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Vermont Progressive Party legislative assignments

From the Progressive Party’s blog:

The House and Senate convened and organized this week, and Progressives fared well in committee assignments.

The returning house members all remained on the same committees from last session.Sarah Edwards returns to Natural Resources and Energy, the House committee which deals with Vermont Yankee. Susan Davis (on Corrections and Institutions) and Mollie Burke (on Transportation) again both serve on two of the House “money” committees.Sandy Haas becomes the second Progressive to hold a committee leadership position, rising to Vice-Chair of the Human Services committee. Chris Pearson is assigned to the Health Care committee, the House committee which will be taking on health care reform.

Next door, Freshman Senator Anthony Pollina sits on the Health and Welfare Committee, which will tackle health care reform in the Senate. His second committee is Government Operations, which has jurisdiction over campaign finance and redistricting. Senator Tim Ashe becomes the third Progressive with a committee leadership post, serving as Vice-Chair of the Economic Development, Housing and General Affairs committee. Tim’s second committee is Finance, which deals with Tax Policy.

Congratulations to all, especially Sandy and Tim. It will be a busy year for Statehouse Progressives; come to Montpelier for a visit during the session to see your caucus in action!

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