LP of Florida says LNC, LNCC should boot Wayne Root

Karl Dickey at The Examiner and Liberty for All:

During a regular meeting of the Libertarian Party of Florida’s Executive Committee last night, they created a resolution (found below) to repudiate recent comments made by Libertarian National Congressional Committee chairman Wayne Allyn Root and suggested his removal from any leadership position within the Libertarian Party.

While the Libertarian Party of Florida is glad to see the membership growth both on the state and national level, it feels strongly, as per the wording of their resolution, those in leadership positions should be held by a higher standard of libertarianism then the membership or those registered to vote Libertarian.

The resolution came about after an article appeared recently in the weekly magazine Vegas Seven where Mr. Root was quoted as saying, “I’m kind of re-creating libertarianism. I’m just not going to follow the traditional roots. I’m a Ronald Reagan libertarian. Traditional libertarianism mixes in too many things that are liberal.” The statement along with Mr. Roots support of Republican candidates has Libertarians upset with Mr. Root and his attempts to manipulate the Libertarian message thereby confusing the general public as to what a Libertarian stands for. Mr. Root has made similar comments in the media which distorts the Libertarian message.

Here is the resolution as passed at last night’s LPF EC meeting:

WHEREAS, the Libertarian Party of Florida Executive Committee is committed to the platform of the Libertarian Party; and

WHEREAS, Libertarian National Congressional Committee chairman, Wayne Allyn Root made the undisputed quote in the November 11-17, 2010 issue of weekly magazine Vegas Seven, “I’m kind of re-creating libertarianism. I’m just not going to follow the traditional roots. I’m a Ronald Reagan libertarian. Traditional libertarianism mixes in too many things that are liberal”; and

WHEREAS, the Libertarian Party of Florida Executive Committee finds Mr. Roots comments found above will confuse the general public as to what the Libertarian Party’s official positions are; and

WHEREAS, the Libertarian Party of Florida Executive Committee finds Mr. Roots comments highly offensive and in direct contrast to the Libertarian Party’s message and platform; and

WHEREAS, Mr. Root has supported Republican candidates for public office while in his position on the Libertarian National Congressional Committee; and

WHEREAS, Mr. Root has made similar and consistent comments noted above.

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, the Libertarian Party of Florida fully repudiates Mr. Roots comments as described above and strongly feels Mr. Root should be replaced and removed from his position in any official capacity with the Libertarian National Committee, inclusive of the Libertarian National Congressional Committee.

ADOPTED November 14, 2010

Libertarian Party of Florida
Vicki Kirkland, Chair

Also posted by AuGeo at Gold America Group. Dickey is the former chair of the LP of Florida. The article that raised the LPF’s ire is also posted on IPR here. As far as I know, Florida is the only state to pass such a resolution.

75 thoughts on “LP of Florida says LNC, LNCC should boot Wayne Root

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  2. Be Rational

    Nuts to the LPF.

    Wayne Root is doing just fine.

    No, I’m not in his camp, I don’t agree with some of his message, but he’s out there building the LP as he thinks it should be done.

    I’m busy building the LP as I think should be done. Maybe I can do more and better than Wayne Root, maybe not, but I won’t waste my time and energy attacking him. I’ll just out organize him … and we’ll have his work and mine to build on.

    If you can do better … then just do it.

    Shut up. Stop whining. Build the LP and win.

    Florida is a big state. Elect some people, show us how it’s done. Then everyone, including me, will follow you. Heck, even Wayne Root will follow you if you can put some State Reps and Congressmen in office.

  3. Rebecca Sink-Burris

    One needs to ask if Wayne Root was quoted accurately. As many of us have experienced,the press doesn’t always state things the way the person being interviewed actually expressed it and often leaves out qualifiers and context.

  4. Robert Capozzi

    rsb, ya know, a misquote is possible, but I assume Root said that or something VERY close. This is in line with his schtick. My guess it plays in the Catskills and smaller venues in Vegas; FL Exec Com wants him to cease and desist, and this represents their (weak) attempt to do so, but I have to question the energy drain this represents.

    Of the thousand things they could do with their time, and they choose THIS? Oy!

  5. Jill Pyeatt

    Wayne Allyn Root continues to insult Libertarian
    activists with leanings toward the left. This has been pointed out to him many times, and he continues to deliberately insult. Also, public statements such as ” Traditional libertarianism mixes in too many things that are liberal” make it very clear to any disaffected Democrats that they’re not welcome. That is half of our potential members!

    Since WAR refuses to censure himself, I believe the people on the LNC need to man up, and do it for him.

  6. Robert Capozzi

    jp, hmm, if he should be censured, I’d be inclined to advise against the term “traditional Lism.” There isn’t one.

  7. Robert Milnes

    Wow! This is a wonderful development. It is consistant with what I’ve been suggesting for months.
    Libertarians should insist that only libertarians be allowed to be LP officials or candidates. Root is not a libertarian. There are several schools of genuine libertarian thought. There are several schools of thought that are easily confused with libertarianism. Various conservative schools such as dixiecrat conservative, theocratic Constitutionalist, paleoconservative, various nationalists, & the school Root self-identifies with, libertarian conservative.
    LPF has taken the first step in one case, Root’s. Every lp official and potential candidate should face a Peer Review Board independent of other mechanisms. All should be interviewed, present their genuine beliefs and researched. Then all should be evaluated as to which school they fall in & whether it is a libertarian school or not.
    Since people can change, they should be allowed to reapply if denied party office or cndidacy.
    Of course anyone, regardless of political positions, should be allowed LP membership or to contribute to the LP or candidates.
    LPF is correct & acting correctly. ALL other state parties should follow suit. ASAP.
    I am impressed with LPF.

  8. Single Winner District = Neanderthal Attractor

    #9 You may be correct in labeling W.A.R. as a “libertarian conservative”, however The USA Parliament, Inc. has perfected the answer as to what a person’s category/party is, and it is what that person proclaims to be that day.

    That’s one of our rules.

    For example, just because you call Bush as socialist, and name-calling is quite prevalent in politics, doesn’t make Bush a socialist.

    Just because someone calls a green a communist, doesn’t make them a communist.

    While The USA Parliament, Inc. would welcome new names to be categorized as they wish, the word we use is the one they proclaim or prefer, and that is considered the correct one.

    Regardless of how they are regsitered to vote with the state. Those are ways are different, and not connected.
    * * *

    Join the Frees,
    opposite gender #1!

    Free Parliamentary
    Free Marijuana
    Free and Equal

    “Why do you THINK they called it Google?”

  9. NewFederalist

    Bobby… Bobby Milnes… THERE you are! I was wondering when you were going to jump into this wonderfully divisive situation! Purge them… purge them all… (demonic laugh)

  10. AroundtheblockAFT

    Whoo ho Milnes. Then we could engage in endless resolutions, etc. to purge the Peer Review Board.

  11. Robert Milnes

    Can you imgine a democrat or republican changing parties & then continuing to follow the previous party line & support their candidates? There would be an instant pile on for purge & punishment. It just wouldn’t be tolerated.

  12. Hot Tip

    Headline should have been

    Hot Tip: Florida Libertarians say give Root the shaft for being an ass so as to avoid Republican taint

  13. paulie Post author

    @20 LOL. A bit opinionated for IPR purposes, but funny.

    @19 What do you get when you combine an elephant and a rhino?

  14. Thomas M. Sipos

    Be Rational: “Florida is a big state. Elect some people, show us how it’s done.”

    1. It’s not about electing people. The LP is an educational institution, and Root is miseducating.

    2. The LPF did a Good Thing. No, it won’t remove Root from the LNC — but that’s not the point.

    Starr keeps harping about how Root is the de facto LP spokesperson. IOW, Root is not the official spokesperson. Root keeps getting rejected by a majority of LP members (as was Starr in 2010), coming in second place, so Root ignores it and uses the media to create a false impression of being the LP’s leader.

    De facto spokesperson means that the media treats Root as the LP’s leader, because they don’t know any better.

    The LPF’s action won’t remove Root from the LNC, but it chips away at Root’s de facto status. It sends a signal to the media that Root doesn’t not speak for many Libertarians.

    The more Libertarians renouce Root, the more his de facto status is chipped away.

  15. Thank you LP of Florida...

    …For showing some balls!

    Hot Tip: Florida Libertarians say give Root the shaft for being an ass so as to avoid Republican taint

  16. Single Winner District = Neanderthal Attractor

    Sounds like he proclaims;
    Wayne Allen Root [Ronald Reagan Libertarian]

    We would lump him in with the Libertarian Party unless he requested otherwise, but he has not been elected.
    * * *

    Join the Frees,
    opposite gender #1!

    Free Parliamentary
    Free Marijuana
    Free and Equal

    “Why do you THINK they called it Google?”

  17. Buck Turgidson

    After being active in the Libertarian Party for 3+ years, I am convinced the Libertarian Party is afraid of winning. As we line up the circular firing squad to blast Wayne Root, we are going to purge to only person who gets any serious and credible media coverage for the LP.

    I am sure state executive committee members all over the country are going to introduce monkey see-monkey do resolutions to denounce and purge Root.

    And what will this gain? More division and strife in the LP at a time we should unite and work together. And once Wayne Root has finally departed the scene, we will have George Phillies to lead to promise land of electoral victories. Oh please!

    Purge Baby Purge!

  18. George Phillies

    The Root quote in the resolution, while it does not appear to be damaged by being incomplete, is part of a longer remark, which goes

    “I’m kind of recreating Libertarianism”, says Wayne Allen Root. “I’m not just going to follow the traditional roots. I’m a Ronald Reagan libertarian. Traditional libertarianism mixes in too many things that are liberal. That’s why it doesn’t work. It needs to blend with conservatism. And where’s that today? The Tea Party! And that’s why it’s working. I’ve been trying to bring this party along, and it’s beginning to happen.”

    There is also a later, longer paragraph that includes another quote; the following stops with the actual quote:

    Unlike purist libertarians, Root speaks the language of states’ rights, and differentiates between federal government oppression and state government action. “States can do just as terrible things as a country can,” he says, “but the difference is you can move with your feet.”

  19. Robert Milnes

    Buck, I hope state ex comms all over the country announce similar resolutions.
    Sipos says Root miseducates. I say he misleads. He actually does both.
    By supporting Republican candidates he diverts libertarian wherewithall-to the GOP.
    By getting rightist media he pulls the LP to the right.
    Does the LP need this?
    I say good riddance to Root.

  20. purge the milnestard

    Can we please purge Milnes and Phillies, get a new affiliate set up in Florida, and tell the anarchists and leftist scum to go take a hike already?

    Wayne Root is absolutely right…we need a Reagan Tea Party Libertarian Party. Time to get out of the sand box and start winning!

  21. Reagan Libertarian

    No need to reinvent the wheel.

    I have a better idea, you go start the Anarchist Party….wackos.

  22. Michael H. Wilson

    Hey 34 did you know that centralized pricing of medicare, that’s the Soviet model, was started by Reagan. Course no one here would ever accuse Reagan of being a Socialist or a Communist for doing such now would they. Wonder why Root accuse Obama of being a socialist then? Ya think there is another issue?

  23. Single Winner District = Neanderthal Attractor

    I’m a Nott Libertarian, and have to agree with Buck, you have to turn this into a positive.

    What I would do, is run a “Nott/Root [Libertarian/Ronald Reagan Libertarian]” coalition, or a “Root/Nott [Ronald Reagan Libertarian/Libertarian]” coalition.

    I personally prefer a Female #1, and Nott #2, but one of the Root combinations should be considered. Nott/a female for example.

    What about “Nott/a female/Root”
    [Libertarian/Ronald Reagan Libertarian/Libertarian] coalition?

    You can rank them #1, #2 #3 you know. The best system is to try to start finding people that work together, instead of finding people being driven apart.

    But by putting the opposite gender #1, it really helps take the ego out of it, and that could help everyone.

    For males for example; “A female/Root/Nott” [Libertarian/Ronald Reagan Libertarian/Libertarian] coalition?

    I have asked him, and he is one of the few who is interested in running for VP, so you really can say he’s “Nott interested” in being a candidate for VP.

    And if you could bring Palin in, a Palin/Nott for president is a good one, although I don’t think Obama is available for a Obama/Nott for president.

    If you could talk Root into an alternating gender type of a system, you’d have a better chance of electing the top ranked male, and the top ranked female (or visa versa), if he’d join the cause.
    Perhaps he’s that male?

    Here’s how you’d contact Nott, but you’d have to fly him out. His wife would be good too, in case some would prefer a female Nott for president, and not a male Nott.

    He’s one of those fiscal conservative/socially liberals and is chair of the Contra Costa Libertarians, in the East Bay Mini-state Parliament;

    He has a good sense of humor, and is smart too. Did you see his web page? Unfortunately, he’s a working stiff, tied down to his program writing I’m sure.

    That would be a good plan, as long as the LP was electing a #1 and #2 simultaneously.

    You can contact Nott the Libertarian, here is his web page;

    Or try the meetup.com group in Contra Costa County, CA.

    At least give it a shot…after all many people might like some variation of this plan, and it guarantees a 66.66% plus two votes satisfaction level, much higher than the system the NLP uses
    which gives only a 50% plus one vote threshold.

    And, you get team work too, as you can attract more choices by this system, in the “Your name #1/Nott #2”.

    You wouldn’t win of course, because you’d limit yourselves by many factors, such as shutting out multiple combinations on the LP’s system where only Libertarians could run, or limiting the names to 5 to 7, thus driving more creative options away.

    But by bringing in Ronald Reagan Librarians, you also open the door for a Nader or a Nightingale.

    Like maybe a Nightingale/Nott for president [Constitution/Libertarian] or how about Ogle/a female/Root [Free Parliamentary/Info. Not Avail./Ronald Reagan Libertarian]?

    So you see, you have to turn this into a positive and turn it into a reason to open up more possible combinations.

    Because if people see a female trying to work with a female/Root, maybe they’ll get creative and try other combinations, like maybe a female/female for example. You never know.

    And there’s aways a male/male. How about Starr/Root?

    Or a female/Starr?
    * * *

    Join the Frees,
    opposite gender #1!

    Free Parliamentary
    Free Marijuana
    Free and Equal

    “Why do you THINK they called it Google?”

    for President
    in 2012!

  24. Robert Milnes

    There is an anarchist prty-sort of. The Boston Tea Party.
    Just before the FBI dropped their net on me-1985-I was in contact with Anarchist Association of America & Social Revolutionary Anarchist Federation. Anybody know what became of them?

  25. Erik G.

    TMS @ 22 is on the money.

    And I’m incredibly sad to see the usparliament whacko here. He’s already been tainting Ballot-Access News enough with his spam/crap.

  26. Thane Eichenauer

    I registered Libertarian 25 years ago.

    I encourage any rhetorical egg throwers who think that Root needs correction to point out where they have inspired a weekly print periodical (62,000 copies) to publish a 7 page spread that covers Murray Rothbard, a Libertarian candidate for congress and some third guy because I just KNOW it *must be* because I only get around metropolitan Phoenix, Arizona.

    I have faith that the 62,000 people who read the print article can make their OWN decision about how confusing it is that some freedom promoting people admire Ronald Reagan.

    I prefer Ernest Hancock to Wayne Allyn Root but I am still very thankful to Mr. Root for his work in making that article happen.

  27. Robert Capozzi

    OK, say there was an anti-Root. Say Anti-Root wrote books, regularly appeared on MSNBC, had a radio show, chaired the L Senatorial Committee.

    Say Anti-Root was an extreme abolitionist L. She regularly and in high profile ways called for private nukes, fetuses as parasites, baby selling, unilateral nuclear disarmament, zero government tomorrow, insurance company defense services, no copywrite laws…all of it.

    Say I thought this person was really damaging the L brand, assigning us to the kookiest of fringes. Say I and others tried to corral her and her most outrageous statements, first informally and privately. She persisted.

    A state party executive committee would not have to jump to “full repudiation” and ouster. Isn’t CENSURE the next step?

    A sense of fairness and proportion seem in order. I’m, for ex., unaware of anyone calling for a purge of Phillies after he narced to the FEC (on a non-issue).

    The FL resolution will likely fail because it overreached…it’s a massive over-reach. We can understand censure. What they advocate is just too extreme a remedy for their grievances with Root.


  28. Robert Capozzi

    war: States can do just as terrible things as a country can,” he says, “but the difference is you can move with your feet.

    me: Another reason why I’m not a constitutionalist. This is a weak argument. You can move with your feet out of a country, too.

    This constitutionalist argument that Root makes has SOME merit, IMO, in that all else equal governing (to the extent it’s necessary) is probably best done at a lower, closer level. But that’s because government should most be about peace keeping (cops and courts to stop aggressive violent crime).

    Again all else equal, a more L US, but in which UT, say, adopts Mormonism or MD adopts Catholicism as the state religion might be a push.

  29. Thomas M. Sipos

    Robert: “Say Anti-Root was an extreme abolitionist L.”

    You always set up this false dichotomy. One faction is painted as moderate, minarchist, incrementalist — and the other as extreme, abolitionist, anarchist.

    But as I’ve already pointed out to you, I’m an incrementalist minarchist. LOTS of radicals are minarchists, if by minarchist one means truly small govt — as opposed to making excuses for wars and empire by calling it “pro-defense.”

    The real divide in the LP is anarchist/minarchists on one side, vs. Statist Lite/Republican Lite/neocons on the other.

    The Anti-Root faction is far larger than “left-wing anarchists.”

  30. LP Watcher

    What is “Republican Lite” anyway? Does that mean it is more moderate or less Republican?

    Does that mean a “RL” would be more moderate on social issues, but more free spending on fiscal issues? Does that make them a Democrat?

  31. Sane LP Member

    All this bellyaching about one person that gets a lot of media attention. For those in opposition, why not go out and do the same thing! I think we still have some semblance of a free-market to excel. Out of 300 million people I would think that there could be one person that could be a “counter ” to Wayne. Time to “grow a pair”.
    Put up or shut up.

  32. Robert Capozzi

    tms: The LPF’s action won’t remove Root from the LNC, but it chips away at Root’s de facto status. It sends a signal to the media that Root doesn’t not speak for many Libertarians.

    me: Hmm, so you’re saying that a Fox News producer is going to demote Root from his B guest list to a C because one state excomm repudiates him. For real?

    Think that notion through. Odds are really, really low that reporters and producers pay much or any attention to internal LP shenanigans, IMO.

  33. Robert Capozzi

    tms42: You always set up this false dichotomy.

    me: Yes, you’re correct. Notice that I said “SAY anti-Root…”

    But, OK, here’s another ex., then. I hate to personalize, but what if I were the anti-Root? Say I became a frequent media guest. There, I called for pollution taxes to replace other taxes, with the overall burden being lowered. Say I said I thought 9/11 required a response, and that I with reservations supported the stated initial mission: to find AQN and OBL.

    This sets the Root, constitutionalist, Randroid, and abolitionist wings all into apoplectic shock. Taxation is theft!, they might say (except maybe the constitutionalists and Root), how DARE he associate the LP with such blasphemy!

    The Truthers among us might want to repudiate me, too, as I obviously haven’t watched every version of LOOSE CHANGE and listened to every Alex Jones podcast. I’d be savaged by the most vindictive constitutionalists who will only accept Letters of M&R as the appropriate response to a stateless attack on the US.

    Etc. etc.

    There is a fair amount of sectarianism in the LP and LM. If the Root sect is so damaging, I’d like to hear how so.

    We have a tendency as a group to over-analyze and dissect words. Anyone at any time might say something that any one of us might take issue with. I take issue with some of Root’s views, but I also recognize that he’s a forceful and (so far) a reasonably successful one.

    A person who’s confident in his/her views would not find Root a threat. A person who’s defensive might.

    Be confident. Humbly confident.


  34. Robert Capozzi

    sane: Put up or shut up.

    me: Yes, but it strikes me that “Misery loves company” is the deeper explanation here. Attacking Root could well be a manifestation of this truism. It’s esp. true among the most repressed self-loathers among us. They hate anything that looks like success and popularity, for their mind projects their own deep-seated guilt onto the object of their venom.

    It’s a theory….

  35. JT

    Milnes: “I say good riddance to Root.”

    Well, he’s not gone. I suspect he won’t be in the near future, even if some other state parties follow suit with similar resolutions. Like it or not, there’s clearly has a large percentage of Root supporters in the LP who are enthralled with his charisma and media profile, and don’t find his conservative alignment and effusive praise for Ronald Reagan very objectionable.

    But if Root does want to be the Libertarian presidential nominee in 2012–or at least be elected chair–I don’t think he’s doing himself any favors with his comments about the Islamic structure in Manhattan, about not running Libertarian candidates against far-right Republicans, and about blending libertarianism with conservatism. Those statements can easily be used against him, as I highly doubt they’ll endear him to a majority of delegates to an LP national convention.

    At least he’s been saying what he really believes now though, instead of hiding or downplaying these opinions and then going full force with them after a win. If he does win anything, nobody can say he deceived them in this regard.

  36. Single Winner District = Neanderthal Attractor

    In 2008 The USA Parliament elected;
    Ron Paul/Gail Lightfoot [Republican/Libertarian]
    President and Vice President

    In 2012 The USA will again elect president and Vice President;
    The 8th USA Parliament Election
    from 4/20/2012 to 8/5/2012

    A coalition of Americans united for the purpose of establishing truly representative government
    * * *

    Join the Frees,
    opposite gender #1!

    “Why do you THINK they called it Google?”

  37. Thomas M. Sipos

    @ 44: “All this bellyaching about one person that gets a lot of media attention. For those in opposition, why not go out and do the same thing!”

    You can say the same thing about Obama, or about anyone who succeeds in doing something you disagree with.

    Yet you wouldn’t say “Stop bellyaching about Obama! He won several elections! He gets a lot of media attention! If you don’t like it, you go elected to president.”

    No, you wouldn’t say that. If Obama (or anyone else) is harming your cause, you wouldn’t say “stop complaining if you can’t do likewise.”

    Just because X is successful at causing harm, and you can’t stop him, doesn’t morally justify X’s actions.

    That same principle applies to both Obama and Root.

  38. Jill Pyeatt

    For the record, I don’t believe ouster is the only solution. Censure from The LNC would be a good start in letting Mr Root know how unhappy many of us are. People who know him tell me he does listen to his critics, for a while anyway. Perhaps formal censure would let WAR know the Libertarian party is very unhappy with his misrepresentations, enough so that he will work on stopping them.

  39. Be Rational


    Actually, I would say exactly the same thing about bellyaching about Obama.

    If you’re not going to either run against Obama in 2012, or support someone who is running or will run against Obama in 2012, then you should also stop bellyaching about Obama.

    People who sit about whining and do nothing are worse than useless.

    Either get out there, working with others that you can agree with, support and follow and do something to build the Libertarian Party in a way that is positive and builds the party in a direction that seems the best to you … or … just shut up, and stop whining.

  40. Sane LP member

    Way too much whining. Get off the couch, suit up, go to the studios and be on the air, run for office, set a vision and plan, run for national chair. It is very easy to sit behind a keyboard and complain.

  41. Mik Robertson

    @50 “Yet you wouldn’t say “Stop bellyaching about Obama! He won several elections! He gets a lot of media attention! If you don’t like it, you go elected to president.”

    No, you wouldn’t say that.

    Why wouldn’t someone say that? If a Democrat were suggesting that Obama should be removed from any official standing in the Democratic Party with no specific policy differences being cited, that may be a very reasonable response.

    What someone outside the Democratic Party could do is say that the public policy proposals of Obama are bad for liberty and unduly increase the power and authority of the federal government, which Wayne Root does quite often. I agree with the comment from David Nolan elsewhere that Root could also be saying similar things about the Bush administration and Republican policies, but Wayne can certainly decide what he wants to say or not.

    Even if the attributed quote is accurate, it is unclear what it means. It would be beneficial to know what things are being referred to as too liberal before reacting rashly. I’m unclear whether the issue of helping Republican candidates noted in the resolution is going to be a standard for action to which all party officers in any affiliate who helped the Ron or Rand Paul campaigns will be held.

    This resolution appears to be a vast over-reaction based on less than complete information. Perhaps Wayne Root can elaborate on the comment, if it is accurate, and the points could be discussed.

    Maybe we would find that principled viewpoints could be held to justify a number of different public policy positions that could bolster individual liberty and secure human rights. Maybe it would become clear that there is no single orthodox ideology that will best promote liberty and that a political party can be comprised of people with different viewpoints. Wouldn’t that be something?

  42. paulie Post author

    Sorry for the interruption folks, some distractions from this matter of urgent importance facing the world, courtesy of California Libertarian Alliance


    Obamanomics Leaving World Nervous

    “When I was growing up, China’s Communist leaders would attack the United States as “capitalist running dogs.” How the world has changed: Chinese leaders now publicly fret about America’s reliance on “outmoded central planning.” ”

    “Talk about being called ugly by a frog.”

    “The Chinese official specifically was referring to the Federal Reserve’s decision to pump $600 billion of extra liquidity into the economy. But instead of being called “QE2,” this new bout of quantitative easing should be called the “Titanic.” ”

    Daniel Mitchell looks at how President Obama policy of tax, borrow and spend @ http://www.cato.org/pub_display.php?pub_id=12554

    What a Republican Majority Will Not Mean for Liberty, the Constitution, and Limited Government

    “I hate to rain on the Republicans’ parade, but a brief look at Republican political history shows that we have no reason to be optimistic about a Republican majority in the House or anywhere else.”

    “A Republican majority in the House will not mean any more than it did when the Republicans controlled both the Congress and the presidency under Dwight Eisenhower. With a Republican in the White House and a Republican majority in the Congress, one would think that the entire New Deal could have been repealed and the government restored to at least its pre-New Deal levels. Yet, we are still stuck with New Deal programs today, including the largest entitlement program in the federal budget — Social Security.”

    “A Republican majority in the House will also not mean any more than it did when the Republicans controlled both the Congress and the presidency under George W. Bush. The damage done by Republicans when they were in total control of the government is incalculable: the arcane Sarbanes-Oxley Act, the nationalization of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, federal bailouts, free-speech zones and other infringements on civil liberties, the draconian PATRIOT ACT, the repulsive TSA, wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, skyrocketing congressional spending, doubling of the national debt, assassinations, torture, and illegal surveillance. And then there is the No Child Left Behind Act, which further federalized local public schools; and the Medicare Prescription Drug Plan, the largest expansion of the welfare state since Lyndon Johnson; and the Department of Homeland Security, precursor of the police state.”

    Full commenty on the Republican victory by Laurence Vance @ http://www.thenewamerican.com/index.php/usnews/politics/5086-what-a-republican-majority-will-not-mean-for-liberty-the-constitution-and-limited-government

    New High of 46% of Americans Support Legalizing Marijuana

    WASHINGTON, D.C. — “While California’s marijuana ballot initiative is garnering a lot of attention this election cycle, Gallup finds that nationally, a new high of 46% of Americans are in favor of legalizing use of the drug, and a new low of 50% are opposed. The increase in support this year from 44% in 2009 is not statistically significant, but is a continuation of the upward trend seen since 2000.”

    Full details of Gallup Poll, including demographic divides @ http://www.gallup.com/poll/144086/New-High-Americans-Support-Legalizing-Marijuana.aspx

    Bipartisan Warfare State

    “During the 1976 vice presidential debate between Senators Robert Dole, Republican of Kansas, and Democrat Walter Mondale of Minnesota, Dole outraged Democrats when he said: “All the wars of the 20th century have been Democrat (sic) wars.” That remark came barely 18 months after the fall of Saigon and may have reminded the nation that the Vietnam War, like Korea and both world wars, began with Democrats in the White House and in the majority in Congress. Dole, born in 1923, began his congressional career in 1961, when Republicans were still boasting of their ability to keep America out of wars, rather than their readiness to start one.”

    Jack Kenny looks at how the Democrats & Republicans have come to see war and interventionism as the measure of America’s greatness @ http://www.thenewamerican.com/index.php/history/american/5028-bipartisan-warfare-state

    Now, back to more important issues….

  43. Robert Capozzi

    jp: Perhaps formal censure would let WAR know the Libertarian party is very unhappy with his misrepresentations,….

    me: Some are unhappy. Some are mortified. Some find some of his words disappointing. Some are happy with Root’s words. Some are ecstatic.

    Characterizing “THE” LP’s collective conscious about Root’s views strikes me as a grandiose endeavor. There is no polling done on the matter, there’s only a few datapoints in this particular sample.

  44. NewFederalist

    I have made no secret of my disdain for Root. I find him to be sleazy and utterly too hucksterish for my tastes. I still don’t understand why a state party would take it upon itself to issue a censure. It only provides him with even more reason to prove he is “the one”. If you want him to go away then ignore him and get a candidate identified NOW to be ready to beat him at any convention venue even if it is in his own backyard. Nothing will deflate this gasbag faster than getting his ass beat at the convention.

  45. Dennis

    The Libertarian Party, who oppose censorship, are trying to boot out a member because he publicly voices an unpopular opinion.

  46. Jill Pyeatt

    Dennis @ 59: Now you’re deliberately misrepresenting what’s happening.

    Wayne says he represents the Libertarian party, which includes me, and thousands of other dues-paying, time-giving people. He has been elected as an officer of that Party. He’s knowingly giving out false information, and insulting half of the party members. This is the situation being addressed.

  47. paulie Post author

    war: States can do just as terrible things as a country can,” he says, “but the difference is you can move with your feet.

    bc: Another reason why I’m not a constitutionalist. This is a weak argument. You can move with your feet out of a country, too.

    p: The further you have to move the harder it is. Speaking as someone who’s done it and thought about doing it again on an international level.

  48. paulie Post author

    What is “Republican Lite” anyway? Does that mean it is more moderate or less Republican?

    I think in this context it means a mix of Republican, conservative and libertarian.

  49. Carol Moore

    Right on Thomas Sipos #42 and Jill Pyeatt #60. Just because you are rich and/or famous and.or really good at organizing votes at a convention doesn’t give you the right to redefine a 50 year old movement. Censure is good enough. The more states call for booting him – or giving Root the shaft – the more likely the timid LNC will censure him or at least have a nice firm discussion at the next meeting, as well as lots of private phone calls.

  50. Michael H. Wilson

    Carol this movement has to be more than 50 years old. Fact is when some cave guy grabbed a cave woman by the hair and she said no that is when it was born. Say it ain’t so!

  51. Carol Moore

    I’m just talking about the US movement that describes itself as “libertarian” and goes by the non-initiation of force and is pro-property (as opposed to libertarian socialist). Of couse the desire for freedom/liberty is as old as the universe.

  52. Pingback: David Nolan proposes resolution for LNC consideration | Independent Political Report

  53. George Phillies

    The Revolution may or may not be televised, but I anticipate that the LNC meeting will be.

    At a guess, channel LNC7 on Justin.TV but the program’s mileage may vary.

  54. Robert Capozzi

    p61: The further you have to move the harder it is. Speaking as someone who’s done it and thought about doing it again on an international level.

    me: Generally agree. Moving from the westernmost AK to Canada is longer then moving from Lowell MA to Manchester, NH.

    That “vote with your feet” has some merit, I agree. I don’t use it because it is IMO defeatist and negative. I prefer rhetoric that promotes liberty and peace everywhere.

    Similarly, the states’ rights perspective also has some merit. Again, it’s not a matter of “principle,” I just don’t find it a useful thread of thought.

  55. Starchild

    I’d like to formally thank the Florida Libertarian Party for their leadership on this issue.

    The Idaho LP has now passed a similar resolution calling for Root to be removed from the Libertarian National Committee, and a motion rebuking Root and calling for LP members, candidates, officers, official or de facto spokespersons, and staff to “distinguish between their own views and the Libertarian Party’s Platform and Statement of Principles whenever the two are at variance” is under consideration by the California LP.

    The latter resolution was introduced by California executive committee member Alan Pyeatt this past Saturday.

  56. Sane LP member

    Some people need to find some new material.

    Still waiting for a spokesperson from the left side of the LP to step up into the limelight like Wayne Root does. Tick tock, tick tock.

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