Nader Seeking Primary Challenger for Obama

Newsmax has the story.

Consumer advocate and progressive liberal Ralph Nader said Thursday he will send a letter to a targeted group of 40 former university presidents, retired congressmen, progressive business leaders and civic activists and ask them to challenge President Barack Obama in 2012.

“The pitch is this: Look, take six months off from your routine, form a slate, challenge Obama in the primaries,” Nader said on Fox News.

The letter will go out in “a few days,” he said.

“If he’s not challenged from the progressive liberal wing of his party that elected him, there’ll be a very dull campaign,” Nader said.

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14 thoughts on “Nader Seeking Primary Challenger for Obama

  1. RedPhillips Post author

    When Nader announced earlier that he was nearly certain Obama would have a primary challenger, I assumed that that meant Nader was aware of someone who had already privately stepped forward. This story suggests no one has, or that someone backed out. This is disappointing.

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  3. Brian

    Wow. Nader initially said he was going to have a “slate” of candidates challenging Obama, each highlighting a specific issue. Then later, he said that a substantial challenger’s emergence was imminent. Now he’s sending out an open letter trying to get people on board? Ridiculous.

    The real question is whether or not there will be a credible left alternative in 2012. Nader fulfilled that role the past couple of cycles. I do not think Mckinney fills that role. I’d like to see Chris Hedges run.

  4. Michael Cavlan RN

    I have been following this issue very closely.

    There is a primary challenger. He will be annuncing soon.

    Better than that Rocky Anderson, the former Dem Mayor of Salt Lake City has officially left the Dems and is open to running against Obama in the General election.

    More news coming out soon

    remember, you heard it here first

  5. Michael Cavlan RN

    different effort.
    The Nader supporters are working on the Rocky Anderson campaign effort. Not in a Dem primary race

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