Green Matt Reichel Calls for Progressive Unity; Tom O’Donnell Dodges Debate

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Matt Reichel

Matt Reichel

The Center Square Journal is reporting that 47th ward aldermanic candidate, Tom O’Donnell, has elected not to attend next Tuesday’s debate at the Dank Haus in Lincoln Square.

As to why O’Donnell may have decided to not come, fellow candidate Matt Reichel responded:

Ask Carol Moseley Braun. She might have some idea. Tom did not perform very strongly at the last debate at Coonley Elementary. He probably feels that he has a lot to lose, and little to gain, by attending this forum.

Reichel continued to rally progressives:

It is very important that we use this opportunity of an open election with a particularly weak establishment candidate to galvanize progressive support behind me. We have gained a lot of momentum since Schulter’s departure from the race, as progressives from throughout the ward have approached me and said “Now is the time.” We can use this candidacy as a vehicle to help stop this disastrous tidal wave of privatization and union-busting going on in this city.

Reichel, who refused to be considered for endorsement by the corporate newspapers on principle, is hoping to galvanize union support over the last 10 days. He said: “The Chicago Teachers’ Union will make their decision on Monday, and there are a few other unions whose decisions are pending. If we receive any of their support, we will have all of the momentum we need to carry on to victory in the 47th ward.”


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