a winning strategy for the future. First though, we need to learn how to be more gracious and forgiving of one another. We are not the enemy. The enemy is that which continues to divide and immobilize us.

    Honoring Our Heritage, Pioneering Our Future!

  2. NewFederalist

    #3- Do really care what thread you post your stuff on? Most of your posts make no sense in the context of the article you are supposedly commenting about.

  3. Eric Sundwall

    Mark was against the Stevens expulsion and can’t be blamed for not fighting for Sloan. Sloan kept bringing it and poor Mark had to jump off to each court appearance like a Kangaroo . . . he even recently attended a local LPQC event in goodwill.

    Link did very little for the 2010 campaign. No media appearances, no campaign funds for ballot access etc. To his credit, he did attend one event in Central NY, albeit 3 hours late and collected over a 100 signatures during petitioning. Had John Gaetani not turned down the Lt. Guv slot for comptroller, he would not have even had it.

    This of course, obviously, is just another curious feint in the odd skirmishes that the evil doctor conjures up in his limited imagination. Godspeed Alden Link . . .

  4. Deran

    #3 Campbell is perpetuating a fraud; pretending to be a part of the broad Green political movement, when in all honesty, they have been exp[elled from the US GP for trying to use a fraudulent vote get gain control of GP locals in VA. Not to mention their support for Bloomberg, and past acceptance of the CP presidential candidate for their line in VA. Fake. I swear they are the spawn of Fulani/Newman.

  5. JT

    Sane LP member: “who cares?”

    Well, I’d say the resignation of a 2010 Libertarian candidate for lt. governor/chair of a state party IS news. I don’t particularly care either though.

  6. Hmmm ...

    If Link and Stevens are running for President and VP in the Objectivist Party and also Stevens having started another party or two, it seems that they should both resign from the Libertarian Party and any other parties they happen to have joined.

    The LP will be better off without them.

    Stevens and Link seem to be in the same camp as several other parties that only seem to exist in cyberspace. They should get with Milnes and try PLAS, and Oooogle tooogle, and they can all skip down the yellow brick road to OZ. Perhaps the wizard can help them all out with some meds.

  7. LP Watcher

    what are their qualifications to run for the leadership of the United States of America. How much funding and support they have? Do they have 45+ state ballot access? Do they have teams in place in each state? The American public needs more information about this “Great Americans”. Goodness.

  8. Indy Libertarian

    You wouldn’t see this kind infighting with the LPIN. I can assure you of that. This is kind of nonsense that ruins minor parties. If you don’t believe me, look at the dozens of socialist parties in the US that formed by splintering off from other socialist parties because of one or two disagreements. We’re better than that.

    Like it or not, your true home is with the Libertarian Party, so stop your complaining and get to work growing the LP. You’re not going to find a better home, not even with the RLC. This is your home. United we stand, divided we fall.

  9. Dr. Tom Stevens

    Re: 14

    Well that may be but it was the New York State Libertarian Party and the Manhattan LP that went about suspending active members who raised issues they didn’t want to hear and sued to enforce the rights that were denied to them.

  10. Dr. Tom Stevens

    Re: 6

    It is unfortunate you need to belittle the contribution of Redlich’s running mate and to suggest that Alden Link might not have gotten the nomination for Lt. Governor had someone else not dropped out. How do you know he wouldn’t have gotten the U.S. Senatorial Nomination in the place of John Clifton? It is mere speculation on your part.

    Mark Axinn led the charge for suspending the membership of Sam Sloan from the Manhattan LP and he asked me to resign my membership, which I did. Sam Sloan was elected by the MLP membership in convention and only could be removed by those who elected him. The MLP County Committee had no power to remove him so they suspended his membership on specious grounds.

    Mark Axinn is a member of the Libertarian Party of Queens County and often attends its meetings. I doubt he just attended to show goodwill.

    I also object to your comment that I have a “limited imagination”. I think most people would say I am quite creative and entertaining.

  11. Dr. Tom Stevens

    Just heard that John Clifton, the new Chair of the Libertarian Party of Queens County and the NYLP’s U.S. Senatorial Candidate may be resigning from the Manhattan Libertarian Party as well over its treatment of Stevens and Sloan.

    More to come!

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