LNCC: ‘Paul, We Really Want You to Be Part of This’

A followup email sent to addresses that subscribe at LNCC.org but did not respond to this initial invitation to fill out the volunteer form within the first couple of days. For background, see previous IPR story.

Hello Paul F******:

A couple of days ago I asked you to complete our volunteer questionnaire … but I see you haven’t yet gotten around to it.

It’s easy to let a request such as that go by the wayside, but it’s very important that you take just a few minutes to complete our questionnaire.

You see, without YOU there is no Libertarian Party.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a lot of time or if you can’t travel far … or even at all. You’ll be able to tell us that.

Please don’t imagine you have nothing to offer. You’ll actually be surprised by some of the questions we ask.

We may need someone to sign a letter to the editor that someone else writes for you. Or we may need someone willing to be listed as a plaintiff in a lawsuit so we have standing against a local government agency.

Trust me there is definitely a way that you can participate! But the only way we’ll get to know that is if you complete the questionnaire.

Sure, I imagine we could spend all of our time and effort just raising and spending money. We’ll certainly do much of that, too, and having money will be vital to our victory.

However, I sincerely believe that a dedicated army of volunteers can be a powerful force for good … and there is simply no way to replace with money what an organized, devoted group of people sincerely wanting to change the world can do.

Paul, become a part of this.

Just use the link below. It will take just a few minutes to go through it. Be sure to use the e-mail address we have on record for you: ********************************.

Okay, just click here: Volunteer Form and let’s get started.

This won’t hurt a bit. I promise.

Wayne Allyn Root, Chairman
Libertarian National Campaign Committee (LNCC)

7 thoughts on “LNCC: ‘Paul, We Really Want You to Be Part of This’

  1. paulie Post author

    I went ahead and filled it out. Here is the response:

    Thank you so much for completing the Volunteer Questionnaire.

    Paul, YOU are the Libertarian Party! And each day I am witnessing more and more people like you joining us.

    Victor Hugo once wrote: “There is nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come.” He was right! And the idea of Freedom and Self-Responsibility is perhaps one of the most powerful ideas in history.

    Eventually, with a sufficient number of volunteers, we will reach a tipping point. And with enough of us standing on the proverbial lever that Archimedes once wrote about, we will move the Earth.

    Wayne Allyn Root, Chairman
    Libertarian National Campaign Committee (LNCC)

  2. Aaron Starr

    Mario, you wrote in the questionnaire that you were a candidate back in 2006. Had I known back then, I might had been able to assist. I was state chairman at the time in California.

    What did you think of the questionnaire?

  3. Mario Conde

    Aaron, the questionnaire was good. Very detailed that showed that the LNCC is looking for people with skills to promote the party.

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