Warren Redlich for Governor: ‘Please Vote!’


It’s Election Day. Thanks to all of our supporters for your effort and encouraging words.

Now please vote. Polls opened at 6 am and they close at 9 pm.

And now, some words from the media …

“We’ve been particularly impressed by Libertarian candidate Warren Redlich … who distinguished himself at the lone gubernatorial debate with reasonable, well-considered, educated responses to discussion of the state’s problems. He is willing to be specific about how he will eliminate several state agencies, end corporate welfare, and cap public sector pay and pensions as a way of stopping the state’s wasteful spending practices.”
— Glens Falls Post Star editorial

“New Yorkers deserve better. Before Election Day, they need a one-on-one showdown between the two most serious candidates. Cuomo and Redlich, that is.” — Bill Hammond, NY Daily News

“Warren Redlich, the Libertarian candidate, has offered the most articulate responses, throwing in a few jabs at Mr. Cuomo and Mr. Paladino and adding a populist touch by citing names of New Yorkers who could benefit from overhauled spending policies.” — Michael Grynbaum, NY Times

At the debate, Warren “seemed to be the smartest guy in the room.” — Chris Burrous, WPIX-TV

I rest my case: Warren Redlich for governor. — Donn Esmonde, Buffalo News

9 thoughts on “Warren Redlich for Governor: ‘Please Vote!’

  1. Andrew Miller

    November 4, 2010
    Libertarian Payback
    Cause and effect brings Party down

    By Roger Stone

    The New York Libertarian Party fell short of the 50,000 votes required for official ballot status again in this years Governor’s race as a direct result of the thuggish and undemocratic tactics used to strong-arm the nomination of Albany Lawyer and perennial candidate Warren Redlich, a non-libertarian, registered Republican and former Green Party Candidate and egomaniac at the Parties convention last spring.

    Kristin Davis who ran a libertarian, issues-based campaign had a serious interest in the Libertarian nomination back in April but pro-Redlich thugs Eric Sundwall, Mark Axinn and Chris Edes conspired to deprive any candidate but Redlich access to a list of those “delegates” eligible to vote, exclude from any influence those New York voters who has actually taken the time to register as Libertarians and required a poll tax to vote. Scott Lieberman, an affable National Libertarian Party leader tried to broker a fair convention to no avail. Redlich was thus nominated and the seeds of his defeat were sown.

    Davis petitioned her way onto the ballot anyway and ran a positive campaign based on a true libertarian agenda; legalization of marijuana, legalization of gay marriage, legalization of casino gambling and decriminalization of Prostitution. Redlich’s response was to call Davis a “whore” in the Albany Times Union.

    In the closing days of the race a First Amendment group People for Safer New York exposed Redlich’s weird writing defending sex with under aged girls in a carefully lawyered piece of literature that exposed Redlich as Sexual predator in his attitude. Redich can huff and puff all he wants but the claims fall squarely within the bounds of the First Amendment. Liberal reporters found Redlich’s writing acceptable as they saw it a sophisticated, erudite and cosmopolitan. It wasn’t. It was vile. I’m a libertine but I limit myself to consenting adults.

    Buffalo Tea Party leader Rus Thompson who writes a widely read blog Albany Insanity, blasted Redlich accurately for trying to practice law before a Town Court while he was on the Town Board overseeing the Court – you’re typical sleazy Albany conflict of interest and criticized the “family man” for owning and profiting from a website CristineO’Donnellnude. O’Donnell was the Tea Party candidate in Delaware. Thompson’s readership is 158,000 subscribers on the right.

    Kristin Davis did offer one criticism of Redlich’s proposal to raise gas taxes to “discourage consumption” a classic case of accepting the liberal argument that we should punish free behavior though taxation and without regard to the current price of gas. The man’s a mischkeit.

    Sam Sloan, a long time Libertarian who was similarly cheated out of a chance to compete for the Libertarian gubernatorial nomination first made me aware of Redlich’s “exotic” writings and I gladly passed them on to People for a Safer New York and their lawyers. People for a Safer New York reportedly mailed 150,000 households the notice. Did the revelations cost Redlich the roughly 5000 votes he fell short by? Most likely.

    Davis scored a respectable 22,000 votes- considering the “draw” of the Board of Elections placed her in a different row on the ballot than all but one of the other candidates for Governor. She will be back.

    The Libertarians scored 44,761 votes. Just short of the magic 50,000. Pity. Paybacks are a bitch.

  2. paulie Post author

    The New York Libertarian Party fell short of the 50,000 votes required for official ballot status

    Maybe, maybe not. Some votes remain to be counted.

  3. paulie Post author

    Kristin Davis who ran a libertarian, issues-based campaign

    Not when it comes to property rights for religious minorities.

    And, unlike Redlich, she came nowhere near 50,000 votes. Why is that?

  4. paulie Post author

    In the closing days of the race a First Amendment group People for Safer New York

    Roger Stone’s false front put out a flier designed to make people mistake Mr. Redlich for a convicted child molester. At best, they skirted the outer edges of legal but dirty attack ad territory.

  5. paulie Post author

    Did the revelations cost Redlich the roughly 5000 votes he fell short by? Most likely.

    Don’t count your chickens as they have not all yet hatched, and as for the smear…I’m not sure whether it hurt or helped Warren’s vote totals. Insofar as it made people aware he exists and some of them may have looked up his website, it is likely it helped.

  6. paulie Post author

    The Libertarians scored 44,761 votes. Just short of the magic 50,000.

    Numbers aren’t final yet. Roger that.

  7. paulie Post author

    Paybacks are a bitch.

    That cuts both ways, doesn’t it?

    Those who live by the sword shall fall by the sword…

  8. paulie Post author

    Richard Winger comments at BAN….

    I do not agree that the Libertarians fell short. In 1998, on the day that was 6 days after the election, the Working Families Party was told it only had polled 48,000 for Governor. Everyone assumed they had just barely failed. But in mid-December, when the official canvass was complete, surprise, they had 51,000. There are always lots of provisional ballots and it takes weeks to sort through them and decide which are valid. That hasn’t been done yet in New York. There are also some uncounted absentee votes and even a few uncounted precinct votes.

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