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Alden Link Resigns MLP Membership In Protest

According to the blog of Dr. Tom Stevens:

On November 23, 2010, Alden Link, the Libertarian Party’s Candidate for Lt. Governor of New York State in 2010, resigned his membership in the Manhattan Libertarian Party in protest to the way it and the New York Libertarian Party has treated Libertarian Party of Queens County members Sam Sloan and Dr.

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Chicago Tribune announces Illinois Senate and Governor candidates on ballot

Today, the Chicago Tribune released an article entitled It’s official: Four U.S. Senate candidates, five for governor”, making official which candidates made it onto the ballot.

The Illinois State Board of Elections today finalized the state’s Nov. 2 ballot, ruling out a slate of candidates running under the banner of the Constitution Party but leaving on a slate running as Libertarians.

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Illinois Senate Democratic campaign declares Libertarian Mike Labno a threat to Republican

Illinois Treasurer and US Senate candidate Alexi Giannoulias’s campaign posted a press release titled Anti-Establishment Wave Should Have Washington Insider Kirk Afraid, Very Afraid” on wednesday. The release warns Republican Congressman Mark Kirk that he faces a “legitimate challenge from the right with Libertarian candidate Mike Labno officially on the Illinois ballot.”… Read more ...

Illinois Green Party Treasurer Candidate Suggests Public Law School Closings

Illinois Treasurer Candidate Scott Summers made headlines on Wednesday in the Daily Herald, a newspaper centered on the suburbs of Chicago. He is the nominated candidate for the Green Party, which made Major Party status in 2006.

In it, Summers makes suggestions about trimming education costs.

A former McHenry County College trustee, now a Green Party candidate for Illinois treasurer, has proposed eliminating two of the state’s three public law schools to save cash.

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