Independent US Senator Bernie Sanders currently filibustering Obama-GOP tax deal

Watch it live online on  C Span’s website.

From TIME:

Beginning at 10:25 am Friday morning, the independent senator took to the Senate floor in an attempt to block President Obama’s hefty new tax bill. The bill is an extension of Bush-era tax cuts to the income of the U.S.’s richest citizens and has been criticized as an excessive compromise on Obama’s part.

As I watch the filibuster right now, as Sanders is well into his sixth hour, the self-described democratic socialist is not reading the phone books, but speaking on federal policy (specifically, he is advocating for breaking up big banks).  Sanders caucuses with the Democrats, and didn’t have a Democratic opponent when he was elected to the Senate, but is also closely associated with the Vermont Progressive Party.

6 thoughts on “Independent US Senator Bernie Sanders currently filibustering Obama-GOP tax deal

  1. Gene Berkman

    Sen. Sanders shows his true color (red!) as a big government socialist when he opposes tax cuts. He seems to think everyone’s earnings belong to the federal government, and if you keep what you produce, it is a gift from government.

    That said, at least a filibuster will keep the Senate from doing other bad things. And if he can keep the lame duck Senate from renewing tax cuts, then Obama will lose the chance to take credit for keeping taxes low (sic) on the middle class.

  2. Bryan

    He came in at 8 hours 35 min….to the min. I saw him check his watch about three for four min before he stopped…
    Not bad for an older guy.

  3. randy

    Thank god we have someone thats not afaid to to called a socialist or red thank you bernie , us socialist and good communist know what this counrty needs, more work from hard working people that are looking out for all of us and we what is best for the common man not these selfesh me me me I erned it and the hell with averyone eles type of thinking ew need a socialist revolution that locks these self me me people up in labor camps and let them work there way out by doing the dirty work that the common women and man do averyday just to put food on the table and pray to jesus christ THE FIRST COMMUNIST, that no one gets sick glenn beck ann colter and company should all be striped of all there wealth and made to work in a labor camp for at least for 7 years untill they fully understand that this counrty is going to be socialist and the rest of you had start re reading your bibles and then start on trotsky and to the first comment yes avery dime you make belongs to THE GOVERMENT AND THE PEOPLE THAT NEED IT.

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