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Mississippi: Libertarian Knezevich campaigns

From an article by David A. Farrell published June 22, 2011 in The Picayune Item:

PICAYUNE — While national Republicans and Tea Party activists have been debating the merits of third-party attempts, Pearl River County voters will get a chance to see if a third-party candidate can have a local impact, as Donna Knezevich — who filed to run against incumbent State Rep. Herb Frierson (R-Poplarville) in the race for the House District 106 post — kicked off her political campaign in Picayune on Monday night.

She is the first Libertarian candidate to seek office in local Pearl River County political races.

Knezevich (pronounced key-nez-a-vitch), who lives on a farm with her husband, some of her children and grandchildren near Poplarville, said she chose to run as a Libertarian because both the Republican and Democrat parties have offered citizens on the local, state and national level the same thing: Spending, taxes and debt.


Read the rest of the article here; or see the plain text version here.

Also see our previous coverage of news regarding candidate Knezevich.


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  1. Kleptocracy and You Kleptocracy and You June 27, 2011

    Kudos to Knezevich (pronounced key-nez-a-vitch) !

    To attenuate gov’t at all levels we need (and MUST have) Libertarian voices speaking TRUTH to power !!

    Donna could have remained on the farm with her hubby, children and grandchildren, but she sees the importance of running on the LP ticket. Oh if only more Libertarians would realize the urgensy of the situation and step up to the challenge at the local, state and federal level. Candidates ALWAYS needed !!!

    Send this lady a DONATION !!!!

    ^^^ Viva La Libertarians ^^^

    What’s the Diff?!:

    “The lesser of the two evils is still evil. Vote Libertarian” –

    “The Libertarian Party” –


    “The smart way to keep people passive and obedient is to strictly limit the spectrum of acceptable opinion, but allow very lively debate within that spectrum.” – Noam Chomsky

    One suggestion to any future LP candidates. Add two words “SPECIAL INTEREST” to Spending, taxes and debt.

    [S]he chose to run as a Libertarian because both the Republican and Democrat parties have offered citizens on the local, state and national level the same thing: “SPECIAL INTEREST Spending, Taxes and Debt” sounds better to the masses as MOST of them think “spending” is the main job of gov’t, especially the spending coming to themselves and their extended families. (a special interest is someone else, somewhere else)

    Since we are on southern politics in this thread, a short story on George Wallace on the stump in numerous races for Gov. (How you gonna pay fer it, little George? “Don’t tax you, don’t tax me, TAX that man BEHIND the tree !”) He WON four times !!!!

    In the late 80s and early 90s the LP was very much concerned with sentence structure for desired meaning. It does matter. A negative to any challenger is needing to reinvent the entire wheel every few years. Example: I’m almost positive most LP members had come to the agreement decades ago to use the correct (TRUTHFUL) term “re-legalize” pot, drugs etc. (RE, RE, RE, and RE-LEGALIZE is the correct wording) as it is much easier to defend and/or espouse since the U.S. grew to it’s greatness while ALL drugs were LEGAL and UNregulated. Let’s REturn to sanity and “tradition” on the issue.

    Keep up the good fight…

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