Libertarian candidate Donna Knezevich

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Donna Knezevich: Why I\’m Running as a Libertarian Candidate


Donna Knezevich, running for Mississippi State Representative, reports about her campaign:

You requested some information from me relative to what I have done on my campaign already, which includes:
– Set up a website:
– Held a kick off meeting, which made the front page of the local newspaper
– Sent a saturation mailing of nearly 6,000 flyers within my district, introducing myself and listing my party affiliation and major goals if elected
– Posted of 150 signs throughout the district, with party affiliation and major goals if elected
– Obtained an endorsement from Liberty
– Began knocking on doors (approximately 15,000+ in the district – concentrating on higher population areas first) and handing out literature
– Began phone call campaign with list of Republican voters. Trying to obtain list of Democrats
– Setting up a student meeting on a local community campus with Dr. Lark and members of YAL group from a different community college campus south of my district
– Setting up a meeting with the county NAACP
– Completed application to Atlas Liberty, and expect endorsement letter this week

4 thoughts on “Libertarian candidate Donna Knezevich

  1. Stewart Flood

    I had a chance to talk with Ms Knezevich at the LSLA meeting in Ohio. She is running a real grass roots campaign, meeting with voters, sending mailers, calling specific target groups for support.

    What the campaign needs is money (right now!) for several mailings that she wants to send to voters in the last few weeks leading up to election day.

    Obviously the purpose of IPR is not to just solicit people for funds…but someone posted the article about her so I’ll take the risk of having this post censored.

    Please consider sending her some assistance — and don’t forget to mention that you read about it on IPR. I’ll personally match the first $500 that she says came from IPR readers.


  2. George Whitfield

    Thanks for the reminder Stewart. I will make a donation this weekend and mention that I am an IPR reader!

  3. Ralph Swanson

    Good for her but her platform looks irrelevant to the position sought in some areas or with many extreme right/religious conservative views.

    Hope she evolves.

  4. paulie

    Stewart, we have had people (myself included) ask for money here many times. Milnes practically begged for money almost every comment.

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