Nullify Now! Tour Comes to Los Angeles

SPECIAL EVENT: Downtown Los Angeles, 05-28-11

great speakers, local musicians,
grassroots activism for liberty.
ATT Tower Penthouse. 4pm-LATE.

–Event Overview
–Room 1, Speakers
–Room 2, Music, Art, Entertainment
–Dinner and Drinks
–Location, Directions, Pictures
–Tickets (FREE for students)


The “peace president” bombs. The TSA gropes and scans. The drug war rages on. The fed prints and prints….and prints. Mandates and bailouts never seem to end.

What do we do about it?

Thomas Jefferson gave us the answer in 1798 in defense of free speech – “whensoever the general government assumes undelegated powers….a nullification of the act is the rightful remedy.”

Through historical writings, case studies, and speeches by the Founding Fathers, more than 10 speakers will give you a logical, moral, and constitutionally sound case for nullification, revealing:

What IS nullification? Clue – it’s not what the pundits of the politicians have been telling you.
How nullification has been used in defense of free speech, as resistance to slavery and conscription, and how it’s being used in modern times, right here in California
How we can address the TSA, foreign policy, marijuana, water rights, and other issues through state-based activity
How we can roll back unconstitutional expansions of federal power through nullification
Why the Founding Fathers believed that nullification was the “moderate middle ground”
Why the Tenth Amendment to the Constitution gives the states the power to nullify unconstitutional laws
Why states – not the Supreme Court – should arbitrate disputes between the states and the federal government over the constitutionality of the federal government’s actions.
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–Thomas E. Woods, Jr – Author of Nullification, Meltdown, Politically Incorrect Guide to American History
–John Dennis – Republican Liberty Caucus. Challenged Nancy Pelosi in 2010
–Scott Horton – Antiwar Radio, KPFK
–Anthony Gregory – Campaign for Liberty, Independent Institute
–Art Thompson – JBS
–Nick Hankoff – We Won’t Fly, YAL
–Michael Boldin, Bryce Shonka – Tenth Amendment Center
–Jason Rink – Foundation for a Free Society
Special Guest MC: Chelene Nightingale
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Jordan Page – first Los Angeles performance! New Album, Liberty
Jordan is a young Singer/Songwriter and itinerant musician seeking to mobilize a new generation to stand up for their country and the rights of the individual. Jordan uses his talents to promote a message of peace while educating and mobilizing resistance to tyranny and the erosion of American civil rights.

Plus Local Musical Acts and Bands:
Jonny Leroy, Vayden, Lugenbuhl, My Own Holiday, Starveya
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Los Angeles Icon, Patina Group, will be on hand to provide a full cash bar from 4pm-close. Their “Market Cafe” will also be open for our scheduled dinner break and for a short while after.

Market Café at AT+T Center offers seasonal, freshly made items. Enjoy their “chop & toss” fresh produce bar, artisan sandwiches, homemade soups and chef’s daily entrée specials. Pre-packaged sandwiches, salads and sides are also available for a price-conscious quick meal on the go.
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The 30th Floor Penthouse of the AT&T Center is a breathtaking space. 25 foot ceilings, floor-to-ceiling windows and a nearly 360 degree view of the city is something not to be missed.

The space boasts 2 separate rooms. One will be for speakers and the other will house entertainment – music, art, sponsors and vendors. Plus our full bar from the Patina group.

So, while the message is important and the education is essential – we believe that it’s still ok to have fun while standing up in support of the Constitution and liberty. Click the image to the left to see a few more pictures of the space.

AT&T Center, 30th Floor:
1150 South Olive St, floor 30
Los Angeles, CA 90015
Driving – Get directions
Transit, Blue Line – Pico Station
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Students – FREE
General Admission – $10
Rows 4-5 – $25
Rows 2-3 – $40
Front Row – $75

Tickets: Each ticketing price level will allow you to sit in a specified section in unassigned seats, first-come first-serve.

Get Tickets online at or by calling 888-71-TICKETS
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EVENT SCHEDULE (tentative)
4:00pm, doors open. Arrive early!
5:05 – Jason Rink, Intro to the Principles of ’98/Nullification
5:20 – Bryce Shonka – nullification around the country today
5:40 – Nick Hankoff – nullifying the TSA
5:50 – Eddie Allen – Constitutional Tender

6:00 – DINNER and 2 local Musical Guests
(meals available for purchase on site)

7:00 – Art Thompson on effective grassroots activism
7:25 – Stewart Rhodes – How Nullification should have resisted Internment
7:50 – John Dennis – RLC
8:15 – Michael Boldin – Tenth Amendment Center
8:30 – MUSIC
9:00 – Scott Horton – Foreign Policy, the National Guard and Nullification
9:30 – Anthony Gregory – Addressing the drug war, patriot act and more through nullification
10:00 – Thomas E. Woods – Author of Nullification: How to Resist Federal Tyranny in the 21st Century

11:00 – LATE – more local musicians, DJ’s in our penthouse lounge. Relax, drink, dance, mingle – and network – with like minded people.

Liberty CAN be fun!

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20 thoughts on “Nullify Now! Tour Comes to Los Angeles

  1. Jill Pyeatt Post author

    This should be a great event! Several Libertarian regions in the Los Angeles area will have a table to pass out literature, and our own Adrian Galysch will perform. Please join us if you can!

  2. Don Lake, FYI, not necessarily a unilateral endorsement


    Donald Lake, Citizens For A Better Veterans Home:

    Another comedian has signed on to join us for “Stand Up for Main Street: An All-Star Comedy Benefit for Public Citizen”!

    Bill Burr — well known for his appearances on “Chapelle’s Show,” “The Late Show with David Letterman,” “Comedy Central Presents” and the movie Date Night with Tina Fey and Steve Carrell — will join in the fun at the star-studded event at the Brentwood Theatre in Los Angeles on June 12.

    Tickets are $100 for the Orchestra and $50 for the Mezzanine. All proceeds from Stand Up for Main Street benefit Public Citizen.

    Looking forward to seeing you in LA!
    Sincerely, Robert Weissman’s signature

    President, Public Citizen

    Post. Script. Help us get the word out about this great event! Forward this email to your friends in Los Angeles and visit our Facebook page today.

  3. Eddie

    I am a Green, but having begun a “coalition” with some Libertarians, I might just attend this event to expand my networking. Are there any LA Libertarians attending?

  4. Jill Pyeatt Post author

    Yes, Eddie, we’ll have a table to pass out literature. Come on over and say “Hello”!

  5. Starchild

    Wish I could be in L.A. for this, looks excellent! But why no mention of the Fully Informed Jury Association? It seems weird to have a whole event centered around nullification without seeing listed anywhere in the description.

  6. Jill Pyeatt

    It was the best spent evening I’ve spent in a long time! The place was packed–standing room only for many of us. The speakers were great and the energy level was invigorating. Tom Woods almost brought me to tears when he talked about the thousands of children being killed in the name of the United States (my paraphrasing). I would highly recommend anyone in a large city to consider having an event like this in their town.

  7. Jill Pyeatt Post author

    I posted some on my Facebook page. I’m hoping my husband or someone helping at the Libertarian table will write an article about it.

  8. Don Grundmann

    I believe that this event was MCd by our wonderful Gubinatorial candidate Chelene Nightingale.

    Don J. Grundmann, D.C. Chairman American Independent Party, California branch of the Constitution Party

  9. Jill Pyeatt Post author

    Yes, it was. Mrs. Nightingale was there, broken ankle and all. I actually had the opportunity to visit with her a while at the end of the evening.

  10. Don Grundmann

    AG – Just as the sun rises we can count on you and ” Save Our State ” to do what it does best – nothing. Nothing that is but, since you are incapable of building anything positive, tearing others down, smearing and slandering them ( with Chelene as your only target ), and throwing as much mud as you, as a troll under the bridge, can. Nothing new here; just your old/regular habit pattern.

    By the way, Chelene was injured, I believe, in a martial arts class. Speaking just for myself I would be happy to see her constructively apply her knowledge by placing her foot in your mouth/posterior; an action which would certainly be a public service by her and a well deserved ” karmic ” result for and by you.

    Perhaps you can someday grow up to do something constructive in aiding our state and nation instead of having your never-ending tantrum. I won’t be holding my breath waiting for that to happen. Harold Campings end-of-the-world prediction has more of a chance to occur and will come true first.

    Don J. Grundmann, D.C. Chairman American Independent Party, California branch of the Constitution Party

  11. AyatollahGondola


    You’d have to be blind or voluntarily evasive to miss the many events I do and that which I participate in for the sake of my community, state, and country. Last saturday we had a float in the memorial day parade for example. Check my youtube page for documentation. We document these things because it helps those who cannot be there feel a little closer to things actually being done instead of a bunch of hot air from airheads. I understand how it must feel for you to be left out, anf I further understand how it must make you feel to see the person you defended have legitimate proof flaunted in public that she is a liar and has mistreated people for fun, fame, and ego. But more to the point, let’s not forget hypocrisy. Chelene was the queen of slander, defamatory speech, and libelous character assassinations for years. She was relentless in her pursuit of anyone that stood in the way of her own megalomaniacal goals. I don’t see how this supposedly strong, dedicated patriot woman can be so damn weak when the tables are turned and she is on the receiving end. She can dish it out like no one’s business. But she can’t take it well, can she. that’s the word Grundmann Hypocrisy….

  12. Don Grundmann

    AG – From my view and experience Chelene takes the hits quite well and keeps on going. I presume that one reason for that is that she does not have a never-ending-tantrum ongoing such as yourself for slights either real or, especially, imaginary. Be that as it may I am sure that you will continue, as in permanently, to be your troll self and will endlessly sling any kind of mud; real and ( especially, times 10 minimum ) imaginary. We will just soldier on and produce positive results while you neverendingly work alongside and in harmony with the enemies of the state and nation to drag us and everyone else down. These things will not change.

    Don J. Grundmann, D.C. Chairman American Independent Party, California branch of the Constitution Party

  13. AyatollahGondola

    That’s where you and Chelena lose credibility Grundmann. Making some off-the-cuff statement that I work in harmony or alongside enemies of the state. My last events are: marching alongside soldiers in the parade, standing in opposition to illegals at the student march for more taxes, raising the border patrol flag for three days in a row in three different locations, speaking out at the bi-national summit on mexico-California trade at the state capitol, speaking out for Tim Donnelly’s AZ type enforcement bill in the legislature, speaking about illegal employment at the committee for labor relations at the state capitol, I could go on, and on, and on, and there is proof in the way of video on our website, but the point is made that you will make yourself not credible like Jeff Schwilk has done visa false claims. No one will believe you either soon enough. Nightingale is failing in her effort to convince people she is credible too. It’s happening. little more each day. Her claims of having done so much for everyone are starting to ring hollower and hollower. Sorry to hear about her ankle. Hope you guys still have her wheelchair handy so you can push her to her accomplishments again

  14. Frank Jorge

    Mr Grundmann I know Ayatollah and he is a very responsible and patriotic individual. He is not mud slinging, he is reacting to the abuse heaped upon him some time back and has been truthful in his interactions with you to the extent of providing evidence for you to look at. Chelene started a fight with him and she did so with someone who will stand up to her every single time.

  15. NewFederalist

    I think we need a thread devoted to the California AIP so those of us having trouble keeping up with all this can get a baseline. I am so confused as to who is doing what to whom that I cannot make much sense from all this venom. Any takers?

  16. AyatollahGondola

    I believe Nightingale has forsaken the AIP, having used the party for a specific purpose that benefitted her at the time. She appears to be encouraging AIP members to jump ship to Constitution party now. Just starting an AIP thread would not suffice, as would not a Constitution one, for soon she will likely start a Nightingale party to avoid any confusion over who people are consigning their political interests to.

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