Attention Angelenos: Who will win, Libertarians or the Green Party?

Green Party Vs. Libertarian Party softball game this weekend in Los Angeles to raise awareness of our two party dictatorship!

Yes, you heard that right. The Greens will be playing in a softball game against supporters of the Libertarian Party. The event will be taking place, more specifically, in the San Fernando Valley.

…to raise awareness of…. OUR TWO PARTY DICTATORSHIP! We don’t need politicians this day, we need ball players! If you can run catch, throw, & hit, c’mon down!

Even if you can’t come on down anyway! We need support!

Make sure to RSVP so we know how many folks are coming!

PS – I’ll provide the bases & balls, but if you can bring a bat and/or a glove for yourself, that would be great!

When: Saturday, May 14 · 11:30am – 2:00pm

Where: Hjelte Sports Center (Diamond 1) 16200 Burbank Blvd. Encino, CA

Here is the facebook page for the event. Makesure to leave a comment if you would like to participate…Don’t forget to wear your Green…

Here is another page for the event on

17 thoughts on “Attention Angelenos: Who will win, Libertarians or the Green Party?

  1. Jill Pyeatt Post author

    LOL, David, and the LP will be wearing hemp–

    (I stole that joke from Facebook).

  2. Second Baseman

    The Greens will be using aluminum bats because they won’t use wooden ones to preserve the trees.

    Those bats will be rented from the Libertarians, because that’s the free market, baby!

    The Greens will not be using gloves in the field because the killing and processing of cows to make them is too costly to the environment.

    They will object to using the ball for the same reason for the cover, and the environmental cost of making the rubber core and the internal string wrap.

    The Libertarians will not only use the ball and gloves, but have extra since they got them on sale at Big 5, because that’s the free market, baby!

    The Greens will object to the state of the field because of all of the water used to keep it green and the fossil fuels used in the fertilizer and lawn mover to make it look right.

    The Libertarians will object at first to using the field because it is paid for by tax dollars stolen from hard-working people without their consent. Then they will change their minds, rationalizing that since it’s paid for, they might as well get their money’s worth out of it before the taxes go up or the dollar collapses further.

    At the end of it all, the Libertarians win by forfeit and go off and drink beer and smoke weed, while the Greens go hug some trees in the Angeles National Forest.

  3. Short Stop

    Both will realize that the baseball has 108 stitches, the same number of beads in a rosary, and won’t touch it.

    Both will decide to go drink a locally produced micro beer and trade some good medical stuff.

  4. Matt Cholko

    Sounds like a great idea to me. Maybe sometime when my schedule permits, I’ll try to schedule something similar here in northern VA.

  5. Matt Cholko

    Of course, if you live in northern VA, and wish to schedule such an event, I’d love to play, and will push others to do the same.

  6. Jill Pyeatt Post author

    No, this isn’t the best the Los Angeles and California LP can do. The new ex com, which I went to the convention to vote in, will be doing wonderful things. As they say in Texas: “You ain’t seen nuthin’ yet!”

  7. paulie

    (Sorry, no time to read comments – commenting on article: )

    I hope Greens and Libertarians find more things to work on together including some fun/social stuff like this. Some ideas of issues to work on together here:

    Jill, quick style note: IMO best not to use h1 in article text, or anything that is bigger than the headline itself. Just my opinion….I try to stick with nothing bigger than h4.


  8. Second Baseman

    Bruce Cohen can’t hit a softball politically or on a playing field to save his life.

    This event was not an official LP event, just a casual get-together.

    We have an E6 @4 because this was a baseball game, not a softball game. There are 88 stitches on a softball.

    The real question now is what happened?

  9. Eddie

    This is just the beginning guys! Let’s open up the debates. We will host our own debates and invite the Democrats and Republicans. If they don’t want to come, they will see us gaining momentum and will have to let us participate. We shall begin at the university level and city level. Inform everyone!

  10. Gains

    Fun game.

    I think that the Greens do not have enough people watching IPR posts. They claimed they would have had more people if the announcement had gone out sooner for them. There were plenty enough between us to make two full teams and a respectable group in the cheering in the stands.

    I hope we have another game soon!

    This was a brilliant idea. Carlos Rodriguez (and someone on the Greens side? Eddie?) get mad kudos from me for putting it together.

    Social interaction is the first date of political coalition. It is one thing to do an ad-hoc thing together at a parade or something; but when you get together regularly, socialize, and have a stake in some of each others’ successes, political activism takes on a whole new level of effectiveness.

    I contend that politics is about people and its primary skill is making friends.

  11. Jill Pyeatt

    I do think we get too hung up on party labels. There are many people out there who understand and even live, to their best ability, libertarian values, but they just don’t know the name. How can we recruit them if we don’t interact with them? Our candidate here in Los Angeles for the special election for Congress (Steve Collett) told me that he was a Republican until he met some Libertarians on the Prop 19 campaign (that was Ca’s marijuana initiative from 2010, which came close to passing).

  12. pete healey

    We held a softball game way back in my youth on May Day. It was a game between the Socialists and the Anarchists. We paraded across the campus at SUNY New Paltz with red and black flags to the baseball field. At the end of a spirited game, the Anarchists won because one of them rode a bike from second base to home for the winning run! Anarchists can never be expected to play by the rules, ever.

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