John Jay Myers: Video excerpts from speech at University of North Texas

John Jay Myers:

I hope this video helps to tone down some of the rhetoric in regards to whether “Muslims are out to kill us all!!!”

This video talks about how Foreign Aid isn’t charity, or charitable for that matter. It just hurts:

This video has a great section (I think) in regards to how much we pay for gas if we consider war a subsidy:

This is just a collection of relatively funny or random parts:

Garry Reed in the Examiner (excerpt):

…John Jay Myers’ presentation at the University of North Texas Thursday night. His talk, “Liberty and Foreign Policy: A discussion with local libertarian leader John Jay Myers” was sponsored by the UNT Young Americans for Liberty group. “It’s nonsense that our government spends a trillion dollars every year on defense and that we have 700 military bases in over 130 countries,” YAL Chapter President Clint Townsend stated in a media release. “Our organization wants to inform students and the public that there is a sensible alternative to our current strategy and ongoing wars abroad, and our guest, John Jay Myers, is going to help us do that.”

4 thoughts on “John Jay Myers: Video excerpts from speech at University of North Texas

  1. Alan Pyeatt

    Nice to see that we still have leaders who are well-spoken AND principled.

    Way to go, John!

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