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Oregon Libertarians reform state party

From an article by Harry Heyoka on

At their State Committee meeting March 31 — not April 1 — the governing body of the Libertarian Party of Oregon (LPO) adopted a new Constitution and Bylaws, abolishing dues and making all (and only) registered Libertarian voters in Oregon members of the state party. The LPO’s new governing documents also replace the State Committee with a Board of Directors consisting of nine members appointed to serve until elections can be held. The new board will hold its first meeting on April 19 at the Village Inn in northeast Portland.

Read the rest here.

IPR readers may remember some of the LP-OR drama posted in other articles.


  1. Alan Pyeatt Alan Pyeatt April 3, 2011

    Good for them! I hope it works out well.

    You certainly can’t accuse them of not thinking outside the box.

  2. Gains Gains April 3, 2011

    Sounds very big tent, decentralized, almost I might say… brilliant.

  3. Matt Cholko Matt Cholko April 3, 2011

    “The new rules also provide for a privately funded statewide Libertarian primary election to select the party’s nominees for public office”

    Who is going to pay for this? Sounds pretty damn expensive to me.

  4. George Whitfield George Whitfield April 4, 2011

    Matt #5, Perhaps they could do an on-line internet based primary among previously registered people. It might not be too expensive but would take alot of work to set up right. I am glad the Oregon LP is getting itself back together. Congratulations to the people there who made it happen.

  5. Marc Montoni Marc Montoni April 4, 2011

    An internet primary sounds like a great idea, as long as the state would recognize it.

    It’s easy enough to allow people to “log in” using their registered voter information (available from the OR board of elections, as well as private vendors such as so that their votes can be tallied entirely automatically.

    The state of Virginia, where I live, for example, has a way for state voters to **directly** access the information the state has on file related to their voter registration status. The same sort of “online database lookup” could be done by the state party via its website. Instant voter verification, instant tally… Yeah, it’s a possibility. Good thinking, George.

    Might even make some national news if they get it up and running before anyone else does.

  6. @5 I am advised they are planning papermail distribution. The alternative loses the third-half of the population that does not use the internet with any frequency.

    An Oregon issue will be on the agenda of the next LNC Meeting, brought there by Mary Ruwart.

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