Libertarian Party blog: Election Night updates

(5:00pm ET) We’ll be posting election-related items of interest to Libertarians as the evening goes on. Please check back frequently.

Paulie) I’ll do my best to post them to IPR as they come in. Keep up with both if you can!

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  1. paulie Post author

    (7:15pm ET) First report: Indiana US House District 8, John Cunningham (L) has 5% (22% of precincts reporting). In 2008, Libertarians running for US House in Indiana averaged 3.3%. In 2006, the average was 4.1%.

  2. paulie Post author

    (7:50pm ET) Indiana US Senate, Rebecca Sink-Burris (L) has 6% (21% of precincts reporting). (In 2008, Allen Buckley got 3.4% in Georgia; in 2006, Richard Mack got 3.2% in Arizona; in 2004, Ernest Hancock got 2.6% in Arizona; in 2002, Stan Jones got 3.2% in Montana.)

  3. paulie Post author

    (8:40pm ET) Texas governor: with most early voting reported, Kathie Glass (L) is at 1.96%. (2% is needed to guarantee 4 years of ballot access.)

  4. paulie Post author

    (8:45pm ET) Georgia governor: John Monds is at 4% (20% precincts reporting.) Georgia US Senator: Chuck Donovan is at 3%. (21% precincts reporting.) Runoff unlikely in either case.

  5. George Phillies

    @3 The L record for U.S. Senate in a 3-way D-R-L, a Democrat and a Republic both being on the ballot, is held by Carla Howell,
    who got 12% of the vote against Democrat Ted Kennedy and Republican Jack E. Robinson:

    Nominee Ted Kennedy-D Jack E. Robinson-R Carla Howell-L
    Popular vote 1,889,494 334,341 308 860
    Percentage 73% 13% 12%

  6. paulie Post author

    (8:55pm ET) Indiana US House District 2: Mark Vogel (L) is at 5%. Looks like he will be kingmaker in this race, Dem has 48% and Rep has 47%.

    (9:00pm ET) North Carolina US Senate: Michael Beitler (L) is at 2% (32% of precincts reporting.)

  7. paulie Post author

    (9:20pm ET) Illinois Secretary of State: Josh Hanson (L) is at 2.7%. (27% of precincts reporting.) Illinois Comptroller: Julie Fox (L) is at 2.7% also. 5% in a statewide race needed to retain ballot access.

    (9:25pm ET) Ohio Governor: Ken Matesz (L) is at 2%. (26% of precincts reporting.)

  8. paulie Post author

    (9:40pm ET) Florida US Senate: Alexander Snitker (L) is at 0.5%. (54% of precincts reporting.)

    (9:50pm ET) Nebraska State Auditor: Michele Sallach-Grace (L) is at 22%. (based on early voting results, no Democrat in this race. 5% in a statewide races required to retain ballot access.)

  9. paulie Post author

    (10:00pm ET) Missouri US Senate: Jonathan Dine (L) is at 3%. (20% of precincts reporting.) US House District 7: Kevin Craig (L) is at 7% (29% of precincts reporting.)

  10. paulie Post author

    (10:10pm ET) Kansas Governor: Andrew Gray (L) is at 3% (21% of precincts reporting). US House District 2: Robert Garrard (L) is at 5% (28% of precincts reporting).

    (10:15pm ET) Maryland US House District 1: Richard Davis (L) is at 4% (27% of precincts reporting).

    (10:20pm ET) North Carolina US House District 2: Tom Rose (L) is at 2%, probably will be kingmaker (Rep and Dem both between 49% and 50%).

    (10:20pm ET) Texas US House District 27: Ed Mishou (L) is at 4.8% (most precincts reporting). He may play kingmaker, helping to kick out an incumbent Democrat who voted for TARP.

  11. paulie Post author

    (10:30pm ET) Pennsylvania State House District 120: Tim Mullen (L) is at 15% with about 18,500 votes counted.(15% would be unusually strong for a Libertarian in a state house race vs both R and D).

    (10:35pm ET) Ohio US House District 16: Jeffrey Blevins (L) is at 7% (67% of precincts reporting).

  12. paulie Post author

    (10:45pm ET) Wyoming Governor: Mike Wheeler (L) is at 4% (58% of precincts reporting). For US House, John Love (L) is at 5%.

  13. paulie Post author

    (10:55pm ET) Louisiana US Senate: Randall Hayes is at 1% (90% of precincts reporting). There are 12 candidates on the ballot for this race.

  14. paulie Post author

    (11:05pm ET) New York Governor: Warren Redlich (L) is at 1% (about 15,300 votes, with 28% of precincts reporting). 50,000 votes needed for ballot access. Extrapolating, Redlich is poised to get around 55,000. Unclear what the outcome will be.

  15. paulie Post author

    BTW, this will only make the point I’m making if you see it soon, as it shifts to show what is happening when you view it, not when I posted it, IPR’s traffic stats:

  16. paulie Post author

    Currently reads

    Thanks again to everyone who either ran for office as a Libertarian, or voted Libertarian. We’ll be compiling results and working to try to provide statistics to compare 2010 results to past results. At first glance, our results seem about average for the Libertarian Party. In the meantime, we’ll be posting various snippets of information on this blog entry.

    Note that everything here is based on preliminary results. Numbers are likely to change as additional votes are counted.

    Currently we have 15 Libertarians for U.S. House who received over 5% of the vote. (That only counts races where a Republican and a Democrat both appeared on the ballot.) That’s a big increase from past years. In 2008, three Libertarians for U.S. House got more than 5%. In 2006, one candidate; in 2004, two candidates.

    In 2000, Libertarian Carla Howell ran for U.S. Senate in Massachusetts (against both Republican and Democrat) and got 11.55% of the vote. Since then, no Libertarian running for U.S. Senate (against both Republican and Democrat) has gotten more than 4%, until this year: Rebecca Sink-Burris got 5.33% in Indiana, and David Nolan got 4.68% in Arizona.

    Currently, the vote total for all Libertarians for U.S. House is 988,405.

  17. Alaska Constitution Party

    Low voter turnout (probably 45-50% once absentee ballots are counted) likely spares Alaska LP ballot status. New 3% test will be based upon total vote in Governor’s race. This will be less than 250,000. The new threshold will therefore be less than 7,500 registered voters. The AK LP currently has slightly more than 9,000 registered voters in AK.

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