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Canton, CT man running for town’s Board of Selectmen as a Green

From the Foothills Media Group:

CANTON — Canton resident Ben Holden is seeking the Green Party nomination so that he can run for the Canton Board of Selectmen in November.

Some of the items topping Holden’s platform include the building of two hydroelectric dams, an electric charging station, and issues with the current board of selectmen.

Holden, 64, suggests that the town should explore purchasing permits to renovate the hydroelectric dams on the Farmington River in Canton.

“If you look at the price of oil and energy, then you will come to the conclusion that this something that the town ought to do,” said Holden. “It’s right for the world, right for the community, and right for us.”

Holden also suggests that the town install electric charging stations in the municipal town parking area.

“They will complement our solar panel and the hydroelectric projects,” he said.

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